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Feds officially close Heath Ledger investigation, Mary-Kate Olsen off the hook

Mary-Kate Olsen

The U.S. Attorney’s Office closed its investigation into Heath Ledger’s accidental overdose death and will not enforce a subpoena against Mary-Kate Olsen, a law-enforcement source tells People.

The probe was closed without any charges being filed.

Olsen, 22, was subpoenaed by a federal grand jury on April 23, but her attorney had been in negotiations with federal authorities since then, the source says.

Olsen had wanted immunity before testifying. Olsen’s attorney released a statement saying the actress “had nothing to do” with Ledger’s drugs and had already provided “relevant information” to investigators.

The U.S. Attorney’s Office and Olsen’s rep both declined to comment.

Ledger, 28, was found dead in his Soho apartment on Jan. 22, and the coroner determined the actor died of an accidental overdose of prescription drugs for pain, anxiety and sleep.

Olsen Called When Body Found
The federal probe focused on how he obtained Oxycontin and Vicodin, two powerful and often-abused painkillers for which Ledger had no prescription.

Masseuse Diana Wolozin found Ledger lying on his bed shortly after 3 p.m., and called Olsen three times, records show. The longest call lasted one minute and three seconds.

Wolozin told Drug Enforcement Administration agents she called Olsen because “it was the right thing to do” and spoke to her each time, but agents had not been able to confirm that with Olsen, the source says. They requested Olsen’s phone records but had not yet received them, the source says.

Olsen’s bodyguards arrived on the scene four minutes after Wolozin called 911, and just as the paramedics were arriving. They, too, cooperated with the federal probe but “had nothing pertinent to say,” the source says.

Olsen was the only person who declined to be interviewed in the investigation, the source said. Model Helena Christiansen was interviewed as was Ledger’s ex-girlfriend Michelle Williams and Ledger’s family and friends.



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Mary-Kate Olsen subpoenaed by the DEA

Mary-Kate Olsen

Despite her claim that she has no information that would help clear up the mystery of Heath Ledger’s overdose death, Mary-Kate Olsen has been issued a subpoena by the Drug Enforcement Administration office in New York, requiring her to testify in front of a grand jury.

In a statement issued on Monday, Olsen’s lawyer said that the actress had nothing to do with the drugs that killed Ledger and that she has already cooperated with police in the investigation. Several media outlets also reported that Olsen had refused to speak to investigators unless she was granted immunity from prosecution.

“Access Hollywood” broke the news about the subpoena on Tuesday night, but gave no timeline for when Olsen might be called to testify. Five different medications were found in Ledger’s body at the time of his death, three of which he’d gotten from doctors in Texas and Los Angeles. Officials are trying to determine how he got the OxyContin and Vicodin found in his apartment without a legal prescription.

Olsen was the first person that Ledger’s housekeeper called after his masseuse found the actor dead from an accidental overdose in his New York apartment on January 22.

A lawyer not associated with the case, high-profile defense attorney Benjamin Brafman (who has defended P. Diddy and Michael Jackson in the past), told “Access Hollywood” that seeking immunity is not the same as admitting guilt. “It may not mean anything other than she’s getting good legal advice,” Brafman told the show. “You don’t know what the DEA may suspect in this case, and I think it’s a cautious way to proceed. I think it would be wrong to assume she’s done something criminal simply because she’s invoking her Fifth Amendment against self-incrimination.”



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Lawyer: Mary-Kate Olsen is cooperating with Heath Ledger investigation

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen knows nothing about the drugs which killed her friend Heath Ledger, her lawyer insists.

Reports on Monday suggested officials behind a federal probe into Ledger’s January death from an accidental overdose were targetting Olsen – but she was refusing to co-operate until she was guaranteed immunity from prosecution.

Her name was dragged into the case because the masseuse who found Ledger dead called Olsen before contacting the emergency services, prompting suspicions.

The 22-year-old actress’ lawyer Michael C. Miller now tells that Olsen has provided the Drug Enforcement Administration with all the information she has on her late pal.

Miller says, “Regarding the Government’s investigation, at Ms. Olsen’s request, we have provided the Government with relevant information including facts in the chronology of events surrounding Mr. Ledger’s death and the fact that Ms. Olsen does not know the source of the drugs Mr. Ledger consumed.”

Miller also blasted reports that Olsen faces a Grand Jury subpoena if she refuses to co-operate, adding, “We don’t know the source of the information being quoted in the media regarding the Government’s inquiry, but these descriptions are incomplete and inaccurate.”



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Mary-Kate Olsen refuses to speak to police over Heath Ledger’s death

Mary-Kate Olsen

Mary-Kate Olsen has reportedly refused to be interviewed over the accidental drug death of her close friend Heath Ledger – unless she receives immunity from prosecution.

Federal agents are keen to speak to Olsen – who was romantically linked to the tragic actor at the time of his death in January – because she was the first person called after her masseuse discovered Ledger’s body in his New York apartment.

According to the New York Post, Olsen “has refused to speak” and her lawyer, Michael Miller, reportedly claims she won’t be interviewed “unless she gets immunity, exercising her constitutional rights”.

Miller tells the publication, “We are not going to comment on whether there is a criminal investigation.”



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Christopher Nolan: Heath Ledger made The Dark Knight a success

Heath Ledger's Joker

Heath Ledger deserves all the credit for The Dark Knight’s massive box office haul, according to the movie’s director Christopher Nolan.

Ledger plays The Joker in the movie, the last full film role he completed before his death in January from an accidental drug overdose. And Nolan insists Ledger made the movie a hit.

Speaking at The Dark Knight’s Japanese premiere on Monday, the British filmmaker said, “(He was) what The Joker in our film would need to be. (We were) looking for an actor with the fierceness, excitement and teeth to do our version of the Joker.”

Christian Bale, who plays Batman in the record-breaking film, also found time to praise Ledger, telling a press conference, “It’s satisfying to see people celebrating the incredible talent of Heath. I just want him to be recognized.”

In just 10 days since the film’s release in America, The Dark Knight has taken an astonishing $440 million at movie theatres worldwide, breaking almost every box office record in the U.S.


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