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Jessica Simpson threatens to fire her parents over rehab push?

Jessica Simpson threatens to fire her parents over rehab push?

According to a new report from Life & Style magazine, Jessica Simpson has threatened to fire her parents for pushing her to go to rehab.

Tina and Joe Simpson were said to be super upset over Jessica’s alleged drinking on the Home Shopping Network. The magazine reported that it got so bad that Jessica threatened to take them off the payroll for pressuring her.

A source told the publication, “They are scared to death that Jessica has a problem and fear she’s going to crash and burn.”

Jessica’s camp released a statement after her HSN appearance to say that she wasn’t under the influence of any type of drugs, but apparently that’s been dismissed by the tabloid.

An insider said that the situation “exploded into a family feud.”

Their spy said, “She told Tina and Joe that they can shut up or get off her payroll. She’s pissed they made such a big deal about her HSN appearance, and now they’re barely speaking.”

Gossip Cop has called their Simpson source and has busted the report as “totally false.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Jessica Simpson constantly brags about sex life with Eric Johnson

Jessica Simpson constantly brags about sex life with Eric Johnson

According to reports, Jessica Simpson isn’t sparing any details when it comes to talking about the sex life that she shares with her husband Eric Johnson.

She hasn’t been shy about publicly bragging about their sex life and shares private details about her husband that could be considered nobody else’s business. A source said, “She is always a satisfied woman!”

The friend said, “Jessica and Eric have an incredibly hot sex life and, according to her, it just keeps getting better. She tells us that their ‘through the roof’ sex alone will keep them together.”

“She loves to brag about him,” and has even shown her closest friends pictures of his man parts! The source added, “Jessica is very proud of her accomplishments in the fashion world. But she is equally as proud of her, as she says, husband’s HUGE heart.”

Some things are just not meant to be shared, Jess.

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Jessica Simpson being pushed to go to rehab??

Jessica Simpson being pushed to go to rehab??

After Jessica Simpson was said to be drunk during her appearance on the Home Shopping Network, apparently her family and friends are worried that her substance abuse issues have gotten out of hand.

A source said, “She has a substance abuse problem. She’s taking Adderall and anti-anxiety pills. And on top of that, she drinks.”

The rumors state that her entire family is in agreement that she needs help and STAT. The source said, “They’ve known for a while that she has a problem” and it was a wake-up call after she appeared wasted on the show.

The spy said, “Whenever they’ve talked about [her drinking] in the past, Jessica would deny it – and since she supports everyone financially, no one pushed her.”

“The family is already looking into in-home recovery programs and high-profile rehab centers. They’re leaning toward in-home, because they know Jessica will never agree to be separated from her children. Everyone is hoping that if they find the perfect option, Jessica will finally accept the help she needs.”

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Everyone Is Trying To Cover Up That Jessica Simpson Was Drunk On TV

Jessica Simpson, What Are You Wearing?!?

Okay, everyone. Was Jessica Simpson drunk or not?

The singer made a controversial appearance on HSN last night where she appeared to be “intoxicated” after she was seen swaying, dizzy and slurring her words. However, she’s saying that was NOT the case (hiccup).

According to sources, the 35-year-old was NOT drunk, and apparently the viewing public would know that if they decided to sit and waste their life watching the entire two hour segment.  Insiders say the clip circulating around the media where Simpson appears to be wasted is not representative of her ACTUAL performance on the show.

Seeming hammered is, apparently, part of her “quirky” personality that comes out sometimes. And reps also say that it’s nearly impossible to keep a professional persona when you’re ad-libbing for two hours without a script. Which makes sense, but still…did you see that clip?

Drunk or not, her entire collection SOLD OUT, so I guess it was all worth it. CHEERS!

Do you think she was boozing beforehand? Weigh in below.

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