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John Stamos Was Mistaken For Robe Lowe On Vacation!

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Oh John Stamos! This is hilarious…and humbling.

On Thursday, the Fuller House star was on vacation when he was approached by an adoring fan…OF ROB LOWE! LOL.  The 52 year old documented the hilarious encounter on Instagram, and I gotta say, it’s pretty great. Even better than the very unbuttoned vacation collared shirt worn by Stamos. Meow.

To be fair, Stamos and the West Wing actor are both pretty handsome and have amazing cheekbones and rock hard bods. And hey, hey probably could have doing a little acting (it’s his LIVELIHOOD) and become Lowe for a couple minutes. Why not?

Check out the encounter HERE!

Photo: Instagram

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John Stamos Has A Girlfriend!

John Stamos defends 'Full House' following blogger attack

Sorry, LADIEZZZZ, John Stamos is taken!

The Fuller House actor dashed girlish hopes  everywhere on Friday when he revealed he was dating someone on an appearance on The View. So who is she? A hint: she’s a model and actress (surprise surprise)

Stay with us and find out, after the jump!


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John Stamos Is In Rehab For Ambien Addiction

Fulfillment Fund's Annual Stars 2010 Benefit Gala in Beverly Hills

John Stamos has been in rehab since late June, but the hardest part is not what you’d think…

Sure, the dude is known to have an issue with alcohol, but apparently the hardest thing for the actor kicking his Ambien habit, which was exponentially aggravated after his mother’s death.

Stamos was on with Howard Stern Monday morning and talked all about his DUI arrest in June and heading to rehab after. John got pretty emotional during the thing, but most interesting was his very complicated relationship to ambien, which is a sleep medication drug that’s pretty effing powerful (it can make you hallucinate, I know this from personal experience).

No mention of GHB, which he was also on when he got his DUI. Maybe the next Howard Stern interview?

Photo: FameFlynet
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Everyone And Their Mother Is Posing For PAPER Magazine

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Yep. And by “and their mother” I mean John Stamos.

Paper has a new #Fandemonium issue, celebrating stars with devoted online fan bases,  which I guess is John Stamos? Anyway, Paper had him take a pic without pants and answer some internet-y questions. Here are the highlights:

Have you ever edited your Wikipedia page? I never have — but I remember early on reading it and someone else edited in that I had done a bunch or porno films with very funny titles. Clever.

Have you ever left a comment on a story about yourself? No, don’t really read the comments — but [my Grandfathered co-star] Paget Brewster left a scathing one defending me on Deadline recently — I found that quite funny (and sweet).

What is your favorite social media account: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or something else? Sometimes they all drive me crazy. Other times, I’m thoroughly entertained. I’ve probably gravitated a little more towards Twitter, but I like Instagram quite a bit, too. Facebook is pretty cool. And I’ve been having a lot of fun on Snapchat lately.

(Via Paper)

Yes, it was that boring. Also, ironic how he’s being honored

Photo: Paper Magazine

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