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Heather Locklear Chooses Her Kid Over Jack Wagner‏

It looks like the longtime romance between Heather Locklear and Jack Wagner may be over — and according to a pal, it’s because the actress realized that the relationship was taking her focus away from her daughter, Ava, 12.

“Heather felt like she had been spending so much time with Jack, that it was affecting her child,” says the insider.

“Ava is at that point where she’ll soon be a teenager, and she needs her mom more than ever, especially since she’s trying to become an actress and model. So Heather told Jack she wants space.”

Heather has been with Jack since 2007, a year after she separated from Ava’s dad, Richie Sambora.


Posted Wednesday, April 7th, 2010 at 11:11am
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Jack Wagner wants to marry Heather Locklear.


On June 19, Jack Wagner, 48, showed his devotion to Heather Locklear by driving her to Arizona for treatment at the Sierra Tucson rehab facility. Once she completes her inpatient program, he wants to prove his love again — by asking her to be his wife!

“Jack wants to marry Heather as soon as her issues are under control. He’s already spoken to her therapists,” a friend reveals, noting that Heather will surely say yes. “After Jack came to visit, she realized how in love they are,” the pal says, adding that Heather would love a small beach wedding.

The 46-year-old actress, who divorced rocker Richie Sambora in April, was scheduled to check out of the rehab facility on July 16, another insider reports. “Her extended treatment plan is being worked out now,” the insider says. “Heather says that Jack is the best thing in her life next to her daughter,” the actress’ pal tells In Touch.

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