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Jessica Simpson shows off adorable pictures of her son, Ace Knute!


Jessica Simpson shared a couple new pictures of her three-month-old son Ace Knute Johnson over the weekend on her Twitter page.

The 33-year-old hugged her little guy, who is pretty stinkin cute!

She recently told Contact Music that having kids with her fiance Eric Johnson, only brought them closer together. “My relationship with Eric has only grown stronger with the additions to our family. I love seeing him as a dad. I feel like I reached a new level of love for him and I didn’t think I could love him any more than I did.”

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Jessica Simpson defends Kim Kardashian – is lovable in doing so.

This was a big summer for baby births! Kim Kardashian, Jessica Simpson and Kate Middleton! In a recent interview, Jessica, 33, said that she really empathizes with first-time mom Kim. Having your weight constantly scrutinized is cruel when you’re pregnant – I agree!

“I felt for Kim — I knew exactly what she was going through. I send a lot of love her way, and I know she’ll come back with a bang. I will never understand why people give pregnant women such a hard time. We are creating a human life: I think we get every excuse in the world to eat a doughnut!”

“Kate Middleton was glowing throughout her pregnancy,” she said. “A lot of pregnant moms were looking at her like, ‘How do you do that?!’”

“I am definitely one of those pregnant women who just gains a lot of weight,” she continued. “I have really big boobs, I have my curves and I just gain weight. I can’t help it. …It’s been six weeks since I’ve had my baby now, and I feel great. …It’s okay to gain weight, and it will always come off.”

I have always agreed that picking on pregnant women is HORRIBLE. Every woman gains weight differently with their pregnancies. To  pick on a woman who’s growing a human being inside them is beyond low.



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FIRST PICS: Jessica Simpson debuts her son, Ace Knute!

It’s been almost two months since Jessica Simpson gave birth to her second child, a boy they named Ace Knute! Jessica showed off her new baby boy on the cover of US Weekly.

Jessica proudly holds her son, along with her daughter, Maxwell Drew, 15 months. The pictures were taken at her and fiance Eric Johnson’s home in Hidden Hills, CA.

In the issue, Jessica opened up about becoming a second-time mom, dealing with bullies over her weight, and what the future holds for her family.

“With two kids, we have our hands full, but every day is a new adventure,” the 33-year-old singer, who gave birth to Ace via planned C-section on June 30, told Us. “It’s fun! I feel very at peace with being a mom.”

That said, she’s not eager to add to her brood anytime soon — if at all. Simpson found out she was pregnant with Ace less than six months after giving birth to Maxwell, so she’s looking forward to just settling in as a mom of two.

“Pregnancy is a lot. It was hard to do two so close together,” she confessed to Us. “I have this huge sense of accomplishment, and I feel in my heart that I’m done. But obviously, accidents do happen!”

Who wants to put $$ on the fact that she’s definitely going to have another baby. Any takers? I’d sure like to see her get married…. she deserves it after having back-to-back children!

Seriously …. every time I hear Ace Knute, I think of Knute….


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Jessica Simpson Brags About Being Wealthy

Jessica Simpson Brags About Being Wealthy

Fashion mogul Jessica Simpson has ticked off her fiance Eric Johnson by bragging about her insane wealth!

We’re hard-pressed to believe that Jessica would actually brag to her children’s father about how rich she is….that would be just silly, wouldn’t it?

A source said that Jess has been endlessly bragging about her insanely huge empire to Eric. The source revealed, “Eric put up with Jessica’s boasting for years, always staying mum about it. But when she started rambling on and on to friends at a dinner party about how she can’t believe she’s made herself such a fortune – then topped that with her ‘world’s wealthiest’ boast, Eric snapped.”

The source continued, “Later that same evening, he told her how embarrassed he was by her endless bragging. Jessica was totally shocked, told Eric she wasn’t even aware she’d been doing it – and got very upset at first. But later, Jess actually thanked her man, and promised never to embarrass him again with public boasts about her rich-gal status.”

Are you buying this? Would she be bold enough to brag about how much money she has? It just seems so uncouth. But — we guess Jessica has never been known for having tact, or manners for that matter. What do you think?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Star Magazine: Jessica Simpson Is Stuck At 178 Pounds

Star Magazine: Jessica Simpson Is Stuck At 178 Pounds

Star magazine has fashion mogul Jessica Simpson on the cover of their latest issue. In this issue, the tabloid talks about how Jessica has plateaued at the weight of 178 pounds. She has two children by fiance Eric Johnson, but apparently she is struggling to get the weight off this time around.

The magazine reports that Jessica can’t stop eating and seems to be shoving everything under the sun into her mouth. It could happen, but we’re doubting that Jessica is really binge eating like a crazy person. Maybe she’s just used to eating for two people?

Perhaps — and we might be going out on a limb here, but maybe if she really is eating like there’s no tomorrow, then she could be pregnant again.

What do you think?

Photo Credit: Star Magazine

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