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Jared Leto Knows “Absolutely Nothing” About Women


Jared Leto is hustling his Hot Topic store turned film, Sucide Squad, which is how he ended up shirtless on the cover of Rolling Stone. He’s an interesting dude, obviously. And is trying to be all method actor even though the projects he’s in are, uh, not always the smartest. That being said, what he lacks in picking roles he makes up for in investing: dude had money early-on in Nest, Reddit, Uber, Airbnb and Slack. You can read the full RS piece here. Some highlights:

He’s vegan-ish: “I’m actually a cheagan, a cheating vegan. I don’t eat meat ever. But if someone’s mom made a cookie and handed it to me, I’d probably take a bite, or if I’m in Alaska and there’s wild salmon out of the river, I’d probably eat it.”

The roles he turned down: “There were so many people that didn’t understand. There were people in this town who thought it was insane. There were films that I decided not to do because I had tiny little tours, and people would just lose their minds. And some of them turned into the biggest movies ever made.”

He used to think he would die young: “It’s a pretty common thought, especially for any maniacal narcissist. And if you live a life with some risk, or have seen people die young, it’s easier to understand that could be a possibility.”

His preparation for Requiem for a Dream. He hung out with actual junkies on the street and “they would shoot up dope and I would shoot up water. People would be uncomfortable if they’re all shooting up and you’re not. I wasn’t sharing a needle. To shoot up anything is intense. That was a long time ago. I wouldn’t do that again.”

His thoughts on Heath Ledger’s performance as The Joker: “Heath did an impeccable, perfect performance as the Joker. It’s one of the best performances ever in cinema. I had met Heath before. I didn’t know him well, but he was a beautiful person. I think had it only been portrayed by Heath and it was never a comic book, maybe I would have felt that would be inappropriate. But I thought that given the history, it was OK. The good thing about other people having done this is that you know what direction not to head in.”

Drugs: “My experience with drugs? I did them, lots of them. A lot of them were really fun. There are just those few that tend to kick you in the ass. I guess at some point, too, there’s a decision: Is this going to be my life? I made a choice to pursue other dreams. I guess that’s just the kind of f–ked thing about a lot of drugs: The opportunity cost is too high. Some drugs are incredible, but the risk versus reward is out of line. I just saw too many examples of what not to do.”

His criminal past: “I was always really fast. I guess there were some undercover cops at one store, and they came out running after us. My friend ran out of steam and kind of slowed down. They grabbed him and threw him to the ground, and I just kept running. There are few greater feelings in the world than running from the police and getting away.”

His romantic life: “Even if I was in a relationship or maybe if I was having kids, I don’t know if I would share that information publicly… You know what I’ve learned about women? I know absolutely nothing about women.” There are no truths, he suggests, that apply to women as a group. “The older I get, it’s just people. I just see people.”

He doesn’t know if he’ll ever marry: “It’s just how things are. I don’t think there’s a definitive decision that I’ve made.”

He might have a kid out there: “You never know. Someone could always come up to a show and give me a little surprise visit. ‘Dad?’ In a way, that would be kind of f–king beautiful. What an incredible surprise that would be!”

(Via Rolling Stone)

Leto is 44 years old right now, and he tells RS that he feels “old.” Too bad he looks like he’s 30- maybe all the cheegan-ing? Love this dude. Honestly, I could have read more interview from the guy.

Photo: Rolling Stone

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Jared Leto’s Weird Bumblebee Jacket Is Making My Hump Day

Jared Leto Wears A Strange Jacket In NYC

Okay, let’s BEE real. It’s a hornet, I think?

That being said, I love how every fortnight Jared Leto busts out some weird fashion piece and walks around like he owns NYC.  Sometimes it’s a weird big coat on top of a tank, sometimes it looks like an Urban Outfitters knock off faux baseball bomber jacket. Who knows what’ll pop outta this dude’s closet tomorrow? Not me. Not you. Let the fates decide.

What’s the buzz on the jacket? Check out this gallery.

Photos: FameFlynet

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Jared Leto Had Crazy Hostess Cupcake Shoes. -And Other LINKS!!!

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 2.29.31 PM

Of course, Jared Leto. Of COURSE. Dlisted

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Miranda Kerr won Oscar night Celebslam

Who wore the best Oscar dior? Celebitchy

Guess who wore their WEDDING DRESS to the Vanity Fair Oscar party?? TooFab

Zac Efron and The Rock still aren’t shirtless yet on the set of the new Baywatch ASL

Brie Larson gave every abuse survivor a hug Dlisted

Rob Kardashian‘s sisters planted a beautiful Shade tree Fishwrapper

Gigi Hadid had a wardrobe malfunction Celebslam

Tara King landed just in time for her 19-year-old ass to hit the Oscars ASL


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Jared Leto Is Suing TMZ Because He CRAZY.

Elisabetta Canalis And Jared Leto Attend GQ's Man of The Year

Okay, Jared Leto.  Time to chill out.

Apparently, TMZ posted a video of Jared Leto critiquing Taylor Swift‘s 1989 album, where he was shown saying, “I mean f*ck her, I don’t give a f*ck about her.” And like 30 seconds after the clip leaked, he apologized.

HOWEVER, Leto is definitely not apologizing to TMZ. In fact, he filed a lawsuit against the gossip site and the parent company Warner Bros. Entertainment for publishing the footage even though they knew it was stolen.  More like 30 Seconds To COURT, am I rite?

Leto even released the following statement :

“Last Sunday, I was alerted that TMZ had acquired personal and private video footage of me in my home and that they were planning to leak it on their site. My team notified TMZ immediately that I fully owned the footage and that their source had absolutely no rights to sell it. They chose to post it anyway.”

The 43-year-old believes his privacy and basic rights were violated even though nobody really cares. He furthers:

“This was stolen footage. This was an invasion of privacy. And it was both legally and morally wrong. Regardless of who we are, we should all be able to talk freely in the privacy of our own homes without the fear that our unfiltered thoughts or actions will get broadcast to the world. We have the right to privacy and security and when we don’t have protections in place to safeguard those things, we lose the freedom to speak loudly and clearly – right or wrong – about anything and everything we choose to.”

By going forward with this suit, the rocker sanctimoniously hopes to p”revent future incidences” from happening. Yawn.

“I have chosen to file this lawsuit not because I want to, but in hopes it will encourage more people to stop trafficking in stolen goods, to follow proper legal procedure and so that it may motivate additional consideration for the harm these acts can create, especially when the only intention is to simply further the bottom line for the companies and corporations that commit these acts.”


I have a question: does anybody REALLY care?

Photo: FameFlynet

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