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BEAUTY GIVEAWAY: Nominate a special woman in your life for a Beauty Box!


Some of you may know that I have another website, called Make Her Up. There I review beauty products – and we give away a ton of goodies as well. In the spirit of Christmas, we’re giving away 2 Beauty Boxes to someone who needs a little pick-me-up!

From Make Her Up:

Erin and I are blessed to have a job that allows us an abundance of amazing beauty products. Products that we’d never pay for ourselves, products we can give to family and friends. We have been talking over the last week or so about wanting to share our goods with a couple of you.

We want to open this giveaway up to you guys. We would really love to send out a couple care packages this holiday season to women who could really use some encouragement. Do you know someone who has been down on their luck lately? Do you know someone who doesn’t get much for Christmas – but always provides for everyone around her? Do you know a woman who could use a little something special for Christmas? I think each of us know that one special person in our life who could just use something really wonderful….and that’s who we’re looking for.

We would love for you to nominate that person to receive a special beauty gift box from Make Her Up.

Here’s how to nominate your special woman:


  • Your woman’s age (will help us determine which products to send)
  • How you know the woman
  • Why you feel this woman should receive the gift box
  • Please DO NOT include their name. We will reach out to you and get that info at the end.

We will pick 2 women, an older woman and a younger woman (because of the product types).

We will send a boxed gift to your woman, and include your letter/comment that won them the gift.

We’ll give this a couple weeks, because we’d really like to choose the winner carefully.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Blog Lovin’ – check out ‘Real Food Whole Life’


Today I want to introduce you to a really cool website. We all would like to cook better, wouldn’t we? Be healthier, eat clean food. A friend of a friend started a new site that I just wanted to share with ya’ll.  I’m not being paid for this post, I just wanted to share with you a cool chick and a cool blog. Introducing Robyn from Real Food Whole Life.

Through the process of losing 50 pounds, I’ve learned that one of the most important—and often one of the most difficult—aspects of staying on track is dinner. As a working mom, this part is especially tough. Maybe your situation is different—you’re a stay at home parent, or you don’t have kids but you still want a real dinner at the end of a long day—whatever, the challenge is probably the same. My solution involves one part inspiration, one part organization, and one part strategizing. In the end, it comes down to planning and preparation. Real Food Whole Life curates whole-food recipes from across the web, organizes them into weekly meal plans, and provides a corresponding, printable grocery list. The meals then have to pass the toddler and (pasta and meat loving) husband test! I select meals if they are based on whole ingredients, can be made on a hectic weeknight, and don’t require any special equipment. Along the way, I also provide tips, tricks and strategies for living a real, whole life!

Check out Real Food Whole Life for some great, clean, healthy recipes.

Also check her out on Facebook and Instagram!

Egg Tacos

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ICYDK is hiring writers!


ICYDK is hiring writers again! Do you love celebrities, gossip and entertainment? Do you know how to write – and are familiar with blogging?

I need some help with the site – for those times I can’t cover it myself. I need someone who can write, edit photos, currently blogs or writes for another pop culture site, and has some writing references. The ideal candidate would be AVAILABLE …. someone who already works online, and has time to add more to their plate. If you work out of the home – this wouldn’t be a good fit for you.

My writer needs to know his/her way around the internet. Searching for news/stories, social networking and such.

It is a paid PART TIME position, all those interested and feel like they meet the criteria, please email me at


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Not to toot my own horn, but….


My other site, Make Her Up, was named one of the Top Ten Beauty Blogs of 2013! Woot woot! That’s Erin and I in the pic!

That’s me above – at 12 or so. I’m not sure what I was thinking submitting such an embarrassing picture…. but hey.

Read the interview with Erin and I here!


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