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Emily Blunt On John Krasinski: “Our Chemistry Is Not Up For Public Consumption.”


Emily Blunt is on the new issue of C Magazine, and in case you forgot, she’s promoting two things: her new film The Huntsman and her pregnancy (yep, she’s preggers again!). Here are some highlights:

Her second pregnancy: “The first pregnancy is the most self-indulgent thing in the world because you get massages and prenatal yoga and hypnotherapy CDs. During this one I forget that I’m even pregnant. I’m hoisting a 2-year-old around!”

Working motherhood: “It’s quite a juggle with children, especially young children who are now able to vocalize, ‘please don’t go.’ I don’t want to feel torn,” she said.

She’d love to work with John Krasinski, just not as his on-screen love interest: “I think we would prefer it to be something where we’re not married or boyfriend and girlfriend. Our chemistry is not up for public consumption. We’d like to do a play. That would be cool.”

Her role in The Huntsman: “You’d be surprised by how much I enjoyed [playing an evil queen] and how easy it was to be this person, which is worrying. She’s not just this rampaging villain. She’s actually someone who, as delusional as she is, is thinking she’s doing the right thing – and that was exciting to me. [It was] a huge dream of mine to have a massive queen-off with her [Charlize Theron].”

Working on The Girl on the Train while pregnant: “It was actually more physical than I realized, which worried me a little, but I wasn’t telling anyone until a little later on. I told a couple of people like [co-star] Justin Theroux pretty early because he and I were doing some of the physical stuff together. He’s my friend, and I think he knew anyway – you know how friends just have a feeling.”

(Via People & The Daily Mail)

A Queen-off! That phrase kind of makes me want to see the Huntsman, even though it’s just a rip off of Asian cinema. That being said, I’m way more interested in seeing Emily and John in like, some kind of non-romantic roles together. What would that even look like?!

Photo: C

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Emily Blunt Is Pregnant!

More Celebs at The 70th Annual Golden Globe Awards in LA

She’s expecting…again!

Though she’s currently filming The Girl on the Train, we just found out Emily Blunt is pregnant with her second child!

The actress was spotted wearing an oversized coat on set in NYC last week, while husband Jon Krasinski was off promoting his new movie, The Hollars, at the Sundance Film Festival. And so the news leaks to us subtle-y, through glorious US Weekly.

Blunt and the Office alum tied the knot in Italy in 2010 after two years of dating, and welcomed daughter Hazel, now 23 months, in February 2014.

Girl or boy? Unsure as of yet. We DO know this kid is gonna be tall and CUUUUTE. Congrats, you two!

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I Guess Emily Blunt Hates These Sexy Sexy Muscles

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 9.36.17 AM

That don’t impress Emily Blunt much!

John Krasinski said that his wife is NOT into his sexy new muscles, which he showed off in a photo shoot for the January/February issue of Men’s Health (pictured above).

“She hates it,” the 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi star, 36, told Stephen Colbert on The Late Show on Tuesday, January 5. “She would way prefer to have the doughy guy back.”

“‘Doughy’ is a strong word,” Colbert replied — after showing the audience a still of the hunky actor’s shirtless scene in the film.

(Via Us Weekly)

Um, HATES them? Well, Emily, if you’d like you can pass off your hot husband on me. I’ll SURELY appreciate his new physique.

What do you think of the new John Krasinski? He’s come a long way since The Office…

Photo: Men’s Health

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Check out John Krasinski’s GUNS!

John Krasinski Stops By A Gym In West Hollywood

Dang!  John Krasinski is looking FIT.

‘The Hollars’ actor was spotted leaving a WeHo gym after a workout yesterday, and he looked gooooood. I mean, watch out Emily Blunt good. I’ve always had a crush on John since the office, but now that he’s beefing up, who can resist him?

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