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Ivanka Trump Got SERIOUSLY Insulted By A Hip Brooklyn Jewelry Company

Ivanka Trump Shows Off Her Bump And Her Shoes!

Sorry, Ivanka Trump, you just got SERVED.

Brooklyn-based hipster jewelry boutique/line filled an order for Ivanka Trump for an ear cuff, and the company was more than happy to oblige…but not without a little SASS.  Not to shy away from business, Lady Grey filled her order and sent her the ear cuff… with a personalized note. The ladies also posted a photo of the note on their Instagram:

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 11.19.28 AM

Ivanka ordered an ear cuff that cost $84, so it’s not like the company donated thousands of dollars to “the American Immigration Council, the Everytown for Gun Safety organization, and the Hillary Clinton campaign.” BUT,  it never hurts to publicly declare that you are NOT standing with Donald Trump. Right? Now, I’m not one to say “alienate customers” but I kinda think this company has balls, and really showed their political allegiances.

What do YOU think of their actions- too dramatic or spot on? Weigh in below!

Photo: FameFlynet, Instagram

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No, Ivanka Trump, Your Dad Is Not A “Feminist.”

Donald Trump Speech In NYC

He never was, and he never will be.

Despite having a holy reign of terror as a father, I kinda like Ivanka Trump and feel sorry for her. She seems relatively intelligent and again, innately and perhaps blandly likeable. Still, Ivanka gave an interview a few days ago where she claimed – against all sense or reason – that her father Donald Trump is a feminist. Nice spin, Ivanka, but NOBODY IS BUYING IT (probably not even her). She told the Sunday Times:

“People talk about gender equality. He has lived it, he has employed women at the highest levels of the Trump Organization for decades, so I think it’s a great testament to how capable he thinks women are and has shown that his whole life. My father is a feminist. He’s a big reason I am the woman I am today…He always told me and showed me that I could do anything I set my mind to if I married vision and passion with work ethic. He’s also surrounded me with strong female role models who have done just that since I was a little girl.”

(Via The Daily Mail)

Nope. NOBODY IS BUYING THIS. Trump’s idea of feminism is parading around while propositioning pretty girls to be his eye candy and I guess, employees, and berating the employees he does have for being less than ideal. And let’s not forget how he used to parade Ivanka herself around like a piece of meat.

Ivanka, time for a reality check.

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Ivanka Trump Wants to Empower Working Women

Ivanka Trump Jewelry Collection Launch Hosted By Dujour Magazine

Ivanka Trump is trying to change women’s lives through her awesome initiative #WomenWhoWork!

The businesswoman appeared on Good Morning America yesterday to discuss her new website,, which she hopes will help inspire and empower women everywhere. As part of the launch, she featured the 12 young entrepreneurs on her site, and asked them what their work/life balance looks like. Says Trump:

“All the women I know, this next generation, they’re working hard, not just in a professional capacity but really in all aspects of their life,” Trump said. “They’re not one dimensional. They’re doing things outside of the office and inside of the office and living in this digital age where we really do just live one life 24 hours a day, and I wanted to celebrate that.”

“There isn’t this clear compartmentalization that used to exist, where it was work and home. Now it’s just one life, and I think that’s something really unique to my generation,” Trump says. “Coming up in the workforce where we’re on the phone with our kids while we’re in the office, and yet at home at three in the morning catching up on the work because we made it there to put them to bed.”

Trump says that her role as mother and wife is equally important to her identity, and that balance is key to happiness.

“This is an inclusive conversation,” she adds, noting that the conversation should also be free of judgement. “I’m not here to tell people how to work, or the hours they should work,” Trump says.

Check out the site at!


Photo: FameFlynet

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Ivanka Trump shows off her baby belly in adorable new Instagram pic!

Ivanka Trump is five months pregnant with her second child, and now we’re getting our first look at her adorable bump!

The 31-year-old posted the picture above on her Instagram page, showing her sitting on a couch with her daughter, Arabella.

Earlier this month Ivanka shared a sonogram picture of her baby on Instagram. She’s now 22-weeks along. She originally announced her pregnancy in April, saying “Jared and I are so excited that Arabella will become a big sister this fall.”


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