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1 Ticket To Jared Leto’s Gun Show PLZ

Jared Leto Shows Off The Guns In NYC

I can’t say I know what’s exactly going on here…but I LIKE IT.

Here’s foreveryoungdreamboat Jared Leto showing off his muscular arms while out and about in New York City today. Later, he was again spotted NOT in the tank top that God intended him to be in but in a giant black coat, winter hat and a bunch of homeless-y looking bags.

Dude’s been getting in shape to play The Joker for the new superhero movie “Suicide Squad,” and I, for one, am thanking the casting crew of the movie for those sexy arms. The totes and giant coat? Can’t say they do much for the ‘ol libido.

Photos: FameFlynet

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Jared Leto Chops Off His Long Locks And Shaves the Beard

Jared Leto Spotted Out And About In New York City

Jesus has left the building, y’all!  Jared Leto is gearing up for his role as The Joker in Suicide Squad, where he’ll be starring alongside Will Smith, Margot Robbie, Viola Davis, Jesse Eisenberg and more.  In preparation for the role, it looks like Jared has finally hacked off the super long hair and shaved his bushy beard!

Director and writer David Ayer posted the photo below on Twitter, captioning it “Should we? #SuicideSquad.”  In the next photo, we see a clean shaven Jared and it appears he might have short hair once again.  Or they just did a great job of pulling the hair back and making it look that way?

Thoughts?  Do you prefer Jared with long hair or short hair?  Beard or clean-shaven?




He looks a bit like Zac Efron, no?


Photo Credit: Twitter & Fame/Flynet

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Jared Leto almost attended the Oscars in drag.


Jared Leto won an Oscar this year for his role as the drag queen, Rayon, in ‘Dallas Buyers Club.’ He deserved it, he played the role so convincingly, you almost forgot you were watching Jared Leto at all.

The actor covers the Evening Standard Deluxe, in a photo taken by Terry Richardson, of course. Inside the magazine he reveals he considered going to the Oscars in drag

He almost went in drag to the Oscars: “I thought about dragging up for the Oscars, going as Rayon, because I knew that she would have loved to be there. It’s so much work for girls to get ready. I was brought up by my mum, so I always had an appreciation of women. But now I have more respect for the process. It’s a lot, what women have to do to themselves. But in the end, when you put that final dash of lipstick on and your look all comes together, it really is a glorious reward.”

He doesn’t pay attention to awards… “But I would never say, ‘I don’t give a s–t about the Oscars,’ because it’s not the whole truth. It’s not about the shiny, naked golden man, or the pat on the back, it’s about being able to stand on a world stage for two minutes in front of a billion people and say something that is meaningful, important to you…I could have really taken the piss. But I didn’t want to wing it with this one. I prepared. I wanted to keep it classy.”

All the Oscars after-parties: “It was pretty f–king fantastic to see all those Hollywood dreamers letting loose with such abandon. I looked over and my mother was dancing with Madonna.”

He respects trans people: “I became a detective, I met with transgendered people, I asked questions: ‘What was it like to tell your parents?’ ‘What’s it like to be judged?’ You don’t have to desire the surgery to have your penis cut off, but you do have to understand it. We all have issues with our identity, or know what it’s like not to belong.”


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Jennifer Lawrence in a see-through dress – PLUS LOTS of pics from the Vanity Fair Oscars after-party!

The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles

Most of the Oscar’s biggest celebrities headed to the Vanity Fair after-party last night, and many of them made a quick dress change before getting there.

Jennifer Lawrence was just one of the celebrities who attended the party, and she changed up her outfit as well. Check out her see-through dress below!

The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles

Kate Hudson also attended the party, and she changed as well. I love this dress! Gorgeous!

The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in LA

The 2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party in Los Angeles


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