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Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart at the The 2008 Cannes Film Festival, “Indiana Jones 4″ premiere.




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Harrison Ford is a real life Indiana Jones

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford, who helped glamorize archaeology on the big screen with his iconic character Indiana Jones is lending his star power to the Archaeological Institute of America.

Ford has been chosen to be on the Boston-based organization’s board of directors, which promotes archaeological excavation, research, education and preservation worldwide.

President Brian Rose praised Ford’s contribution on Thursday, saying his Indiana Jones character has played a major part in boosting interest in archaeological exploration.



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Harrison Ford started acting by accident

Harrison Ford

Harrison Ford became a top Hollywood actor by accident – after taking up drama class by mistake.

The Indiana Jones star only took the subject to raise his grades, but admits he had no idea what acting actually entailed.

He says, “I did it because my grade averages in philosophy were precarious because of my in attendance and poor attitude to scholarship. I only took drama because I didn’t fully read the description of the class.

“I thought, ‘Drama, how hard could that be?’ If I knew you had to get up and act and be in plays I wouldn’t have done it. When I found out what it involved it scared the bejesus out of me.”

But Ford soon realized acting was for him: “Before drama I never could figure out what I might be useful at. Then I thought about making a living as an actor. You get to travel and live different lives and study different kinds of lives.”



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Will Shia LaBeouf have to paint Harrison Ford’s garage?

Indiana Jones

Shia LaBeouf will have to paint Harrison Ford’s garage if their new film Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull fails to become the most successful installment in the movie franchise.

The pair both star in the fourth installment of the action adventure series and LaBeouf is so convinced the film will be a box office hit, he has made a bet with Ford.

If the film fails to live up to his expectations and he loses the wager, LaBeouf will not only have to redecorate the actor’s garage, he will have to build the veteran star a new one too.

LaBeouf says, “If this is not the biggest Indiana Jones movie yet, then I’ve got to paint Harrison Ford’s garage. If it is a flop, I’ve actually got to build him a new garage and then paint that, too. But this film is gonna be huge. It has to be – I’m not too keen on the idea of all that painting.”



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Carrie Fisher had a crush on Harrison Ford

Carrie Fisher & Harrison Ford

This is for all of us Star Wars junkies out there….you know who you are.

Carrie Fisher insists she considered having an affair while filming the iconic Star Wars movies with co-star Harrison Ford.

The pair are long rumored to have been romantically involved while shooting the classic movies – something they have both denied.
But Fisher has now revealed she had always dreamt of having a secret fling on set.

She says, “I went on the film saying, ‘I’m going to have an affair’, like it was a kiwi, an exotic fruit – because I had never had one.”

And the 51-year-old admits she was impressed by Ford’s good looks.

She adds, “I had a crush on Harrison for sure. Harrison is great fun when he’s had a few drinks.”


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