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Jessica Simpson is pregnant

According to In Touch, so take it with a grain of salt! According to the mag, the 31-year-old singer attended the 32nd birthday party of her fiance, Eric Johnson, and she sent back a glass of champagne during his birthday toast. In Hollywood, this means she’s pregnant.

In Touch reportedly has a source that claims the couple are expecting their first child.

“She’s already having kooky cravings!” a friend shares, especially nacho chips dipped in chocolate — “which satisfy her urge for salty and sweet” — cheese-flavored popcorn and non-alcoholic margaritas.

Now, despite the fact that there will be one more “guest” (and that “Jessica might have to take out her dress a bit”), their plans to marry in November haven’t changed.

While it’s true that not everyone would consider the timing ideal, the friend says the couple considers the baby to be “the best wedding gift ever.” Luckily, she’s not due ’til spring, leaving them just enough time to be newlyweds before new parents.


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Ashlee and Jessica Simpson are going into the fashion business together!

Sisters Jessica and Ashlee Simpson are going into the fashion business together. According to E! the pair are collaborating on a juniors’ collection.

“We have a teen line that we’ve been working on together that’s launching in October,” she revealed backstage at the Herve Leger show at Fashion Week today.

So where will it retail?

“It’s going to be in Macy’s,” Ash revealed. “It’s so fun to work together! It’s a family show…it’s fun to have the 15-year-olds come in and dress them up.”

One thing she didn’t spill any deets on is her sister’s upcoming wedding to Eric Johnson. If Ash knows anything about the big day, she isn’t telling.

“Not that I know of…they’re so hush hush!” she said.

Ashlee looks absolutely adorable in that black dress. She was spotted leaving a Fashion Show yesterday as part of Fashion Week. Meanwhile, big sister Jessica was 3000 miles away having dinner with her fiance in Los Angeles.


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Is Jessica Simpson going to get a breast reduction before her wedding?

Jessica Simpson is reportedly so unhappy with her pre-wedding figure, that she’s willing to do just about anything to look thinner. Does that mean she’s really considering downsizing her chest? According to In Touch it’s true (but I’m not buying it for a second). Jessica loves her chesticles, not thinking she’s going to downsize anytime soon.

Most women would kill for killer cleavage. But not Jessica Simpson. The singer is so distraught over her fuller-than-ever figure, she’s telling friends that she’s going under the knife. “She thinks that if she downsizes her breasts, she will look smaller,” a friend of Jessica’s tells In Touch.

The only question in Jessica’s mind, says the friend, is when. “She hasn’t decided if she’ll get it done before the wedding,” says the pal. “She wants to, but she fears being laid up for a week or more so close to the date.”

As In Touch has reported, Jessica and fiancé Eric Johnson, 32, had asked friends and family to reserve November 11, but she’s reconsidering. “She’s in such limbo about what to do,” says the friend of Jessica, who another insider tells In Touch is terrified of being a “plus-size bride” (even though she’s not really even plus-size!). Says the insider: “Jessica wants to waltz down the aisle — not waddle.”

However, despite attempts to slim down, she’s heavier than ever. “Jessica used to never be able to resist looking in mirrors, but now she avoids them like the plague,” says the insider, who puts her current weight at the “wrong side of 140 pounds.”

Even a pre-wedding escape to Mexico (on August 25) did nothing to boost her spirits. Jessica, 31, who packed flowing caftans in place of sexy bikinis, “is at her wit’s end,” says the insider. “If the weight doesn’t come off soon, she might either call off her wedding or get surgery. She’s that desperate.” Predicts the friend, “If she does postpone, breast reduction is on her to-do list.”

What do you think? You buying this story?

There are also rumors that the reason Jessica isn’t married already is because she’s so unhappy with her body. She’s been reportedly working hard using the Tracy Anderson Method – and she’s still not getting the kinds of results she wants.


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Jessica Simpson Says She Wasn’t Drunk At Adele Concert

After southern belle Jessica Simpson was spotted at an Adele concert in L.A., rumors began buzzing that the blonde singer was intoxicated at the show, getting a little tipsy. People stated that they saw her “drunk swaying,” and allegation that Jessica immediately shot down, tweeting:

“There are rumors that I was ‘drunk swaying’ at the Adele concert last night. That wasn’t drunk swaying. That was professional dancing!”

How can one get drunk swaying and professional dancing mixed up? Anyway, Jessica and her fiance Eric Johnson weren’t the only stars on site at the Adele show:

Robert Pattinson, Christina Aguilera and Glee stars Dianna Agron and Amber Riley all came out to see the English songstress perform.

We believe you Jessica. *side eye*


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Check out Jessica Simpson’s HUGE birthday present from her fiance!

Jessica Simpson turned 31 yesterday, and her fiance Eric Johnson gave her a huge present!

I’m not a fan of this gigantic Hermes Birkin. I don’t mind the Birkin – if it’s smaller, this is just too dang big and orange in my opinion.

Jessica tweeted, “It is only 1pm and i think i have pretty much heard from everyone in my life!! That is a birthday record!! Huge smile on my face! Eric made my birthday!!! I have never been more surprised in my life! Jackie O who? :)”

Apparently the bag costs $15,000. That is just ridiculous… RIDIC!

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