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NBC is paying Jay Leno $15 million to walk away before his contract expires.

NBC is paying Jay Leno a whopping $15 million to step down as host of The Tonight Show, months before his contract ends.

The network wants Leno to step down as host months before his contract expires in September 2014, making way for Jimmy Fallon to step in.

The payout is part of Leno’s deal to leave the show, which he has hosted for 22 years. The New York Daily News reports that the payoff, which is equal to Leno’s annual salary, doesn’t compare to the money he makes doing standup in Las Vegas (I had no idea he did this?).

As the shake-up was confirmed after weeks of speculation, Leno told Fallon he was ‘counting on’ him to keep network ratings high.

In his opening monologue of Wednesday’s show Leno said: ‘I just have one request of Jimmy. We’ve all fought, kicked and scratched to get this network up to fifth place, okay?

‘Now we have to keep it there. Jimmy don’t let it slip into sixth. We’re counting on you.’

The replacement move, which had been anticipated for weeks, was announced yesterday and will officially take place following the network’s broadcast of the Winter Olympics.

Fallon will more than double his multi-million dollar salary when he takes over from outgoing host Jay Leno next year on the top-rated NBC show.

Industry insiders predict that Fallon will see the $5million he gets for fronting ‘The Late Show’ boosted to $12 million when he goes head-to-head with CBS’ David Letterman and ABC’s Jimmy Kimmel in February.

Although Fallon’s pay packet will be three million less than the $15million Leno takes home, it still represents a massive show of faith in Fallon, who has been working late night television for less than five years.

I think this is really good news for NBC… I think the shakeup was desperately needed!

FYI: If Jay Leno made anywhere from $10 – $15 million a year – and he’s hosted for 22 years….. He’s easily made over $200,000,000 in his run as host of The Tonight Show. That’s insanity.

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Pregnant Kim Kardashian on her way to The Tonight Show.

Pictured is very pregnant Kim Kardashian heading to The Tonight Show with Jay Leno. She has around 4 months left before she gives birth.

She sat down with Jay Leno Thursday to discuss baby names, cravings and her fear of telling her younger sister Khloe she was expecting a baby with boyfriend rapper Kanye West.

“We have a list, and some of them are K names some of them aren’t,” she said. “[North] is not on our list. But you know what name I do like — but it probably won’t be on [our list], because it kinda goes with North — I like Easton. Easton West. I think that’s cute.”

Unlike her older sister Kourtney Kardashian, the first-time mom-to-be isn’t sure if she’ll allow E! cameras to capture her baby’s birth for an episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

“I don’t even think I’ll have a camcorder. I don’t even know if I would want that as a memory,” she admitted. “Although, there’s always a chance. I don’t know. I might change my mind.”

When Kim first learned she was pregnant, she was hesitant to tell her younger sister, Khloe Kardashian-Odom, who has been struggling to start a family of her own for years.

“I had Kourtney come with me to tell Khloe because I was a little nervous, because I know she really really really wants a baby. So I felt like I’m gonna need some moral support to tell her. And she was so happy!” Kim recalled. “But I was really nervous to tell her. And she kind of got mad that I was nervous — she thought it was ridiculous.”

The 32-year-old Kourtney & Kim Take Miami star also addressed critics who have been mocking her new pregnancy curves. (One internet meme even likened one maternity look to a killer whale.)

“I think it’s a little bully-ish to call a pregnant woman fat. I mean, what do you expect? I hope I gain weight. I’m a little heavy,” Kim said. “There’s just more to love right now. I have the rest of my life to be skinny and to lose weight and I’m not really worrying about it. If I have a craving I’ll go for it.”

I agree with her. If there is anytime to eat and not worry about it, then this is it! She will bounce back into shape in no time like all the other TV stars.

She just makes me nervous walking in those high heels.

Source Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Jay Leno Won’t Be Breaking His Contract!

Don’t worry, Leno fans! (or worry, Leno enemies!) Jay Leno won’t be going ANYWHERE until his contract runs out!

Though Leno seems to be bashing NBC left and right, the host plans to stay and continue with his duties until the end of the 2014 season.

A source spilled via PerezHilton:

“NBC would probably love it if Jay tried to get out of early because he’s clearly bitter, but Jay wants to stay to the end, and keep peeving everyone at the network off.”

Still, that’s not making anyone feel any better. Many Leno employees so concerned about Jay’s remarks that they’re in the market for other work!

The source continued:

“The environment is bad, people are nervous. Nobody wants to leave because The Tonight Show is such a great gig… But people are worried, to say the least.”

I would be, too.  TEAM CONAN!

Photo: FameFlynet

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Jared Leto opens up about his new transsexual role in ‘Dallas Buyers Club’

Jared Leto hasn’t really done many movies lately. He took some time off to pursue his singing career (which has been very successful!). He’s coming back to the big screen with ‘Dallas Buyers Club’, in which he plays a transsexual named Rayon. He tells ET that the process of transforming into the role has been life changing.

 “It’s a lot of work to be a pretty little girl. I have a newfound respect for women in general,” he said at The IFP Gotham Independent Film Awards.

“I waxed my entire body, including my eyebrows. I’ve lost a lot of weight because I’m playing a young person with AIDS. It’s been challenging but really inspiring too.” Leto told me that it was the opportunity to tell this story that lured him back to acting.

“I haven’t made a movie in 5 years. I thought it was a beautifully written script [and] a wonderful character, who I just fell in love with. I figured if I was going to come back and act again, this was the one to do it.”

Clearly Matthew McConaughey felt similarly about this story, as he recently revealed the startling 38-pound weight loss he underwent to play an AIDS patient. “I feel good, now,” McConaughey said. “Overall, probably got 35 percent less energy. The tough part, there have been plateaus.”

“Getting past 170 was really hard, but then once you get into the 167, the next 7 come off easy. Getting past 160, really hard. But then you fly down to 150. Getting past 150 was really hard. And then, bam, got down to 143 and that’s where I want to be. Once you get past the plateau, the body seems to understand, ‘OK this is where we’re living now, this is where we are,’ so the energy rises.”

Dallas Buyers Club is due in theaters next year.

Here are new pictures of Jared in character on the set of this movie. I really hope the movie is good, mostly because of what these actors did to themselves to make it happen!

Source, Photos: FameFlynet

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