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Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are officially ON!

Rumor has it Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are back together, all official like, this time.

Johnny had been with his partner Vanessa Paradis for 14 years before he made a movie with Amber Heard, and the two started hooking up. He broke things off with Vanessa, and has been laying low ever since. I guess enough time has passed, because the two were spotted last night making their first official appearance as a couple.

Johnny and Amber were spotted at a Rolling Stone concert at Hollywood’s Echoplex. According to witnesses, the two attended the show together, and couldn’t keep their hands off each other.

Can they really make it? Do relationships that begin with cheating ever last? (You hear that Angelina and Brad?)

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Who’s that hobo? Oh, it’s Johnny Depp.

What’s the verdict, ladies…. still hot?

Photos: FameFlynet

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Johnny Depp and Amer Heard are officially together.

There were loooooooooots of rumors about Johnny Depp and Amer Heard earlier this year. The two of them reportedly hooked up while filming ‘Rum Diary’, and eventually their relationship cost Johnny Depp his partner of many years, Vanessa Paradis. But then the rumors died down, and we stopped hearing all about the two of them. Did they break up – or were they just taking a break? I think both of them were uncomfortable with all the negative press they were getting over their relationship, and decided to cool things down for a bit.

Anyway, rumor has it the two of them are very much together – even going so far as to drop the L word.

Clandestine couple no more! Johnny Depp and girlfriend Amber Heard indulged in a rare date night out at Los Angeles’ AV Nightclub November 5.

After arriving at 11 p.m., the twosome — who kicked off a romance in late 2011 during their Rum Diary press tour — settled in on the patio, where, a witness says, they sipped nonalcoholic beers sitting side by side.

“They were flirty and engaged,” says the source. And their affection was no act.

Another insider says the actress, 26, “was telling people they were officially together” at a Gucci party October 27. (Depp, 49, and Vanessa Paradis, 39, split in June 2012 after separating in 2010.)

A pal says the Lone Ranger star is serious about the starlet: “They have said ‘I love you.’ ”

So when will the couple make their debut? I wonder how long they’ll keep it under wraps before letting the public in on their not-so-secret.

Here are pictures of the couple during their press tour for ‘Rum Diary’ late last year.

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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Celebrity Aliases- Revealed!

Johnny Depp…aka Mr. Drip Noodle?

You heard me.  When this star checks into a hotel, he goes by that ridiculous moniker….and other stars follow suit! In an article by,  many celebrities have some pretty offbeat names they put to use when they don’t want to call attention to themselves, or if they’re just feeling weird (as stars do. Hey, they’re rich!).

For example…

Justin Timberlake has been known to go by the moniker Mr. Woodpond, while Twilight” actress Kristen Stewart prefers Chuck Steak.  Some celebs have some pretty lame fake names, like Jay-Z, who uses the alias Frank Sinatra (yeah, keep it covert).  Justin Bieber checks in under the name Chandler Bing, Matthew Perry’s character on “Friends” (lame).  Fergie goes by Penny Lane, after the Beatles song.

I think most of these monikers are kinda lame.  C’mon, celebs- Get creative!

Photo: FameFlynet

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