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James Woods Is Suing A Twitter Troll?

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Let this be a lesson to you: James Woods is having no twitter shenanigans on HIS WATCH!

According to TMZ, the actor is suing a guy for someone talking trash on Twitter…and he’s gunning for $10 million?!  Dang.

Woods is going after a guy named Abe List, who Woods claims trashed his good name a bunch of times, calling him a “prick,” “joke,” “scum,” and my favorite, “clown-boy.” I guess it finally crossed the line when he accused the star of being a “cocaine addict,” and James went legal on Mr. List’s handle.

BTW, List has a paltry 2,274 followers, but Woods claims his 238,932 could have seen the tweet as well.

This seems ridic to me-  most celebs get harassed and criticized and made rumors of EVERY DAY. Is James taking a stand? Or do you think he’s just being a BIG ‘OL BABY?

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James Woods leaving the Staples Center after a Lakers game, yesterday

James Woods



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