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Jennifer Aniston Rocked a Body Chain at the Critic’s Choice Awards!

Jennifer Aniston at The 20th Annual Critics Choice Movie Awards in Hollywood

This is a SCANDALOUS look for Jennifer Aniston!

The actress has majorly stepped out of her LBD-only comfort zone with a bold, burgundy hue’d Gucci suit, but her plunging neckline (sans bra!) showcases body chains! DANG.

Do you think she pulls it off? Again, this is so not jeans/classic/monochrome Jen, but I DIG IT!

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Jennifer Aniston Talks About Her Divorce From Brad Pitt


Jennifer Aniston rarely talks about her highly publicized divorce from Brad Pitt in 2005…so when she does, I make sure to listen!

I sometimes barely recall that Jen and Brad were married close to five years (!!!) in what was considered the “ideal A list” celeb union.  Of course, Angelina Jolie came on the scene when she filmed  Mr. & Mrs. Smith with Brad in 2005 (yes, same year as the divorce), and now, Jen has a bit more to say about it, when she reflected on the watershed celebrity moment to CBS Sunday Morning:

“I don’t find it painful. I think it’s a narrative that follows you because it’s an interesting headline. It’s more of a media-driven topic.”

When asked whether she still keeps in touch with Pitt, 51, her reply is: “We’ve exchanged good wishes an all that sort of stuff to each other, but it’s not a constant thing.”

(via US Weekly)

As for her current relationship with actor Justin Theroux…? That’s also mainly private.

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Jennifer Aniston: “Justin Theroux and I Know Our Truth.”

American Cinematheque 26th Annual Award Presentation To Ben Stiller

Grit your teeth and bear the speculative nature of your industry, Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston!

Jennifer Aniston talked to CBS recently, and reiterated the fact that she doesn’t stress about having kids, getting older OR  the constant buzz surrounding her relationship with Justin Theroux.

“[I] just don’t pay attention,” she says “I think I used to really, there was a period where I was hell-bent on saying, ‘That’s not true, that’s not right, that’s not fair.’ And now I just think you have to let it roll off your back and you realize, I think everyone knows it’s all B.S. and like soap opera on paper.”

“The main thing is to try to just keep refocusing back on what you know is true and what makes you guys happy,” Aniston says. “We know what our truth is.”

(via People)

Sounds healthy to me- the pair have been engaged since 2012 so there’s always rumors about them getting hitched!  Whenever it is, it’ll happen at Justin/Jen pace, for sure…

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Jennifer Aniston Visits NYC Restaurant Where She Once Worked!

The Cinema Society & InStyle Host A Special Screening Of "Cake"

Jennifer Aniston went back to her roots on Tuesday, when she visited a little burger joint where she once worked!

The actress, 45, stopped by a Jackson Hole Burgers location on Manhattan’s Upper West Side, where she put in long hours while trying to begin her acting career. Aniston grabbed dinner there before heading to Lincoln Center for a screening of her buzzed-about film Cake.

Kind of a cool evening- burger at a place from her past, then off to her future!

Aniston reflected on her waitress experience at Jackson Hole while appearing on The Queen Latifah Show in early December.

“I’ve had so many bosses,” the Best Actress Golden Globe nominee noted. “I worked at a restaurant called Jackson Hole, on 85th and Columbus, burger joint. The best burgers by the way. I worked there for about two and half years, and they were so good to me.” (There are several Jackson Hole locations across NYC and the Tri-State area.)

(Via US Weekly)

And she gushed about her boss at the restaurant, too!

“If I got a crappy little play down on 13th street or whatever awesome job I thought I had received,” she mused, “he would let me go for two or three months, and they would always let me come back. My job was always there.”

Aww!  Places like Jackson Hole make people like Jennifer Aniston possible.  Also, I’m kinda craving a burger right about now…

Photo: FameFlynet

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