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Jake Gyllenhaal and Rooney Mara Might Be Banging

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Jake Gyllenhaal and Rooney Mara might be a thing!

The two sparked romance rumors on Monday after being spotted for a casual stroll around the Big Apple. Which I LIKE. These two seem intense AF and a good match for one another.

The 35-year-old actor and the Carol star, 31, seemed deep in conversation as they walked through Soho. It’s important to note, however, both have work schedules that are pretty cray- Mara has five movies coming out just this year and he has three set to release in 2017. So you know, sounds like the BEST time for a new relationship.

That being said, I still think it’s cute. What do YOU think of this new couple? Let us know in the comments below!

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Jake Gyllenhaal Still Thinks About Heath Ledger

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It’s been eight years since Heath Ledger died, but the actor’s death still impacts the Hollywood community, including Jake Gyllenhaal, his costar in the 2005 film Brokeback Mountain. The dude spoke up on it in an interview with People. Here are the highlights:

“Personally, it affected me in ways I can’t necessarily put in words or even would want to talk about publicly,” Gyllenhaal, 35, told editorial director Jess Cagle in the latest edition of The Jess Cagle Interview. “In terms of professionally, I think I was at an age where mortality was not always clear to me.”

Gyllenhaal had just turned 27 when Ledger died from accidental prescription drug intoxication.

“I think you live in this bubble, too, of making films … There are real friends, and there is a real community,” he said of the experience. “There is also that [new Macklemore song] where he says, ‘The curtain closes and nobody notices’ … I think that’s true, and I think that’s okay. But I think at the time, I assumed everyone would notice – and they did with Heath dying, but I think it [gave me] the experience of, ‘This is fleeting.’ And none of the attention or synthesized love that comes from the success of a film really matters at all. What matters is the relationships you make when you make a film, and the people you learn from when you’re preparing for a film. That changed a lot for me.”

“We were super young,” Gyllenhaal said. “We had no idea what the movie was going to become.”

Ledger went on to date costar Michelle Williams, and have a kid with her. Both got Oscar noms and the film was, essentially, a huge thing for the young actors to be a part of.

Very sad. Heath Ledger would have had an amazing career.

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You Guys Jake Gyllenhaal and Susan Sarandon Are DEFINITELY NOT Hooking Up. BOO

Jake Gyllenhaal without his beard & other LINKS!

Well there goes MY favorite story this week.

Apparently, Jake Gyllenhaal and Susan Sarandon are NOT boning, despite my every want and need for it to be true.  A source close to the “Everest” actor has denied the story which was first reported by the National Enquirer, claiming that the 34-year-old  and the 68-year-old actress “snuggled up” while attending the opening of the Broadway play “Hamilton” in New York earlier this month.


The tabloid also cited a so-called “source” as saying, “The rumor is they’ve been hooking up on the down-low. A lot of people are hoping they go with the flow and give it a shot.”

However, a source close to Gyllenhaal tells Gossip Cop that the rumor is “not true,” and the two are not hooking up.  So, back to dumb divorce stories about dumb Matt Damon and Ben Affleck. C’mon Susan and Jake- at LEAST give me a couple blurry kisses or SOMETHING!

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Susan Sarandon is not dating Jake Gyllenhaal

Susan Sarandon is not dating Jake Gyllenhaal

It seems that the gossips over at the National Enquirer were working overtime when they came up with this story. Just recently, they put out a story claiming that Susan Sarandon has been hooking up with Jake Gyllenhaal. Crazy, right?

The tabloid reported that the actress was seen snuggling up with Jake while they both attended the opening of the play “Hamilton” in New York earlier in the month.

The magazine’s so-called source said, “The rumor is they’ve been hooking up on the down-low. A lot of peopple are hoping they go with the flow and give it a shot.”

A source close to Jake is curious about the rumor’s origination, but Gossip Cop has called the magazine out for publishing nonsense – per usual.

Were you hoping for a saucy hookup between Susan Sarandon and Jake Gyllenhaal?

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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