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Tara Reid and Ian Ziering Will Be Back For Sharknado 3!

1st Annual "Legends Beyond" Gala

Syfy’s Sharknado franchise is keeping it old school and giving the people (me) what they want (Tara Reid and Ian Ziering).

The two actors have signed on to reprise their roles in Sharknado 3, along with original director Anthony C. Ferrante and Thunder Levin writing the script. This time… the windy-toothy monster will cause mass destruction in the nation’s capital, Washington, D.C., than tear down the Eastern Seaboard!


Sharknado 2: The Second One aired in July and was Syfy’s most-watched original movie ever with 3.9 million total viewers. I can only hope the same or better for Sharknado 3.

Will you watch?!

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PHOTOS: Ian Ziering loses 25 pounds, and joins Chippendales!

49-year-old Ian Ziering has made his Chippendales debut! The original ‘90210’ actor joined the Las Vegas troupe for his run with the group over the weekend, and in the process showed off a 25-pound weight loss!

How do you think Ian looks? Gotta give the guy credit – he hardly looks 49!

Former “Beverly Hills, 90210″ star Ian Ziering hit the stage with the shirtless hunks of Chippendales this weekend — and he definitely got in shape for his role in the show.

The 49-year-old actor will be a guest host for the Las Vegas show Thursdays through Sundays through June 30 at the Rio.

Ziering dropped an impressive 25 pounds in the last three months for the gig — and was seen working out like crazy — going from 205 to 180 pounds!

Anyone else think he looks too skinny? His face looks gauntly, no? And while I think he looks okay – I certainly wouldn’t want to see him strip!


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Entertainment Weekly’s 6th Annual Pre-Emmy Celebration honouring The 2008 Emmy Nominees


Pictured: Jennie Garth and husband Peter Facinelli, Stacy Keibler, Lauren Conrad, Eric McCormack and wife, Alyssa Milano, Ian Ziering & Jane Krakowski.

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Ian Ziering speaks out about his dyslexia

Ian Ziering

Ian Ziering of Dancing With the Stars is opening up about his struggles with dyslexia.

“My career actually started in the second grade as class clown,” says Ziering, 44. “That’s no joke. I was always making people laugh, and it was really to mask a learning disability. … When it came time for me to read out loud, I would crack jokes or create a diversion.”

It was then that he was diagnosed with dyslexia, and for four years he worked to learn to read.

“I would work through flash cards … to help condition me out of seeing letters and numbers backwards and upside-down,” he says. “I finally trained my eyes to look at the top left corner of the page rather then the bottom right side of the page.”

Now, Ziering, who spoke last week at the launch of Intel’s in New York, hopes to use his fame as a means for giving back.

“I view having celebrity as having capital, and I don’t know a better way to spend that capital other then helping people,” says Ziering, who also starred in Beverly Hills 90210.

Because his father, who “worked three jobs to make sure that his family never went hungry,” now suffers from renal disease, Ziering is a caregiver and the national spokesperson for the site.



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