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Harrison Ford Got Paid 66 Times More Than His Force Awakens Costars

Harrison Ford Released From The Hospital Following Plane Crash

Harrison Ford got a MONSTER check for appearing in like, 1/16 of The Force Awakens, so we know someone’s doing something right.

According to Variety, he reportedly earned $10-20 million for The Force Awakens, at least 66-times the paychecks given to newcomers Daisy Ridley and John Boyega. Harrison has like, the most career of any returning member to the Franchise, so I get how he’s the hardest to get. Which is why he made more than some people make in a lifetime in ONE FILM.

With its global bow now at a record $529 million, “Star Wars’” box office success will undoubtedly afford its cast members heftier pay cuts on their next projects. But just how much money did “The Force Awakens” actors earn to join a galaxy far, far away? Sources tell Variety Harrison Ford came away the big winner on Disney and Lucasfilm’s sequel with a paycheck upwards of $10 million and as high as $20 million to reprise his role of Han Solo.

On Monday, the Daily Mail issued a report saying that Ford earned a staggering $25 million to return to the “Star Wars” franchise. A Disney insider tells Variety the story is completely false and way too high but other sources did confirm that the 73-year-old actor earned a substantially larger cut than his co-stars. Mark Hamill and Carrie Fisher took home salaries in the low-seven-figure range, according to sources. Newcomers John Boyega and Daisy Ridley were paid in the low-six-figure range ($100k-$300k).

Adam Driver and Oscar Isaac, meanwhile, received offers of mid- to high-six figures. Because Driver and Isaac had fixed quotes from previous film and TV work, sources say their deals were negotiated higher compared to Boyega and Ridley, who, for the most part, had never appeared in a large-scale film before.

Insiders tell Variety that Disney made a decision in 2014 prior to casting the new roles to create a “legacy pay scale” intended for talent like Ford, Fisher and Hamill, who had previously been a part of the “Star Wars” universe, and general pay scale for actors that would be appearing for the first time. Hamill and Fisher’s salaries are expected to rise in upcoming installments as their parts grow with each film.

The salaries don’t include back-end bonuses from the pic’s box office haul that in a rare case doesn’t even kick in till the film crosses $1 billion worldwide, and following the success of “The Force Awakens,” deals are expected to be renegotiated before the next films get underway.

(Via Variety)

Back-end bonuses, TOO?! Come on. This was a great move on Ford’s part, but as the films progress you KNOW Daisey Ridley’s gonna be all like, DOLLA BILLS DOLLA BILLS!  And Adam Driver’s gonna be like, YEAH ME TOO. So Star Wars, you better keep making that sweet, sweet Sci Fi cash…

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Harrison Ford Released From The Hospital Following Plane Crash

Harrison Ford Released From The Hospital Following Plane Crash

Harrison Ford is on the mend after crashing his plane and being admitted into the hospital. The actor has been released from the hospital following almost four weeks of treatment.

According to multiple sources, the experienced pilot left the hospital late last week and is “on his way to healing.”

“He’s a strong guy,” one insider tells Us Weekly of the Star Wars actor, whose World War II vintage plane crash landed onto a golf course in Santa Monica, Calif., just 20 seconds after it’s engine stalled upon take off.

Ford, who was conscious when help arrived on scene but was banged up and in complete shock before being rushed to UCLA Medical Center, will now seek treatment in a rehab facility to help mend his pelvis and ankle, a second source tells Us.

“The injuries sustained are not life threatening,” his rep previously told Us in a statement. “He is expected to make a full recovery.”

We are glad that he is alive and well, but we’re pretty sure that he will probably be back up in the air again before we know it.

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Breaking: Harrison Ford Seriously Injured In Plane Crash – Updated

12th Annual Living Legends of Aviation Awards

Actor and pilot Harrison Ford was seriously injured in a plane crash this afternoon near Santa Monica.  Harrison was flying alone in his WWII trainer plane when it went down on Del Mar Golf Course.  Harrison reportedly suffered several cuts on his face but his other injuries aren’t known at this time.  He was stabilized at the scene and taken to the hospital.

Harrison is an experienced pilot and owns his own planes and jets.  He was also the President of the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Young Eagles program.

Our thoughts are with Harrison and we wish him a speedy recovery!  If we know this aviation guy, he’ll be back up in the air in no time!

UPDATE:  “The single-engine aircraft suffered a medium to high impact on the grass at Penmar Golf Course. Bystanders rendered aid to the conscious and breathing approximate 70 y/o male pilot prior to firefighters arrival. Firefighters provided immediate medical aid to the patient who is now described as suffering fair to moderate injury & being treated at a local hospital.”

UPDATE 2: Harrison’s rep shared, “Harrison was flying a WW2 vintage plane today which stalled upon takeoff. He had no other choice but to make an emergency landing, which he did safely.  The injuries sustained are not life-threatening, and he is expected to make a full recovery.”

UPDATE 3: Harrison’s son tweeted: At the hospital. Dad is OK. Battered, but OK! He is every bit the man you would think he is.”

Harrison Ford Crashes Plane Into The Penmar Golf Course - General Views

Source  Photo Credit: Fame/flynet

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Harrison Ford and Family Return From Christmas Vacation

Harrison Ford & Family Return From Their Holiday Vacation

Relax, Harrison Ford. We’re all bummed that we have to go back to work!

And SOME OF US didn’t just come from a rancho rural paradise.

Here’s actor Harrison Ford, wife Calista Flockhart, her son Liam and the rest of the Flockhart/Ford clan arriving on a flight in Santa Monica, California yesterday. The family was returning from Ford’s ranch in Jackson Hole, Wyoming where they all rang in the new year together.

Not gonna lie: at 72, Harrison Ford is still sexy.

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