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FULL Lindsay Lohan interview on Leno!

Last night, Lindsay Lohan stopped by The Tonight Show for a huge heart-to-heart with Jay. The two discuss her past experience in jail, family, fans, current trial, and upcoming movie!

Part 1: Lohan talks about meeting John Gotti, making a lot of mistakes and wanting to change.

Part 2: Lindsay talks about her lawyer, being sentenced to 120 days and her parents.

Part 3: Lindsay talks about her supportive fans, what she’ll be doing at 30, her love life and the paparazzi.

Posted Wednesday, April 27th, 2011 at 7:07am
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VIDEO: Preview of Lindsay Lohan’s “Tonight Show” interview!

Will you stay up to watch it tonight?

Posted Tuesday, April 26th, 2011 at 8:08am
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Is Conan O’Brien Hitting the Road with Live Stand Up Show?

While Jay Leno gears up to take on the Tonight Show again, Conan O’Brien is preparing to hit the road in a series of live performances across the country.

Coco’s reps at William Morris Endeavor, which has a unit devoted to live appearances, have been working to secure dates for several days now, reports The Wrap.

Nothing is official yet, but Conan’s team have found a way to work around the clause in his NBC exit settlement that bans him from appearing on TV until September.

Meanwhile, once Conan’s come off the road, insiders are still suggesting he’ll return to TV on Fox, with meetings between the two camps potentially beginning as early as next month.

Source, Fame Pictures

Posted Monday, February 22nd, 2010 at 10:10am
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Jimmy Kimmel Strikes Again at ‘Tattle-Tale’ Jay Leno


Round Two!

Jay Leno told Oprah Winfrey on Thursday that he felt “sucker-punched” by Jimmy Kimmel – and hours later, the ABC comedian came out swinging again.

“[Leno] went on Oprah and rats me out,” Kimmel said during his Jimmy Kimmel Live! monologue Thursday night. “That’s a sucker-punch right there. You don’t go to Oprah and say that. He’s a tattle-tale.”

Kimmel added: “Oprah and I had a wonderful relationship, and now it’s ruined because of Jay.” (Click here to see Kimmel’s monologue.)

Kimmel, of course, was kidding. But in his sharp five-minute monologue, the comedian defended his recent appearance on The Jay Leno Show in which he let loose about shakeups at NBC that ultimately led to Leno reclaiming his post as the host of The Tonight Show and ousting Conan O’Brien in the process.

Explaining that Leno’s producers called him in advance to discuss the questions for the “10@10” segment, Kimmel says that he expected to be commenting on the late-night controversy, since it was newsy – and funny to him. Instead, Leno wanted to chat about other things like, Kimmel said, “What’s your junk food weakness?”

“I figured I’d start in, he’d get into it and we’d mix it up,” Kimmel said. “You know, at one time [Leno] was a comedian. But he didn’t do that. He stood there and he just kind of read through the questions like a robot.”

For his part, Leno told Winfrey that he was taken aback by Kimmel’s remarks but ultimately decided not to edit them out of his show. “I said, ‘No. Put it out there. I walked into it,’ ” Leno told her, explaining that when you get hit, “You get right up again. You don’t whine and complain.”

But at the end of his monologue Thursday night, Kimmel had the last laugh – for now. “Watch out Oprah,” he said, “don’t think he won’t take your show next.”

Source, Fame Pictures

Posted Friday, January 29th, 2010 at 12:12pm
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