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Jaime King Reveals Her New Baby’s Name!

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Jaime King gave birth to her second son on week ago, but she kept us waiting on the name of the kid. That is, until now…

So what’s the name that actress and her husband Kyle Newman pick for James‘ baby brother? No, it isn’t a play on the father’s name (Kylie?), it’s totally new. And godmother Taylor Swift may have helped with naming, but then again but she may not have. Who knows? She was probably busy with that twitter feud. Anyhow, The two named their new son…

Leo Thames Newman!

I kinda dig it.  Do you?

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Taylor Swift Is A Godmother

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Taylor Swift is a godmother… In other words, Jaime King had her new kid! The Hart of Dixie alum gave birth to her second child last week, she revealed via Instagram on Monday.

King announced the news by sharing a picture of herself nursing her newborn son while sitting next to husband Kyle Newman and their oldest kid, 21-month-old James Knight. Though only the chosen can be the godson of Taylor Swift, so although this pic is adorable NOTHING compares.

“We are SO happy to welcome to the world our new baby boy!” she captioned the photo. “Born Thursday, July 16th! Xx”

No name yet, so for now I’m calling it “Taylor Swift’s Godchild.” Congrats, TSG! You’ve already made it.

Photo: Instagram
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Jaime King Gets REAL About Her Pregnancy


Jaime King has been having some trouble since getting knocked up- and we aren’t talking weird cravings or swelling…

The star dishes to people about dressing fashionably while pregnant, and also her difficulty in finding a name for the baby (and no, she doesn’t talk her star studded baby shower thrown by BFF Taylor Swift). Still, some good stuff in here.  Here’s a couple crumbs for y’all’s pleasure:

On being a Pea In A Pod brand ambassador: “I really appreciated that they had some really wonderful brand collaborations [and] that the clothing themselves were something that I actually wanted to wear and that I felt good in,” King, who has linked up with the retailer for their fall 2015 campaign and new denim line, Luxe Essentials Denim, says.

On being pregnant: “It’s exciting. Your whole life is changing. It’s the last moments that I’ll know with just having one child and being with my husband. Then all of a sudden, it’ll be two [children]. There’s always an inner adjustment period, but the idea of being able to create a life and create a bigger family — it’s really exciting for me. I feel very, very lucky.”

On her son, James King, having a little sibling: “A lot of people who have babies close in age say that they’re very, very close — I’m excited about that part,” King says. “I’m excited that they get to grow up so close together and hopefully be best buddies.”

And her second child will going by their first AND middle name! She dishes: “I know the first part. We just have to decide on the second part,” King shares. “Names are never easy, you don’t want something to be too Hollywood and out there.”

Agreed. Read more about Jaime’s experience HERE, especially if maternity jean talk turns you on.

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Taylor Swift Threw Jaime King A Taylor-Swift Themed Baby Shower

Screen Shot 2015-06-15 at 8.22.41 AM

And by that I mean pretty tame with a LOT of photo booth pics.

Everybody’s BFF Taylor Swift took a red-eye flight on Saturday into Los Angeles to throw best pal Jaime King a baby shower that included hilarious fancy dress outfits, a photo booth and Gigi Hadid for no apparent reason (what’s with her? All of a sudden errybody’s friends with Gigi?).

Swift had spent the night before in Pittsburgh on the latest leg of her 1989 tour but didn’t look tired as she, Jaime, Nina Dobrev and others celebrated the baby to come.

Check out the pics below!

Photos: Instagram

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