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Heath Ledger’s last days – from his friends

Heath Ledger

In the days leading up to his death, Heath Ledger battled chronic insomnia, pneumonia and exhaustion, according to several members of Ledger’s inner circle – who paint a portrait of a tortured man who struggled with personal strife and professional indecision, reports the August Vanity Fair, on sale nationally July 7.

Apparently, one of the biggest struggles in Ledger’s life was his deteriorating relationship with partner Michelle Williams.

“Heath was always blaming himself [about the relationship], asking ‘what did I do wrong?'” says Ledger’s friend and mentor, director Terry Gilliam. “Once it started going south, it went very quickly. He was overwhelmed by lawyers, and there were more and more of them, as if they were breeding.”

Especially contentious were the custody issues surrounding the couple’s daughter, Matilda. As the couple battled over the child, “there were definitely heated conversations,” says one source, “and emotions were high.”

The stress of his personal life left Ledger unable to sleep.

Chronic Insomnia
Gerry Grennell, a vocal coach who lived with Ledger during the filming of The Dark Knight, said that the actor used sleeping medication to combat chronic insomnia. “I’d say, ‘If you can possibly bear it to stop taking the medications, do, because they don’t seem to be doing you any good,’ ” recalls Grennell, who said that Ledger would spend his nights finding ways to occupy himself, such as rearranging the furniture.

Grennell also says that everyone has a different view on how Ledger died. “From my perspective, and knowing him as well as I did, and being around him as much as I was, it was a combination of exhaustion, sleeping medication … and perhaps the aftereffects of the flu,” he says. “I guess his body just stopped breathing.”

Grennell and other sources claim that Ledger was no longer using illegal drugs or alcohol when he died.

Professional Indecision
Despite the actor’s eventual success – and posthumous Oscar – as the Joker in the The Dark Knight, Ledger’s friend and agent, Steven Alexander, tells the magazine that Ledger “was always hesitant to be in a summer blockbuster, with the dolls and action figures and everything else that comes with one of those movies. He was afraid it would define him and limit his choices.”

Friends say that Ledger agreed to join the Batman franchise because it would be such a long shot that it would give him an excuse to turn down other offers. Ledger reportedly had a pay-or-play deal for Dark Knight, meaning that he’d receive a paycheck no matter what, so he took creative liberties with the Joker.

According to cinematographer Nicola Pecorini, Ledger hoped his performance would be so over-the-top that he’d be fired.

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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Robert Pattinson Defends Heath Ledger

Robert Pattinson

No laughing matter!

According to a witness at the No on H8 show at The ­Improv in Hollywood on Dec. 16, Twilight star Robert Pattinson, 22, booed a comic who said, “Here’s my impression of Heath Ledger,” then collapsed and began faking convulsions.

“Robert and his friend went nuts yelling at him,” the source tells Us Weekly. “[Pattinson screamed] f–k you! You suck!”

But the actor — who recently cut his famous hair — went unrecognized by the performing comic.

“The comic didn’t know who it was, but I’m sure he found out later!” the source tells Us.

Go Rob! Don’t let ’em make fun of our beloved Heath. He will always remain a legend.

Source, Splash

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Heath Ledger’s Entire Estate Left to Daughter


After months of closed-door court meetings — all of Heath Ledger’s estimated $20 mil estate will go to his 2-year old daughter Matilda Rose.

According to news reports, Heath’s dad Kim Ledger says the will originally had all the assets divided up to his parents and sisters, but Heath’s family thought the right thing to do was to give it all up — for the benefit of Matilda.

Heath Ledger died of an accidental prescription pill overdose in January.


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Heather Mills leaked Paul McCartney’s operation news

Heather Mills

Paul McCartney’s ex Heather Mills was responsible for leaking a bogus story about the rocker’s heart problems earlier this year in a bid to discredit the star.

The former Beatle was alleged to have undergone a secret coronary angioplasty operation in December 2007, after doctors warned MCCartney that his reported drink and marijuana habits had contributed to the health scare.

MCCartney subsequently blasted the reports, insisting he never had such an operation.

And now Mills’ former publicist Michele Elyzabeth has confessed to releasing the story to the media herself – on the instruction of the ex-glamour model.

She says, “Heather instructed me to leak news about Paul’s op in a bid to win sympathy. She told me his procedure was the result of drinking too much red wine and smoking too much dope. I don’t know if that was true, but I greatly doubt it now. Heather had first told me about Paul’s heart problem in 2006 when they were still married. She said his doctor had told him to stop smoking pot and drinking because he was going to die. She claimed he didn’t care and refused to stop. But he still went ahead and had the op. Heather never produced any evidence to back it up, but she insisted it was true so she wanted it out there.”



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