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Howard K. Stern walks free in Anna Nicole Smith trial!

Los Angeles Superior Court Judge Robert Perry has dismissed two drug conspiracy charges against Howard K. Stern, the former boyfriend-lawyer of Anna Nicole Smith, making him a free man.

The jury in the case — in which prosecutors argued Stern and others conspired to fuel Anna Nicole Smith‘s drug habit — found Stern guilty of 2 counts of conspiracy, but not guilty on 7 other charges.

The judge felt the conviction was baseless and threw it out.

It’s also a major repudiation of California Gov. Jerry Brown who grandstanded and spent millions as Attorney General going after Stern and the other defendants.

The judge also found that psychiatrist Khristine Eroshevich was acting out of concern for Smith — and sentenced her to no more than one year of probation and a $100 fine for obtaining a Vicodin prescription under a false name.

District Attorney Steve Cooley says, “We strongly disagree with Judge Robert Perry’s ruling today,” adding, “[the ruling] diminishes the huge social problem of prescription drug abuse facilitated by irresponsible caretakers and unscrupulous medical professionals.”

Cooley says he’ll appeal the ruling and hasn’t decided whether to retry Stern on the charges on which the jury was hung.


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Anna Nicole Smith’s boyfriend found guilty!

Howard K. Stern has been found quilty.

After 58 hours of deliberations an LA jury has reached it’s verdict. They found Howard K. Stern guilty of drug conspiracy. This was in relation to the 2007 drug overdose death of his girlfriend Anna Nicole Smith.

Along with Stern, doctors Sandeep Kapoor and Khristine Eroshevich were facing charges that they provided drugs to Anna Nicole illegally. All three plead not guilty to prescribing opiates and sedatives to an addict. They were also accused of using fictional names in order to provide Anna Nicole with these substances.

Howard K. Stern was found guilty on 2 of the nine counts he was accused of. These included using false names and acting by fraud to supply illegal prescriptions. Eroshevich was found guilty of prescribing Vicodin by fraud. Kapoor, on the other hand, was found innocent of his charges.

Actress and Playboy model, Anna Nicole Smith died February 8, 2007 at the age of 39. She had recently given birth to a daughter named Dannilyn.

The trio were not charged with causing Anna Nicole’s death.

Source Bauer Griffin

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Larry Birkhead Tearfully Testifies About Anna Nicole Smith

Larry Birkhead, father of Anna Nicole Smith’s daughter, was tearful as he went into detail about the ailments Anna suffered which included seizures. The drug conspiracy trial focuses on two doctors and also Anna’s former boyfriend Howard K. Stern.

Larry claimed Anna often suffered from seizures as a result of taking drugs. He would see her at times fall asleep in the middle of eating a meal. The result of taking many prescribed meds.

Birkhead claimed that Anna was stubborn and determined to do things as she pleased. Which included taking more drugs than needed or prescribed. He also stated that she had many illnesses.

Stern and the doctors are charged with a conspiracy to provide excessive drugs to Anna Nicole Smith.

Such a tragic story. RIP Anna Nicole.

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Howard Stern’s wife Beth claims he’s already an American Idol judge – at home!

Radio shock jock Howard Stern is rumored to be a front-runner to replace American Idol judge Simon Cowell. And Howard’s wife, Beth Stern, tells Life & Style she thinks it’s a “brilliant idea.”

“I get the benefit of sitting next to him when he watches American Idol every week,” she tells Life & Style. “And he is so hysterical. He’s brutally honest. He actually roots for the contestants. He’ll say if he thinks they don’t have talent, but he’s a cheerleader for them too.”

Beth tells Life & Style she doesn’t know if Howard — who told his listeners he’d do it “for $100 million” — is really going to try to nab the judge’s chair, which will open up next season. But, Beth adds, “I think he is having fun with the idea!


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