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Gwen On Gavin Split: “Nobody Would Believe It.”


But I want to KNOW!

Gwen Stefani is on the September cover of Cosmopolitan, taking a from talking about Blake Shelton for two seconds to get back into talking about her breakup with Gavin Rossdale. I can’t believe I live in a world where I’m saying that I feel SWEET RELIEF to talk about Gwen and Gavin, but here we are. The magazine styles Gwen pretty typically- no surprises there. What’s frustrating is that clearly some SHIZ went down with her husband and she’s still not at liberty to say. DAMN. The highlights:

On whether anybody knows the specifics about what happened with Gavin Rossdale: “Nobody except for my parents, the people involved, and whoever they told. Nobody would believe it if I could really say what happened. I went through months and months of torture.”

On whether she knew something was going on: “All you have to do is listen to every single song I’ve ever written and it’s all there. It’s an ongoing theme that I’ve had for a long time.”

On writing a song with Blake, which she never did with Gavin: “…We were both having trust issues, as you would if you were us. It was like, I have so many problems. How can I now be getting into another potentially huge problem? What am I doing? Blake wrote the song and sent it to me. He was like, “Help me finish it.” I wrote a verse and sent it to him, but he was gone because he doesn’t live in L.A. He didn’t have Wi-Fi, so he wasn’t answering me back! As soon as he came back to town, he brought his guitar over. We were like, “We wrote a song together! This is crazy!””

(Via Cosmopolitan)

Gwen clearly has made a living writing about her relationships a la Taylor Swift, but if you look back at her last album (which came out in 2006, YIKES) you’ll see that there many songs about relationship stress which makes me think she was having problems with Gavin the whole time. Sigh.


Photos: Cosmopolitan

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Gwen Stefani Goes Back To Her Maiden Name!


(legally speaking)

Gwen Stefani just closed the final chapter on her 13-year marriage to Gavin Rossdale by legally changing her last name back to Stefani. I know, I know: we all have always known her and loved her as Gwen Stefani, but now it’s LEGAL, yo!

Gwen legally changed it to Rossdale after the couple tied the knot in 2002, but now a judge just gave Gwen the go-ahead that she’s able to restore her maiden name, and she did.

Gwen and Gavin’s divorce was finalized in April: after Gavin had been allegedly caught cheating with their nanny. What a year, Gwen Rossda-I mean, Stefani! WHEW.

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar

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Gwen Stefani Gets Arty For Harper’s Bazaar!


Gwen Stefani is on the cover of August’s Harper’s Bazaar and I gotta say, I love these photos SAVE the actual cover (which looks more Redbook than Harpers).

I like Gwen Stefani, but I feel like she’s always been a little conformist, despite being fashion forward. Like, she’s VERY into being skinny and pretty, and having a husband and lots of babies (clearly). Still, she knows how to be vulnerable and creative, and that’s something. Here are some highlights of the interview:

On how she began: “I’ve had such a weird extreme life line,” she starts off, poking at a cookie. “Amazing parents, they’re having their 50th wedding anniversary. I’m the second kid. My older brother, Eric, was the creative one; he was my best friend. We started a band together [No Doubt, which he and Stefani formed in 1986, when she was still in high school]. We never meant to make it. Like, we just wanted to play shows, you know? And then I fall in love with this 16-year-old guy,Tony [Kanal],who ends up being our bass player, and we do everything together—and then he breaks up with me.”

On the birth of her son, Apollo:“Yep, it was a surprise,” she says, “but it was also the beginning of a waking up, like, ‘Oh, my God, that’s beyond this world.’ He was kind of another beginning. And literally as soon as he was born,they called me about The Voice.”

On when the media caught wind of her divorce:“It was the beginning of hell. Like six, seven, eight months of torture, trying to figure out this big secret.”

On how she coped with her divorce:“what happened was praying,” she says. “That’s my childhood, that’s how I was raised. And I think I strayed from that. But you know when it gets that bad, you just get desperate? You’re on your knees. You’re like, ‘What do I do?’ You can’t even go to your parents and ask them what to do.” She focused on her boys, who she now, painfully, sees only part-time due to her custody arrangement with Rossdale.”It was so insane because not only did my family break up, but then my kids are taken away like half the time, so that was really like, ‘What?! What did I do?’

On where she is now:“I’m at a certain time in my life where I feel like I’m doing what I’m supposed to do. Every day is art, you know? Some days are really bad, and some days are so good.” And as for Stefani and Shelton, the king and queen of the prom,”it’s crazy the support and love I’ve felt. Life is such a weird…”She lets out a little laugh. “I mean, I can’t believe I’m number one on a country chart.

(Via Harper’s Bazaar)

That IS kind of bonkers that she’s #1 on a Country Chart, right? Anyhow, I hope she’s happy living this new chapter in her obviously interesting life!

Photos: Harper’s Bazaar

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Gwen Stefani Still Can’t Believe She’s Dating Blake Shelton

Screen Shot 2016-05-25 at 12.11.19 AM

LOL, oh the eternal love grows ENDLESSLY STRONG!

Despite being ridiculously more attractive than Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani still can’t believe that she’s dating the country superstar, and gushed about him at the launch of Samsung’s two new fitness wearables, Gear Fit2 and Gear IconX, in NYC on Tuesday, June 2.

“I’m our biggest fan,” Stefani, 46, told Us.

“I actually feel like I’m not in my own life, because I’m not. I’m in a different life all of a sudden,” the No Doubt frontwoman added. “I’m so blessed and I feel like I believe in my path. Now there’s all these miracles around me!”

(Via US Weekly)

Lol, it feels like we’re watching a different life, too, Gwen. Because I’m still reeling at how quickly this stuff happened.  In November 2015 that the Voice coaches were an item following their respective splits from Gavin Rossdale and Miranda Lambert. And to everyone’s surprise, the two are still going strong.

Best of luck, you crazy kids.

Photo: Instagram

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