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Nobody Wants To Admit That Jimmy Fallon Has A Drinking Problem.

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Jimmy Fallon’s bosses seem to be turning the other way when it comes to his penchant for boozing and getting himself into trouble. Tabloids have been reporting about The Tonight Show host’s boozing for a while, without much response. Finally, NBC Entertainment chief Bob Greenblatt told reporters yesterday that Fallon “doesn’t have a drinking problem that any of us know about.”

Um, that’s not very convincing.

“He goes out and has fun. He’s had some accidents,” said Greenblatt, who chatted with reporters after his annual press conference at the Television Critics Association press tour in Pasadena on Wednesday. “Aside from that, he’s in better shape than he’s ever been.”

Greenblatt did say that they do give a s*it about his health, I guess…

“We are always worried about his safety and health,” he said of Fallon, whose Tonight Show contract was recently extended through 2021. “There’s been conversations about that. The stories are exaggerated about all of it. I don’t know to what extent. I haven’t been part of it. I don’t have those conversations with Jimmy Fallon.”

Fallon’s off-camera antics have put his drinking in the limelight, especially after a weird an injury to his finger and a chipped tooth, and After that, another hand injury in October when he tripped at a Harvard Lampoon event. Oh, and we didn’t forget that bar fight back in 2014, EITHER.

When asked by EW about Fallon’s foibles in November, NBC released the following statement: “Jimmy Fallon is a highly valued member of the NBC family. His dedication in putting on a great show each and every night is unparalleled. We are proud of his accomplishments on and off camera and look forward to working with him for many years to come.”

On Wednesday, Greenblatt was also asked if he’s ever told Fallon to be more careful. Greenblatt’s reply was, “I have not, no.”

(Via EW)

Sounds to me like NBC execs are turning the other way. Which is sad, considering the dude is really injuring himself and putting his general health in jeopardy.

Do you think Jimmy Fallon has a drinking problem?

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Insiders are worried about Jimmy Fallon’s partying ways

Insiders are worried about Jimmy Fallon's partying ways

I guess it’s no big secret that Jimmy Fallon loves to drink and party. Just recently, he hurt his hand after dropping a bottle of Jägermeister. It was just over a week ago that he was in the hospital getting his hand stitched up. He revealed on the show, “I threw the bottle and then I landed on broken glass. There were pools of blood everywhere.”

Sources say that it’s Fallon’s third injury in the span of four months and that spies at NBC are worried that his drinking is excessive. One insider said, “It’s gone from being a whisper to a chatter.”

The New York Post reports:

There was April 2014 at the East Village dive bar Niagara, where Fallon was allegedly involved in a brawl after a Thursday night taping of “The Tonight Show.” (The next evening, he managed to rally and partied at a Chelsea watering hole until the early morning, buying shots of vodka for the entire bar.)

This past January, patrons recorded a clearly inebriated Fallon belting out Katy Perry’s “Walking on Air” while literally crawling on the bar at West Village gay bar Marie’s Crisis.

An inside source says that before August’s annual Apollo in the Hamptons summer benefit, which is held at Ronald Perelman’s 57-acre East Hampton estate, Fallon was drinking heavily and “doing shots.”

“He’s a mess,” says a Manhattan bartender who has served the host over the years, adding, “I love him.”

Hopefully he’ll slow things down before he really hurts himself! It sounds like he keeps coming close to losing a digit…

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Mystery Solved: Jimmy Fallon Had A Hand Injury

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Careful with those two things on your arms with the fingers, Jimmy Fallon. You may need them someday!

Earlier today we reported that Jimmy Fallon mysteriously went from taking photos with fans to the hospital…and now we know why. After taping his show yesterday, Jimmy went out for dinner and then went home around 9ish, and then, boom, in the hospital. So what’s the deal?

TMZ reports that Jimmy injured his left hand earlier this morning and after going home, he went to the hospital because (I assume) something was up with it again. At the hospital, a doctor recommended that he have surgery immediately.

Friday night’s taping of the ‘Tonight Show’  has been cancelled, but Jimmy’s rep says he’s expected to make a full recovery, so no big deal.

Jimmy- rest that hand and for pete’s sake, be CAREFUL.

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Jimmy Fallon Has Been Inexplicably Hospitalized

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This seems weird.

As I write this, Jimmy Fallon is inside of a New York City hospital after a night out on the town mugging with fans, and we have no idea what happened.

After taping his show on Thursday, the host did dinner at Upper East side restaurant Scalinatella, posing for pics with a table full of female fans– smiling, waving and generally looking like a healthy, normal Jimmy

At SOME POINT in the dinner, Jimmy all of a sudden up and checked into a NYC hospital. TMZ reports that someone even says he’s getting treatment in ICU…?!  That’s a far cry from a couple happy pics with fans.

What is up with Jimmy? Stroke? Vertigo? Amnesia? Bad Clams? I’m dying to know and hoping he’s okay…

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