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Joey Fatone Has Some CHOICE Words For Justin Bieber!

 Joey Fatone has some choice words for Mr. Justin Bieber, in light of all of the Biebs’ misbehavior!

Fatone, now 36, has lived the life of a boybandmate/ pop star, and he stopped by HuffPost Live to discuss his cooking show, “My Family Recipe Rocks,” ( I know, Joey Fatone has a cooking show. Who would have thought?) among other subjects, and had some words of advice for the Biebs.

Want to know the STRONG words Joey uttered? Stay with us after the jump!


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Joey Fatone has a fun night out.

Joey Fatone, former member of 90s boy band ‘N Sync, enjoys a night out in Hollywood.

I wonder when ‘N Sync will do a reunion tour? Would you go if they did?

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Joey Fatone Confused By Daughter Kloey’s Cries

As a former member of ‘NSYNC, girls crying in his presence is old hat to Joey Fatone. The wails he’s still trying to interpret? Those of his 9-week-old daughter, Kloey Alexandra.

“When she cries, [I’ve] already fed her, [I’ve] already changed her — I’m like, ‘What is wrong?!’ Fatone, 33, told reporters at the N.Y.C. opening of Brother Jimmy’s BBQ in Union Square on Wednesday.

“I turn you this way, I turn you that way, do I have to hold you, do I have to rock you? What’s the deal?’”

The Dancing With the Stars alum and his wife, Kelly Baldwin Fatone, welcomed the latest addition to their brood — which also includes elder daughter Briahna — in January.

And it seems like Briahna, who turns 9 next week, is stepping up and accepting her big sister duties — except for one, that is.

“She won’t change the diapers yet,” notes Fatone. “But she will feed the baby, she’ll burp her, she’ll hold her, she’ll make sure she doesn’t cry. She’s loving it, she’s awesome.”

As for his status as the lone man in a family of females, Fatone jokes, “It’s my karma for being in a boy band surrounded by screaming girls.”

Source, Fame Pictures

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Joey Fatone welcomes a daughter!


It’s a second daughter for Joey Fatone and wife Kelly, the ‘NSYNC singer tells People exclusively.

Kloey Alexandra Fatone arrived Monday evening in Orlando, Fla., weighing in at 5 lbs., 8 oz. She joins big sister Briahna, 8 ½.

“Kloey’s so small,” notes the Dancing with the Stars alum. “She looks like a little doll. But she’s healthy and doing just fine.”

Not that it was an easy pregnancy. Shortly after learning that she was expecting, Kelly began fighting chronic fatigue. “She was so tired, just exhausted all the time,” Fatone says of his wife of five years. “We took her to the doctors, and they found blood clots in her lungs. It was life and death.”

The Diagnosis
After a 12-day stay in the hospital – including two days in the ICU – doctors diagnosed Kelly with a rare genetic condition called Methylene-Tetra-Hydro-Folate-Reductase.

In addition to threatening the mother’s life, MTHFR increases the chances of the baby being born with chromosomal defects such as Down’s Syndrome.

Fatone, 32, says his wife took it easy throughout the pregnancy, but started experiencing a rapid heartbeat and fainting spells last week. Concerned for her health, doctors decided to induce Kelly’s labor two weeks before her due date.

Happy Ending
After an intense delivery, everyone is now able to relax. “The blood clots have broken up, Kelly’s doing fine and Kloey is awesome,” the proud papa tells People.

Fatone says the name Kloey comes from a combination of his and Kelly’s names. As for the middle name, Alexandra? It was selected by Briahna for her new baby sister.

“I’m thrilled,” Fatone says. “I’m just so happy that everyone’s healthy.”

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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