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The Film Society’s 36th Gala Tribute Honors Tom Hanks

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The Film Society’s 36th Gala Tribute honoring Tom Hanks with The Chaplin Award, held at Alice Tully Hall, in New York City, last night.

Pictured: Julia Roberts, Charlize Theron,Colin Hanks, Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson, Christopher Walken, Sally Field, Glen Close, Christy Turlington & Ed Burns, Steven Speilberg, Jeremy Irons & Adrien Brody.


Erin, this one’s for you. Jeremy Irons is NOT GAY.


So Erin, Trista (my sister-in-law) and I were watching the GG’s last night, and after Jeremy Irons took the stage a couple times, we both couldn’t figure out if he was gay or straight.  I said NO WAY he’s gay.  NO WAY!  I told her she must have him confused with Ian McKellan who is openly gay.  Then my Trista says, “No, he HAS to be gay.”  So Erin and I were stuck wondering is he gay – or straight?  For those of you that may have wondered the same thing…well, after doing some research, I have an answer! 

British actor Jeremy Irons insists he could never be gay – because his competitive nature would get in the way. Jeremy, who has been married to wife Sinead Cusack for 27 years, accepts and understands homosexual love, but thinks his macho personality would get in the way of having a romantic relationship with another man. The 57-year-old says, “I think I am too competitive with men, that is what gets in the way. “I can understand love between two men, I have no trouble getting my head around that. But I have never fallen in love with another man. “I have done a film exploring that, M Butterfly, where I was exploring someone who in my subconscious I knew was a man. “Gender is very interesting, I explored all that in my head.”

And now we know. 

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