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Jessica Simpson confirms she’s pregnant!

Maybe Jessica Simpson didn’t like the fact that everyone was talking about the Kim-Kardashian-Kris-Humphries split today. This is the same girl who announced she was engaged shortly after her ex-husband announced he was engaged first.  Whatever the reason, Jessica chose today to confirm Hollywood’s worst-kept secret. She’s pregnant.

Dressed as an ancient Egyptian sarcophagus dweller, she said, “That’s right, I’m going to be a mummy.”

Now back to Kim.

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Posted Monday, October 31st, 2011 at 2:14pm
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Jessica Simpson and her mom land in NYC!

When I first saw these pictures this morning I immediately noticed her horrible extensions. (The hair’s not even the same color!)

Next thing I noticed were these huge heels she’s wearing. I don’t know how pregnant women do it, seriously. I lived in flip-flops and Nike’s the whole time I was pregnant.

What do you think of Jessica’s bag? It’s so big! Love it or hate it?

PS: Anyone else notice that Jess is only pictured with her mom anymore? Where’s her fiance and baby daddy? Every time Jessica is pictured lately – it’s her mom that’s on her arm – not her fiance.

Just saying.

And awwwww….pictures of Jessica holding her belly. How cute.

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Posted Saturday, October 29th, 2011 at 12:12pm
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Jessica Simpson is “at least six months pregnant”

And an expert has now predicted that the singer, TV reality star and fashion designer is around six months pregnant.

Simpson, 31, has yet to say she is pregnant as she reportedly tried to secure $500,000 for a magazine deal to make the annoucement.

Boston-based gynaecologist, Dr Dave David, told Radar Online that Simpson is heading into her third trimester, with her and fiance Eric Johnson expecting their first child early next year.

“She looks to be 26 weeks, which is around six months,” he told Radar Online.

‘It is definitely a pregnancy and not weight gain. You can by the shape of her abdomen, her belly wouldn’t be that rounded if it was just fat.

“She is short so the bump looks bigger because it has no where to go but out.”

Sources told the New York Post that Simpson’s manager father Joe is asking for $500,000 for his daughter to confirm she is pregnant with her fiance, former NFL star Eric Johnson.

A PR expert told Radar Online that Simpson does not have the “star power” to secure such a figure.

Nicole Richie sold the first photographs of her baby Harlow for a reported $1m while Christina Aguilera demanded double that for snaps of her baby Max on the cover of People magazine.

Meanwhile, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt’s daughter Shiloh earned her mummy and daddy in the region of $4m – although they did give the proceeds to charity.

Simpson was set to wed Johnson in November, but the couple have postponed the wedding with sources claiming the delay is due to Simpson being pregnant.

The couple, who have been together for two years, became engaged in November 2010.

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Jessica Simpson has toilet trouble.

While shopping at Bergdorf Goodman in New York City on Monday, Jessica Simpson, 30, encountered some toilet trouble in the ladies room!

“Short girl problems,” Simpson wrote beneath a TwitPic of her feet, dangling from the toilet, too short to reach the floor.

The star is in the Big Apple with younger sister Ashlee, nephew Bronx and their mom Tina to work on their tween denim line for the Jessica Simpson Collection. One thing Simpson’s not addressing head-on: Web rumors speculating her pregnancy.

Simpson, engaged to former NFL star Eric Johnson for nearly a year, was snapped yesterday in NYC clutching her belly, covered up with a winter-weather poncho.

PS: Can we talk about how nice that bathroom floor is!? I’ve never been in a bathroom at a store that looked that nice and clean! Oh to be rich and famous.

Here are some pictures of a very obviously pregnant Jessica leaving her hotel this morning!

Speaking of Jessica – did you hear which one of her exes is expecting a baby? (Many suspect it’s why she “revealed” her baby bump today)


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JUST IN! Jessica Simpson PROUDLY shows off her HUGE baby bump!

Well, she’s not hiding it anymore! Jessica Simpson proudly shows off her huge baby bump as she steps out of her NYC hotel this morning with her mom, Tina.

She’s gotta be what – 6 months along? What’s your guess?


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