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Jennifer Lopez And Casper Smart Broke Up Again

'The Perfect Match' Los Angeles Premiere

Well, well well. Casper Smart‘s not even 30 yet and his time with Jennifer Lopez has come to an end.

The singer and actress, 47, and her longtime boyfriend Beau ‘Casper’ Smart, 29, are no longer dating, a source tells people. The two have been on and off since 2011, if you can believe it. And while I’m fairly confident Jennifer Lopez has kind of called the shots in this relationship, I kind of have a weird feeling that maybe this was Casper’s doing. Am I wrong? You do a lot of soul-searching in your late 20’s early 30’s.

“Jennifer and Casper have split,” the source says. “They have not been together for a few weeks.”

“It wasn’t anything dramatic and they were on good terms – it just came to a natural end,” the source adds. “They will remain friends and they see each other, but they are not together. It was very amiable.”

(Via People)

The ex couple have been seen out a lot in Las Vegas for Lopez’s birthday party and her show- but Smart’s also been spotted in West Hollywood after dining at Craig’s Restaurant with former Pussycat Dolls singer Nicole Scherzinger and Modern Family star Sarah Hyland.  What’s the story with this breakup? We’ll keep you posted.


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Jennifer Lopez And Calvin Harris Might Be Collaborating

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.24.14 AM

A new project for Calvin Harris and Jennifer Lopez? Sure, why not.

After a chat at her recent birthday party, a collab might be in the works. And yes, I hope it’s all about Taylor Swift but if I know JLo well enough, it’ll most likely be about her body. Sigh. Zzzz.

“Jennifer and Calvin discussed a possible music collaboration during her birthday party,” a source tells PEOPLE.

Newly single Harris attended Lopez’s 47th birthday party in Las Vegas and they were snapping all over the place together.

“They discussed the types of music they both love. Calvin was excited to be at the party, hanging out with Jennifer and chatting with Benny [Medina],” the source added.

(Via People)

The DJ, who has his own residency at Omnia, also partied with Kim Kardashian West. Does this mean Kim and Calvin could collaborate? Because that would be even BETTER!

Just FYI, JLo’s last collab of note was with Dr. Luke. Vomit. So anything’s an improvement from that (and the song was shite, too).

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Iggy Azalea And French Montana Had “Good Chemistry” At JLo’s Birthday Party

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 Iggy Azalea and French Montana were spotted getting close/chatting it up in Las Vegas on Saturday at Jennifer Lopez’s birthday, which kinda makes sense but also French Montana? He seems awkward and lumpy and hot to the touch (sweaty, too. So, so sweaty). Iggy, you didn’t have ALL THAT PLASTIC SURGERY to get with Khloe Kardashian‘s sloppy seconds!

Azalea, 26, and Montana, 31, attended JLo‘s residency show and then headed to Jewel Nightclub, where they hung out with friends before the “Fancy” rapper performed some of her hits for fans. US Weekly reports:

“At multiple points, he leaned in to her and swiped his hand across her lower back and shoulder,” the eyewitness says, noting that they had good chemistry. “[They] hung out for a few minutes, laughing, dancing and throwing their hands in the air.”

Azalea later took the stage during the night. She belted out some of her biggest hits, such as “Fancy” and “Black Widow.”

“He was bobbing around during her performance watching the crowd,” the onlooker notes. The pair then left together around 2:30 a.m.

As you know, Iggy’s single now. She ended her engagement to Nick Young in June, and we’re ALLLL happy for it.  Maybe French can be a rebound? But still, ew.

What do YOU think about French Montana and Iggy Azalea as a couple?! Weigh in BELOW!


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Jennifer Lopez Throws A Star-Studded Birthday Bash!

Screen Shot 2016-07-25 at 10.23.08 AM

I’m assuming Taylor Swift wasn’t invited?

Jennifer Lopez’s 47th birthday was this Friday at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, and featured ALLLLL of Tay’s haters, including Kim Kardashian and Calvin Harris.

The unlikely duo hung out, as this photo (above) suggests and US Weekly confirms. “Kim and Calvin did talk and interact, smiling and chatting for awhile,” a source confirms to Us, though who knows what they ACTUALLY talked about?

Other guests included Cristiano Ronaldo, Iggy Azalea, Maria Menounos, LA Reid, John Stamos and French Montana (can you believe people are still inviting French Montana to stuff? LOL). The crowd sang happy birthday to Lopez as Kim Kardashian presented her with a large cake, before JLo kissed her boyfriend Casper Smart.

Check out some of the pics below to see what went down- including (of course) a revealing outfit on JLO. And you can see Calvin and JLo’s cute snap HERE. Obvi Jen looks good for 47- but I feel like I say she looks good every year. Nice work, JLO. (Sorry, Tay.)

Photos: Instagram, Snapchat

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