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Jackie Chan Not Quitting Acting in Action Movies

Don’t fret action lovers- action star Jackie Chan isn’t quitting action films, as he previously stated!

Jackie Chan just assured TMZ that he is most definitely not quitting action films, despite a statement a few weeks ago saying that he wanted to shed his action persona for more drama, to become “the Asian Robert De Niro.”

In May, Jackie was promoting his new film, Chinese Zodiac, when he straight up told reporters “This will be my last action movie.” TMZ asked Mr. Chan upfront and quite recently if he still holds true to that statement, and he vehemently disagreed- saying that he will definitely keep doing action movies! Good- this means we can watch Jackie Chan kick some serious A for years (hopefully!) to come!

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Jackie Chan & Jaden Smith promote the Karate Kid

Jaden Smith and Jackie Chan promote the new ‘Karate Kid’ in Berlin, Germany on July 18, 2010.

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First Look! The New Karate Kid!


Jackie Chan teaches a move to Jaden Smith, son of Hollywood superstar Will Smith, during the filming of a Hollywood-Chinese remake of the 1984 hit The Karate Kid in Wudangshan in central China’s Hubei province on September 15, 2009.




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Jackie Chan playing Mr. Miyagi in The Karate Kid remake?


Sidenote…I have a funny story…

After graduating from high school (in ’95 – I’m old!) I headed up to Vancouver, BC for college.  Man, I LOVED BC.  (The drinking age doesn’t hurt.  At 19, I was able to drink 2 years younger than all my friends back at home!) I haven’t been back in years, but it’s such a great city.   Anyway, I have always been able to win things on the radio.  Don’t know what it is, but when I really set my mind to it, I can win things.  I went several years where I was winning all kinds of things. While I was in BC, I won passes to go to the opening of the Planet Hollywood in Vancouver.  I was SO excited.  I forget how many passes I had, but there was a group of us that went.  We had our cameras – and paper for autographs.  I have been looking for those photos for about 2 years now, and I can’t find them anywhere.  I would love to post them on ICYDK.  I was obsessed with celebrities even back then!  I was able to meet Bruce Willis, Arnold Schwartzenegger, Sylvester Stallone, Bon Jovi, Stephen Dorff, Tom Arnold – and so many more.  Man, I was in HEAVEN!

One of the people I met was Mr. Miyagi, Pat Morita.  He was there with his wife, Evelyn.  Of course, being the star-struck 18 year old that I was, I yelled “Wax on, wax off!” He and his wife walked up to my friends and I, and his wife got right in our face.  She lifted up the skirt of her dress, rubbed her legs and said “He waxes me…on and off”.  They both laughed, and then walked away.  We were all completely grossed out.  So that’s my Pat Morita story.  🙂


The Karate Kid remake – already?  Really?

Jackie Chan is in talks to take on the role of Mr. Miyagi in an upcoming remake of The Karate Kid, per the Hollywood Reporter.

The premise would be similar to the 1984 original, in that Chan would be playing mentor to a teen who’s being harassed by bullies and is in need of both philosophical guidance and some sweet self-defense moves.

Will and Jada’s kid, Jaden Smith, who cut his drama chops alongside dad in The Pursuit of Happyness, is set to don the karate gi (and perhaps the showerhead costume) once worn so proudly by Ralph Macchio.


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