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Jessica Simpson: “I’m 10 Pounds Away From My Goal!”

It’s true- Jessica Simpson claims to be ten pounds away from her weight pre- Maxwell Drew!

It’s been four months since Jessica and fiance Eric Johnson had little Maxwell …and now she’s sharing the secrets of her success with Weight Watchers with Us Weekly and the WORLD!

“I’m 10 pounds away from my pre-baby size,” says Simpson, who, at 5’3 was up to 170 lbs during her pregnancy (and eating lots of buttered pop tarts, presumably). How’d she do it? USWeekly shares a day in Jessica’s life…
Simpson says she wakes up at 7 a.m. to feed her little girl, then eats breakfast: half a Flatout flatbread sandwich with egg whites, peppers and fat-free cheddar (6 PointsPlus).

An hour later, Simpson straps on a pedometer and hits the streets with Johnson and Maxwell. “I’m trying to do at least 14,000 steps a day,” the singer says. Simpson also exercises four times a week with pro trainer Harley Pasternak. In each 45-minute session, Simpson begins with a cardio warm-up, followed by circuit training that includes dumbbell triceps extensions, hamstring curls and crunches with a medicine ball throw.

Simpson says she makes lunch “her biggest meal” to keep her full throughout the day. And upset there aren’t pictures? Well, you’ll get them, soon.  Simpson will unveil her svelte figure in a series of Weight Watchers ads debuting September 10.

Excited?! I am.

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Jessica Simpson: “My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel”

Part of me feels really bad for even talking about Jessica Simpson’s weight. Losing weight after having a baby is a special sort of hell, and it definitely doesn’t come easily for many women. But another part of me thinks she’s just asking for it. She did, after all, sign a deal with Weight Watchers WHILE pregnant to lose weight – in a certain amount of time. So what did she think was going to happen? If you sign a deal with WW – people are going to watch your weight like crazy, under a magnifying glass.

So where has Jessica been? There are zero to none new pictures of her. Rumor has it the reason we haven’t seen her – is because she’s going to do some sort of “big reveal” on Katie Couric’s new TV show.

Anyway, she’s staying out of the public eye, but she’s not staying quiet.

Jessica Simpson knows exactly why she gained the weight she did while pregnant with her daughter Maxwell Drew.

“I let myself indulge in everything I wanted because it was the first time I was ever pregnant, and I wanted to enjoy it,” Simpson, 32, tells USA Today.

That included eating one of her faves, macaroni and cheese. But Simpson didn’t quite understand how the indulgence would affect her post-baby body. “I didn’t realize [the weight] didn’t all come off with the baby,” says Simpson.

She’s now given up many of those foods, however, while doing Weight Watchers as the company’s newest spokeswoman – she appears in the ads next week.

She hasn’t revealed her current weight, nor what she weighed at her heaviest, but says she’s lost weight each week on the program.

She also works out with personal trainer (and blogger) Harley Pasternak four or five times a week, mostly walking now, says Simpson, because, “my boobs are way too big to run at this point.”

Numbers aside, the star seems realistic. “My body is not bouncing back like a supermodel,” says Simpson. “I’m just your everyday woman who is trying to feel good and be healthy for her daughter, her fiancé and herself.”

Simpson, who is engaged to former NFL player Eric Johnson, will reveal her post-baby body on Katie Couric’s new show, Katie, on Sept. 10.

US Weekly is reporting that Jessica has lost 40 of the 50 pounds she wanted to lose, which leaves her with only 10 pounds to go. Not too shabby!

Can’t wait to see what she looks like!


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Jessica Simpson’s dad, Joe, arrested for DUI!

Joe Simpson, Jessica Simspon’s father, was arrested last week for DUI in Los Angeles!

Police say the 54-year-old was busted on Ventura Blvd. in Sherman Oaks on August 4.

We’re told LAPD cops pulled Joe’s car over around 10 PM … and during the stop, officers got the feeling he was intoxicated and ultimately cuffed the famous pop and took him to the pokey.

Joe was booked and spent the rest of the night behind bars. He was released without having to post bail at 9:41 the following day.

The case has not been sent over to prosecutors in the L.A. City Attorney’s Office yet, but if criminal charges are filed, it’s likely Joe will not get any jail time since it’s his first offense.  He’ll probably end up with a big fat fine — something his daughter will have no problem paying.

Maybe Jessica was foreshadowing her dad’s misfortune. She recently tweeted: “Responsibility has drastically changed my life! Saturday night drink of choice… WATER!”

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Jessica Simpson is Going Sober

Jessica Simpson seems to have her priorities in check…weight loss, motherhood responsibility.  And, she’s being VERY public about those choices!

On Saturday, the new mom announced to her 5.4 Million Twitter followers that she was laying off booze.

“Responsibility has drastically changed my life!” Simpson, 31, wrote. “Saturday night drink of choice…. WATER! :)”

Jess is knowing for digging margaritas at high-end Mexican chain Dos Caminas, but now she has two pretty large reasons to cool it on the tequila. One, of course, is the fact that she’s a mom and breastfeeding her daughter, 4 month old Maxwell Drew. The second?  Her big deal with Weight Watchers.  Jess has until the end of August to lose 20-30 pounds (of the estimated 70!) she gained during her pregnancy, Us reports.

This seems like a good trend in Jessica’s life- and she’s got lots of support. On her facebook page, the star said that she really wanted the Weight Watchers deal to be an impact on her life and the lives of her other two family members, Maxwell and husband Eric Johnson.

“[Weight Watchers] focuses on healthy habits for the long-term (and I can still indulge in my guilty pleasures every now and then, too),” the new mom explained on Facebook. “I have actually gotten a group of friends together who are going to be doing it with me.”

Wow! I’m really proud of her.


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