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Henry Cavill, Let The Teenager GO. -And Other LINKS!!!

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Posted Wednesday, May 25th, 2016 at 11:11am
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Henry Cavill And His 19-Year-Old Girlfriend Broke Up

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Henry Cavill is single again, and hopefully he’s got that “teenage girlfriend” thing out of his system.

Just weeks after gushing that she “protects him” when the world “gets too heavy,” page six reports that Henry has decided to brave the weight of the world on his own and sent GF Tara King packing.

Of course, Tara is freaking out in the youngest way, further proving the age-inappropriateness of her relationship with the 33-year-old actor. sources close to the pretty blonde told us she is devastated by the sudden break-up, and thought Henry was “the love of her life.” She’s also doing all that undignified young stuff- like Henry invited her to his most recent birthday party, and she showed.

Oh, Tara. You’ll get over this. And then you’ll have allll the heartbreak of your 20’s to look forward to!

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Posted Monday, May 16th, 2016 at 11:11am
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Henry Cavill Doesn’t Like Women Hitting On Him In Front Of his Teenage Girlfriend

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Henry Cavill wants you to mind the relationship, yo.

The Batman v Superman star told the U.K.’s Sunday Times that he doesn’t like it when women openly approach him in front of girlfriend Tara King. Yes, I know she’s 19, and yes, it seems pretty suspect, but I get it. Handsome dudes have trouble, too?

“I’ve heard some things in my time, I have to say,” he told the Times of amorous fans. “I’d best not say what. I don’t mind it – not unless I’m with my girlfriend and someone is being complimentary to me in order to disrespect her. People who don’t respect other people’s feelings really get my goat.”

Cavill and King, 19, have been dating since at least October 2014, when they were spotted together in London. Which is illegal in the states, but who knows the English rules (I don’t!).

Cavill doesn’t wanna be a buzzkill, though. He told  the Times of being in touch with his feelings – especially in regard to King – that, “everyone should be entitled to their full range of emotions.”

“Whether they display them in public or not is a different debate, but, um – sorry! – yes, the acknowledgment that people feel things is important, on both sides of the, um, sex fence,” the actor said.

While Cavill seems to think he’s met his match, he does ultimately admit that “the pressure that comes from dating someone in the public eye is enormous.”

Yep. And as a celeb, especially one who takes roles “for the paycheck,” sometimes you gotta suck it up, dude.

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Posted Monday, March 14th, 2016 at 10:10am
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Henry Cavill Is An Actor Because “The Money’s Fantastic.”

Henry Cavill doesn't care if you think he's sexy

Spoiler alert: Henry Cavill isn’t exactly an ARTIST.

I know, it’s probably not a surprise considering the garbage Superman movie the dude just made. Still, it’s hard to hear him talk to Man of the World (via Entertainment Tonight) about the reason why he’s acting…DOLLA DOLLA BILLZ, YO.

“I’m slightly wary of saying this because it can be frowned up, certainly by members of my community and people outside my community … but I’m not just doing this for the art,” the 32-year-old said. “The money’s fantastic and that’s something which I deem — and again, it is frowned upon — very important.”

Cavill probably secretly knows that his new movie Batman v Superman: The Dawn of Justice, is total garbage, and now he’s admitting what most actors might: that earning large sums of money allows him to enjoy life and if we’re being really honest, his 19 year old girlfriend is probably really into it, too.

“When I’m making money, I’m spending it on stuff, whether that be lavish holidays for me and my friends, or just seeing something and going in a shop and saying, ‘Yeah, I want that for the house,’ and buying it,” he noted. “Spending money on my friends, buying dinner for everyone, drinks for everyone, it’s a nice place to be, and I like people to feel cared for.”

Again, I don’t fault him. I mean, quite honestly I RESPECT him more, because you know EVERY actor thinks this way. The question is- will the British actor completely sell out, or do you think he’ll do some passion projects down the line?

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