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Idina Menzel Calls John Travolta ‘Glom Gazingo’

Idina Menzel Calls John Travolta 'Glom Gazingo'

John Travolta got a taste of his own medicine on the Oscars stage this year. Idina Menzel took to the stage to introduce the famed actor and instead of using his real name, she called him Glom Gazingo! Too rehearsed?

Travolta explained his “Adele Dazeem” gaffe from last year, attributing it to Goldie Hawn. He said, “The truth is, I was expected backstage and it was getting very close to the time I was supposed to go on and suddenly a page – an assistant to you – grabbed me and said you’re on in a minute, I was like ‘What happened to fifteen minutes?’ and they didn’t explain. Later I found out my actual page got stuck in an elevator and couldn’t communicate to anybody so the back up came to get me.”

He went on to say, “As I get backstage I run into Goldie Hawn. She’s sexy, charismatic, beautiful and I was starstruck, hugging and loving her up, forgetting I had to do this bit. Then they were like, ‘Okay, you’re on’ and then they said, ‘Oh by the way, we’ve changed Idina’s name to a phonetic spelling and I was like, ‘Wait – what do you mean?’ ‘Go!'”

He added, “So I go out there and I get to her thing and I go ‘Huh?’ In my mind I’m going ‘What? What is that name? I don’t know that name.’ And it was this phonetic spelling, and I didn’t rehearse it that way.”

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Taye Diggs & Idina Menzel Were Secretly Divorced

Gwen Stefani at The 20th Annual Academy Awards Elton John Viewing Party

Nearly a year after their separation, these two have finally pulled the plug!

Though Taye Diggs and Idina Menzel thought that they filed divorce papers in secret, the media caught wind of the divorce via lthe divorce petition that Taye filed in NYC.

Diggs and Menzel announced their split in December of last year, and did all the essential (and uncomfortable) custody stuff (the two have a five year old son named Walker) and asset dividing during the lag.

According to TMZ’s source, the break-up has been as amicable as possible, as both remain committed to raising their son together, with as little drama as possible.

10 years of marriage…what a bummer.

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Idina Menzel Wants To Star In Broadway’s ‘Frozen’

Idina Menzel Wants To Star In Broadway's 'Frozen'

Singing sensation Idina Menzel has revealed that she wants to star in the Broadway rendition of “Frozen”. Who else could play that role better?

People has the scoop:

The actress, who was the voice of Elsa in Disney’s hit movie Frozen – and turned the film’s anthem, “Let It Go,” into a worldwide sensation – would love to reprise her role as the blonde princess for the Broadway rendition, she said at Variety’s Power of Women luncheon on Friday.

“Yes! Sure! Absolutely!” Menzel told of wanting to play the part live.

Menzel, who is currently starring in the musical If/Then, isn’t the only one excited for a possible onstage reunion. Although Disney has yet to announce the cast of the upcoming musical, actress Kristen Bell has already shown interest in playing her part as Elsa’s sister, Anna.

Whether she returns as Elsa or not, Menzel is forever grateful for the support she has received for her role in the record-breaking animated film. “It was such a dream of mine to be in the Disney family and become an animated queen,” she says.

What do you think of Idina taking on the role of Elsa on Broadway? Hit the comments below and have your say!

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Taye Diggs is Moving On…

Celebrities Enjoy A Night Out At 1 Oak Nightclub

Private Practice star, Taye Diggs, only separated from his wife of ten years, singer/actress Idina Menzel, in December – but it appears he is ready to move on.  He was spotted hitting the nightclubs in Hollywood on Wednesday night with a new brunette on his arm.  The two were pictured holding hands and whispering in each others’ ears.  Taye and Menzel met on Broadway in 1996 while both were were performing in Rent.  They were married in 2003 and have a four-year old son, Walter.  Menzel, who has experienced a new-found surge of fame due to the success of Frozen and the hit song, ‘Let it Go’ has addressed the split:

Idina joked on CBS Sunday Morning this week: ‘If I didn’t have a job… I’d be home eating a tray of brownies and, you know, watching sad romantic comedies and Bridget Jones-ing it out.’

And the 42-year-old added of Taye: ‘We met when we were 25 in Rent. So, we’ve been through a lot of ups and downs, and we’ve worked really hard for a long time.

‘I just think we’ve grown apart, grown up, grown to a place where we think maybe we can learn new things about ourselves, going on our own separate ways.’

I saw Menzel on Broadway when she was in ‘Wicked,’ and she was amazing.  Her voice is insane.  My daughter is clearly a fan, and wanders around the house at all hours singing her own rendition of ‘Let it Go.’ I liked them as a couple, but they mutually seem to have grown apart.  I heard an interview on the radio with her right before the split was announced, and she mentioned all of their different travel obligations for work.  It seemed like they were just leading separate lives.

Gwen Stefani at The 20th Annual Academy Awards Elton John Viewing Party The 86th Annual Academy Awards - Arrivals A4

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