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Jenelle Evans reveals the sex of her baby on Instagram!


Normally I would be so excited to post baby news….but this one is no reason to cheer, if you ask me. Four months after aborting her last baby, Jenelle Evans is celebrating that she’s pregnant with another baby boy. She lost custody of her first son, because she’s completely inept.

This will be her first child with boyfriend Nathan Griffith. They both have children from previous relationships. Jenelle’s mom has custody of her 4-year-old son Jace. Nathan’s ex-wife’s parents have custody of his daughter Emery (so they’re BOTH amazing parents!).

Jenelle, 22, recently lashed out at critics who say she shouldn’t be having another child. “We just want a child of our own that we can raise together as a family, and we want a stable relationship for Jace and his daughter,” she told MTV. “We just want to settle down.”

“Now I’m in a stable relationship and I have my own place, my own car, a job…I can pay my bills. I’m just happy with my life right now,” she adds. “I understand if they judge me now, but they won’t judge me soon.”

She’s reportedly due in June.

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Jenelle Evans, “It ain’t no thang I got pregnant four months after my abortion.”


‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans is defending her decision to get pregnant only four months after having an abortion. Class act this girl.

Fans (she has fans?) were outraged after she posted a photo showing a “baby on board,” picture revealing a new baby bump. Just months before, she openly had an abortion. She claims she has “no regrets” about getting an abortion, and then turning around and getting pregnant four months later.

“I panicked — I’d just gotten off heroin, I was very skinny and unhealthy, I wasn’t stable,” she tells In Touch. “But I hope people will see where I was then and where I am now and why I decided it’s OK to keep this baby.”

Jenelle, who is due in June, tells the mag that she looks forward to starting a family with her new beau, Marine turned personal trainer Nathan Griffith, 26. “We planned it,” the reality star, 22, tells In Touch of her current pregnancy. “We’re financially stable. He’s a good father.”

She even hopes to regain custody of her son, Jace, 4. In 2010, Jenelle signed custody of Jace (whose dad, Andrew Lewis, is out of the picture) over to her mom, Barbara. ”My mom says that if I stay stable for one more year, she’ll give me custody of Jace,” Jenelle tells In Touch. “Everyone thinks I can’t do this, but I can’t wait to prove them wrong.”

Jenelle was last seen fighting her drug addiction on the show’s season-four finale, has been arrested multiple times in three years and was last busted in December. However, she is working on her recovery and tells In Touch, “I’m in a much better place. I can be a good mom.”

She should be sterilized. Take this child from her – like the last one she had – and let her only screw up her own life. She should not be allowed to procreate.


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Jenelle Evans reveals she had an abortion on the season premiere if ‘Teen Mom 2’


Jenelle Evans revealed that she had an abortion on Tuesday’s season five premiere of ‘Teen Mom 2.’

With the help of her mom, Jenelle decided to terminate the baby she made with ex-husband Courtland Rogers.

In the videos below, Jenelle talks about finding out she was pregnant after she and Rogers were both arrested for heroin possession.

The mom of four-year-old Jace says, “I didn’t care about my hygiene, I didn’t care about my health, I didn’t care about anything. I didn’t know what to do; I had to get an abortion.”

I’m disgusted with this story, and the clips below. I think abortion is one of the saddest things on the planet, and to think that Janelle got lazy and got pregnant, and then terminated the pregnancy just makes me sad. Some people should be sterilized.

Oh – and by the way – Jenelle is currently PREGNANT. She and new boyfriend Nathan Griffith made a baby. Poor kid.

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Pregnant ‘Teen Mom 2’ star Jenelle Evans has been arrested!


‘Teen Mom’ star Jenelle Evans was arrested in South Carolina over the weekend, after she got into an argument with her boyfriend, and refused to be quiet when police arrived.

Police were called to her house twice, both for arguing loudly with her boyfriend outside. According to Jenelle’s boyfriend, she had locked him out of the house twice during the fight, but he agreed to go for a walk to cool off, so the police left.

Shortly after, they were called back, after Jenelle found her boyfriend had climbed into the house through an open window, and she locked herself in the bathroom.

Police handled the situation before attempting to leave — but Janelle started yelling cuss words outside the house … and when she refused to stop they took her into custody for “breach of the peace.”

Worst part … Janelle is still on probation — meaning she could be facing additional jail time if convicted.

Janelle was only in jail for about an hour.

See, she’s going to make a WONDERFUL mother. In case you missed it, she’s also pregnant again. This dude is the father.

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