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Ke$ha leaves little to the imagination at the BMA’s!

Ke$ha hit the red carpet last night wearing a very revealing dress! The ‘Die Young’ singer, 26, wore a LBD with a high slit up the side! She toned down the makeup and hair, which I always think looks better on her.

Tweeting a picture of herself before the awards show, the My Crazy Beautiful Life author, wrote “red carpet readyyyy,” clearly excited about showing off her new style.

Introducing Pitbull and Christina Aguilera before their performance of “Feel This Moment,” Kesha looked confident as ever — baring her fit, toned legs in the risque dress.

Her Warrior tour kicks off May 23 in Mansfield, Mass.


Jenny McCarthy won’t date you unless you like children.

Jenny McCarthy, who has a ten-year-old son, has claimed she won’t date anyone who isn’t into kids. She learned that the hard way after being set up on a date with a guy who couldn’t stand children.

During a recent interview with “People” magazine over the weekend in Las Vegas, she talked of a horrible experience with a man. She said, “I was set up by a friend. I flew to the city this guy was in. That’s how much I believe in love. I checked into a hotel, got ready. I went to the restaurant and sat down. Five minutes – maybe two minutes into the conversation – he talked about how much he despised kids.”

He talked of hating kids yet went into the date knowing that Jenny is a mother? What a douche move. She said, “He wanted to set the tone that he wasn’t planning on being a substitute father but he was there for a good time. I didn’t even get to the check. I said, ‘Excuse me.’ I got up and grabbed my purse and walked out the door and flew home.

She added, “Because of that date I do a criteria check before every date. Number one is, ‘Do you like kids?’ And number two is, ‘Do you have kids?’”

I may be old fashioned, but I don’t know how I feel about single parents doing much dating in the first place. OR date – but don’t bring home every guy you go out with to meet your kids. If something were to ever happen to my marriage, I don’t think I could introduce anyone to my kids unless I was absolutely sure he was a good guy. It has to be so confusing for kids being in and out of random parent-figure’s lives.


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Jenny McCarthy goes off on Rex Reed for calling her cousin, Melissa McCarthy, fat

Last week we ALL went nuts over film critic Rex Reed’s horrific comments about Melissa McCarthy. Not only did he go off on her new movie, “Identity Thief,” but he also attacked Melissa personally. Among some of the horrible things he said, he called her a “cacophonus, tractor-sized female hippo.” He also dismissed her completely, saying she’s “a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.”

Apparently Rex tried to defend himself after the wave of backlash he received, saying his comments “are what sold tickets.” Does that make what he said better? He added he objects “to using health issues like obesity as comedy talking points. That’s what this girl does, this Melissa Manchester.” What? He doesn’t even get her name right? He says “I have too many friends that have died of obesity-related illnesses, heart problems and diabetes… I have helped people try to lose weight, and I don’t find this to be the subject of a lot of humor.”

I think he made it worse. He needs to keep his mouth SHUT. One person who agrees with me is Melissa’s cousin, Jenny McCarthy.

Don’t mess with Jenny McCarthy’s family. One week after veteran film critic Rex Reed attacked the actress’ cousin Melissa McCarthy in a scathing write-up of the movie Identity Thief, the 40-year-old former Playboy model is speaking out. And she’s not mincing any words.

“[Melissa is] very talented and people know that,” McCarthy told E! News of the Bridesmaids star. As for Rex Reed? “He can go to hell.”

Reed, a critic for the New York Observer, has been under fire from many corners since Feb. 5, when he called Melissa McCarthy “tractor-sized” and a “female hippo” in his review of her latest hit comedy, co-starring Jason Bateman. He also accused the Oscar-nominated actress of being “a gimmick comedian who has devoted her short career to being obese and obnoxious with equal success.”

“That’s obnoxious in itself,” Jenny McCarthy told E! of Reed’s insults. “For anyone to attack like that, it’s just wrong and hurtful, and it doesn’t do anyone any good.”

Go Jenny!

I will say this. I saw ‘Identity Thief’ this week – and it is AWFUL. Like BEYOND bad. Probably one of the worst movies I’ve seen in a while, and that’s saying something. I’ve seen a lot of bad movies. I was super disappointed, because the trailer was hilarious. One of my favorite trailers of the year! The movie was mind-numbingly stupid. The funny parts in the trailer were the ONLY funny parts in the movie. There was nothing more to it.

I would highly recommend you SKIP the movie, it’s NOT funny. At all….


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Jenny McCarthy isn’t dating right now….unless Bradley Cooper came knocking, then “F–k all the bull—t I just said!”

Jenny McCarthy may be single, but she’s certainly not throwing herself a pity party. The 40-year-old mom, who calls herself a “serial relationship-er” after a string of failed romances, opens up in this week’s In Touch about focusing on her son, Evan, 10, her new gig as the host of VH1’s The Jenny McCarthy Show (airing Fridays at 10:30 p.m.), and saying no to the dating game for the first time in forever.

“I went from one guy to the next. I had them lined up!” the former Playboy centerfold tells In Touch of her love life — she was married to Evan’s father, John Asher, for six years before her five-year-relationship with Jim Carrey began. “Now I’m enjoying being single. I’ve been waiting my whole life for my own talk show, so now I have to make sure I have enough time with my son, too. Love is low on the totem pole!”

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Jenny is even surprised at her newfound single-and-fabulous-at-40 outlook on life. “In my twenties, I was searching for my “ever after.” For the first time in my life, I feel so happy that I’m not searching for anything,” she says.

And although she admits she’s “not putting anything specific out there” in terms of the type of guy she goes for, Jenny concedes that all rules would be suspended for a certain Hollywood A-lister. “If someone wanted to set me up with Bradley Cooper, I would say, ‘F–k all the bull—t I just said!’” she tells In Touch with a laugh.

Here are some new pictures of Jenny stopping by “Extra” to talk about her new talk show. I have to be honest, I can’t stand Jenny. She has ALWAYS rubbed me the wrong way. I couldn’t tune into her show for even 5 minutes without needing a stiff drink.

Photos: FameFlynet, Source

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