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Jennifer Lopez Photobombed By Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux

Jennifer Lopez Photobombed By Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux

Jennifer Lopez was taking a selfie and got photobombed by Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux. How funny, right?

J-Lo took the picture during the telecast of the 87th Annual Academy Awards, but received quite the surprise when she found that two invaders snuck into her picture!

Lopez shared the above picture on her official Instagram account with the caption: “Photo bombed by my favorite couple Jennifer and Justin #Oscars”.

If you’ve missed the awards show last night, you can check out our 2015 Oscars winners list here!

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Jennifer Lopez: ‘I’m Sexier Now’

Jennifer Lopez: 'I'm Sexier Now'

Jennifer Lopez says that now that she is older, she feels sexier. Makes sense, right?

She revealed that she feels more in tune with who she is now and the result has been that she feels more sexy than ever before. She said, “I think I always felt sexy. More so now. I feel more like myself and I just know myself better.”

She had to take off her clothes for a sexy scene in her new movie The Boy Next Door and revealed that she was a little bit nervous about the whole thing. She revealed, “Everybody is always nervous when you have a scene like that, but it was just about finding the line. I have done versions of that [scene] over the years many times. You do 30-something movies, you have a lot of love scenes.”

She went on to say, “It’s our job to make everything look natural. Sex scenes are always uncomfortable. It’s a very vulnerable position to be in, I don’t think it’s something you ever get used to as an actress. But I prefer romantic comedies. They’re just fun. You’re just seeing how silly you can make things. I’m a hopeless romantic as well.”

With regard to showing off her body, she said that she had to hit the gym to make sure she was happy with her outward appearance. She added, “I try to keep myself in shape generally, but when you know you are going to be [naked] on screen, you think, ‘Okay, I better be working out and I better be eating right.'”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Are Jennifer Lopez and Casper Smart Back Together?

Jennifer Lopez lets Casper Smart keep all of the gifts she gave him

Let’s start your weekend off right with a little blast from the past, shall we?

After making a big stink about being single, it seems like Jennifer Lopez might be changing her tune. The singer/dancer/actress and ex Casper Smart very quietly hooked up Thursday night, leading to the obvious question, WHAT IS UP WITH THESE TWO?!

TMZ reports the deets: Casper was out at the Z Zegna & GQ event in Hollywood where he hung out with pal  Nick Jonas. There are plenty of pics of Casper leaving the event with no sign of JLo, but we’re told she was actually waiting in the car for him as he left, to stay out of the way of the paparazzi. The two went to Hotel Cafe in Hollywood where this pic was snapped. It’s the only pic of the 2 of them that was taken the entire evening.

Sure, the two broke up in April, but have been kinda seen together from time to time and always take great pains to avoid pics.  So…what do you think? Are they friends? Hooking up? WHAT?

And do you want them to get back together? I always thought they were kinda cute.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Jennifer Lopez Can Finally Joke About 2003’s Gigli

PICS: Jennifer Lopez & Leah Remini Shopping At Fred Segal

Oh man, so happy when the oh-so-serious Jennfer Lopez decides to take a crack at her “oh-so-not-successful” films…

In an interview with Seth Meyers on Wednesday, JLo talks about the disasterous 2003 rom-com Gigli, and how she doesn’t remember the bad movies much…

“Do you have favorites?” Meyers asked the multi-hyphenate about her movie selections. “And ones you look back on and ask, ‘Oh, why did I do that?'”

Lopez, 45, nodded and responded: “Of course. I mean, I’ve done a lot of movies at this point. There are some that I’m like, ‘Wow, it was amazing to be a part of that.'” On the flip side, the Boy Next Door star joked: “And [there are] some that you mention the name, and I’m like, ‘Huh? What? Which movie? I’m sorry, I don’t remember that.’ That just tells you, you’ve been in it for a long time.”

Yeah…just pretend like you don’t remember. And while you’re at it,  pretend like that engagement to Ben Affleck never happened…Yeahhh….

Photo: FameFlynet

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