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Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are still together

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are still together

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are still together, despite being super private and not wanting anyone to know about their personal lives. They’ve been denying romance rumors since 2013, but an insider says that they are still quite the item.

A source said, “She is head over heels for him. But they don’t want to fuel any of the rumors so Jamie has been avoiding attending parties she’s been going to.”

Page Six reports:

The 36-year-old actress — who has been spotted solo at recent events in New York and LA — hasn’t been in a public relationship since her high-profile divorce from Tom Cruise in July 2012 after nearly six years of marriage. Holmes and Cruise, 53, are the parents of 9-year-old daughter Suri.

Foxx, 47, has been hitting the party circuit solo, too: On Saturday, the Oscar winner stepped out for Loren Ridinger’s birthday bash in Miami without the “Dawson’s Creek” star by his side.

“Katie and Jamie have a fun and playful relationship and have gotten even closer in the past few months,” added the source. “Suri gets along with him super well, too.”

Do you think they make a good couple?

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Katie Holmes, Cut The BS We Know You’re Dating Jamie Foxx

'The Giver' New York Premiere

C’mon Katie Holmes.  We allll know what’s up.

At this point, Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have been dating for TWO YEARS, you guys. So Katie, when you go out to meet your BOYFRIEND OF A COUPLE YEARS and feel you have to wear a wig, something’s UP. Us Weekly reports:

“Katie is so in love,” adds the insider. “I don’t know if he’s dating other women, but she isn’t dating other men. She is all about Jamie.”

Us Weekly broke the news of their tryst in October 2013, and obtained an exclusive first photo of the two holding hands this March. Though they keep their romance under wraps in public, their friends and family are well aware of their shared sentiments.

In May, Holmes dropped the L-word following a phone call with Foxx.

“She said she loved him,” another source told Us at the time. “She always gushes about how amazing he is and the joy he brings into the world.”

And Foxx is “quick to call [Holmes] ‘my girl’ to pals,” a separate source previously noted. “As in, ‘My girl is calling.’”

the jig is UP, Katie. You busted.

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Katie Holmes Tells Jamie Foxx She LOVES Him!

'The Giver' New York Premiere

Woah, I forgot about this odd love coupling!

Katie Holmes was recently was overheard saying “I love you” to her beau Jamie Foxx, an insider exclusively tells Us Weekly. Which means not only are they still dating, but it is getting SERIOUS.

I know, I know, these two have been rumored to have been dating for years, but it’s interesting when you hear of some concrete evidence of their couple-dom! US reports:

The Mania Days actress, in particular, dropped the L-word during a phone call with Foxx, 47, after landing at L.A.’s LAX Airport recently.

“She said she loved him,” the source tells Us. “She always gushes about how amazing he is and the joy he brings into the world.”

Us exclusively revealed back in March that Holmes, 36, and the Annie actor never stopped seeing each other since first hooking up in October 2013. “Jamie is someone she can trust and have fun with,” an insider told Us at the time.

As for what Foxx may have told friends when Holmes rang from LAX? As a source previously noted, he’s quick to call her “my girl” to pals. As in, “My girl is calling.”

How sweet n’ adorable does this sound? Like for real, don’t they sound like a couple of people who are just trying to spend time together, outside of the cold, hard gaze of the media? I mean, “My girl is calling?” CUTE.

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Khloe Kardashian Calls Out Jamie Foxx: Don’t Mess With My Stepdad!

Khloe Kardashian Films In Calabasas

Khloe Kardashian is doing what any good family member does- step up for their parent!

On April 2, Khloe defended Bruce Jenner against a very insensitive joke Jamie Foxx made about the Olympian at Sunday’s iHeartRadio Music Awards. The “joke” in question was (not surprisingly) about Jenner’s reported plan to transition into a woman. Apparently this was also a big deal because  Foxx has been a close family friend for years (news to me).

Khloe explained:

“I just think it’s a low blow. I think it’s very mean, but you know, I wish him all the best. It is what it is. I just think — and I know Jamie, so I think that’s also why that’s a really low blow, but hey. Guess that’s what he felt the need to do for a little press.”

Oooo!  Saucy little response up in here. The response also echoes that of her step-brother, Burt Jenner, who was NOT happy with Jamie’s jab either.

I wonder if the actor will apologize for the comment, considering it offended his “close family friends” and probably lots of other people who think throwing shade at transitioning people is not very cool.

What do you think? Should Jamie Foxx apologize?

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