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Jessica Simpson reveals signature fragrance ad

Jessica Simpson reveals signature fragrance ad

Jessica Simpson has unveiled the new ad for her signature fragrance and it’s gorgeous!

Following the massive success of her “Fancy” fragrance line, Jessica Simpson is debuting a new fragrance that will simply bear her name. “We were just throwing out different ideas and different names, and I said, ‘Why don’t we do something with just my name?’” Simpson told WWD. “When it’s just my name, my heart is definitely in it. There were things about this fragrance that took me to a different place. It was exciting. It’s more sophisticated. It’s a little mature.”

And to illustrate that maturity, Simpson wrapped the bottle in a delicate gold feather — a meaningful symbol of her gaining independence. “Through being … in the real world on my own and [having] my own opinions and [making] my own decisions, I would see white feathers everywhere,” she said. The feather is also a motif throughout the advertising, shot by photographer Gilles Bensimon, most notably on her ethereally sexy Oscar de la Renta dress.

The soon-to-be-bride says that although the fragrance (with notes of citrus, night-blooming jasmine and tonka bean) epitomizes a more mature version of herself — for fans who have grown with her — but it’s also nostalgic at the same time. “I am one of those people that, part of who I am is doing a lot of reminiscing,” she said. “It’s also definitely looking forward, so it’s kind of combining those two different elements and where I’m at right now [and where I was]. If [the children] reminisce about certain moments of their lives, I want them to one day be able to reminisce about me and be like, that’s what Mom smelled like.” We wonder if that means she’ll be wearing it when she weds Eric Johnson this summer.

We can’t wait to smell her fragrance, it sounds like it smells pretty. Will you give it a try?

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Jessica Simpson’s friends are worried about her

Jessica Simpson's friends are worried about her

Now that Jessica Simpson has lost all of that weight, it appears that it has caused concern among her friends. She lost a whopping 70 pounds, leaving her at a weight of 94 pounds!

A source said, “She’s been focused on whittling her body down to squeeze into a size zero wedding dress. She weighs about 94 pounds and she’s subsisting on golf ball size portions of nuts, quinoa and skinless chicken. On top of that, she’s been exercising like a mad woman. She does circuit training in the morning and power walks up to two hours a day. At her bachelorette party, she barely ate. After several drinks, she complained that she felt dizzy.”

The source continued, “Later that night as she was getting ready for bed, Jess called out to Eric that she didn’t feel well. She mumbled something about needing to lie down and catch her breath – and then she just crumbled like a house of cards! Luckily, she was standing next to her bed, which cushioned her fall. But it was really scary. The next day she joked that she simply had one too many.”

The spy added, “Eric fears that Jessica is starving herself. He warned her that he won’t hesitate to pull the plug on their wedding unless she gains at least five pounds immediately! Jess is stressed to the max. She is overwhelmed with planning the wedding, running her fashion empire and squeezing in her all-important workouts.”

What do you think of Jessica’s weight loss??

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Jessica Simpson is still indecisive on her wedding venue

Jessica Simpson is still indecisive on her wedding venue

Jessica Simpson’s wedding to Eric Johnson is merely weeks away, but she has yet to decide on her wedding venue. While most people would have the wedding venue planning started right after the proposal, being rich, Jessica can just take her time and do everything at the last minute.

Simpson, 33, and the former NFL player, 34, have booked Santa Barbara’s 78-acre Bacara Resort & Spa “for now,” the insider tells Us. “But Jess keeps going back and forth on locales.”

The mom of Maxwell, 2, and Ace, 12 months, has, however, checked off other details from her wedding list. “The wedding will be very rustic-chic,” adds the source. Her guest list has also been finalized.

Engaged since 2010, Simpson and Johnson are sure to be counting down to their special day, and they aren’t the only ones. Earlier this month, Ashlee Simpson opened up about her older sister’s impending nuptials at the E3 Convention in L.A.

How did she get the invitations all done and ready if she’s not sure of the venue? Perhaps she has solidified her decision and just wants to throw off the media?

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Kim Kardashian is jealous of Jessica Simpson’s figure

Kim Kardashian is jealous of Jessica Simpson's figure

It’s no secret that Jessica Simpson has lost a lot of weight after the birth of her second child Ace. But apparently, Kim Kardashian is jealous of Jessica’s lean figure after giving birth. Jealousy could be a good motivator for a famewhore, no?

A source said, “Kim has been watching Jessica’s phenomenal body transformation very carefully. Jessica’s latest triumphant pictures show that she’s achieved a streamlined shape that has Kim in tears of envy.”

Kim was already said to have lost fifty pounds following the birth of igNori, so what’s the problem? The source added, “Jessica’s managed to get that lean look Kim’s always dreamed of and Kim is convinced she’s doing more than just Weight Watchers. She’s been trying to recruit members of Jessica’s team to find out exactly what she’s doing.”

Perhaps she could lose so much weight that she disappears completely?

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