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The Situation Is Totally BROKE.

The Situation Celebrates His 30th Birthday With A Vegas Bash

Jersey Shore can’t pay the bills forever, bra.

Mike The Situation Sorrentino –who was once rolling in sweet sweet cash- is now so desperate for funds he’s literally selling the tires off his Ferrari to cut into the millions he owes in taxes and tax fraud.  Yikes,  that’ll cut into your GTL budget, am I rite?

He’s trying desperately to salvage what he’s got, but sometimes even a reality star has to part with some bling.  So, wanna know where to buy his sweet wheels? Off of EBAY, SON!  Under the category “every little bit counts,” there have been 67 bids at the time of this post and the frontrunner is willing to shell out $4,050, according to TMZ.  To check out the sweet Ebay deal, go HERE.

Are you sad for The Situation? Or do you think this is an appropriate “Situation” for him to be in?

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PIC: ‘Jersey Shore’ star Deena Shore dropped 2 dress sizes!

Jersey Shore star Deena Cortese poses for the new issue of In Touch — on newsstands now — in the iconic Baywatch swimsuit just like Pamela Anderson after dropping approximately 15 pounds and two dress sizes! “I loved Baywatch when I was younger. I always wished I was her,” Deena tells In Touch. “I’m the guidette Pamela Anderson.”

But Deena wasn’t always this confident. “I’ve always struggled with my body image,” she admits. And after watching past seasons of her hit show, Deena says, “My weight was getting out of control, and I knew it was time to do something about it.”

But she admits that the way people bullied her online, calling her cruel names, also had an effect.

“If you’re a little heavy, online bullies will treat you like crap. It’s sad. And it really hurts.”

Now, after carefully watching her diet and regular workouts, Deena says she lost about 15 pounds and dropped from a size 8 dress to a 4.

“I’m happy with myself, and that’s the only thing that really matters.”


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Snooki reveals first photos of her son Lorenzo Dominic LaValle

Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi has revealed the first baby photo of her son Lorenzo Dominic LaValle on the new cover of People Magazine!

Snooki, 24, gave birth to her little guido last weekend at a New Jersey hospital, and already loves motherhood.

“It’s a different kind of love that I never felt before,” Snooki told People.

The new mom and her fiance, Jionni LaValle, 24, share the first photos of their son in the new issue of People. Jionni revealed Lorenzo’s name was inspired by someone he knows from his hometown. Snooki also reveals that “the partying is long gone” now that she’s a mom. “When I got pregnant, everything changed. I’m a new person.”

“It was definitely a little lonely,” Polizzi, 24, admitted about filming ‘Jersey Shore’.  “Everyone was still going out and staying up late and I just wanted to go to bed at 8 o’clock. I didn’t want to do everything that everyone else was doing.”

The final season of ‘Jersey Shore’ premieres on October 4.

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MTV ending ‘Jersey Shore’ for reals this time.

Even though MTV has hinted at canceling the ‘Jersey Shore’, looks like they are finally pulling the plug.

The sixth and final season of the show finally wrapped filming, and will debut on Thursday, Oct. 4. The cast is back in Seaside Heights, NJ for one last party. The network will also air a retrospective Jersey Shore special titled ‘Gym, Tan, Look Back’ that will include a behind-the-scenes look at the final season. The special airs before the VMA’s on Thursday, Sept. 6.

Shore‘s cancellation is about more than the size of the audience. The cast leveraged a series of raises over the years that has partly offset the show’s ratings success (their contracts expire at the end of the upcoming season). Moreover, Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi — arguably the show’s most popular castmember along with Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino — just had her first child, putting the show’s hard-living beach party TV fantasy on a crash course with grown-up reality. At one point during the upcoming season, Snooki left the Shore house, having previously cited concerns about whether the set was the proper environment for a mother-to-be. The overall sense has been that, creatively, the show has run its course.

The sixth season is not expected to actively portray that the series is coming to close. Before filming began, the cast was informed this might be the show’s final season, but they were not officially told the news until this morning. The show is survived by its two spin-offs, The Pauly D Project and Snooki & JWOWW. Though MTV has not yet announced a verdict on Pauly D Project, the Snooki series was picked up for a second season.

MTV reality executive Chris Linn, who previously told EW that this was “very possibly” the show’s final season, also recently expressed interest in airing a special covering Snooki’s wedding. “I would love to have a Snooki-Jionni wedding,” Linn said. “That could be amazing.”

Not terribly sorry to see it go, I haven’t been able to watch it for a while now. They pretty much just gross me out. I can’t handle them anymore! Time for new blood! 🙂


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