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Gucci Mane tattoos ice cream cone on his face!

What the heck!

Rapper Gucci Mane has lost his ever lovin mind! He had three scoops of blue ice cream tattooed on his face with his infamous “brrr” written on the cone.

Gucci, who recently dropped “Gucci Rag Top” with Chicago hipster MC Kid Sister, was arrested on November 2 when police discovered him driving on the wrong side of the road. Police needed to use pepper spray to subdue the rapper but he was later released. The traffic charges against the “Lemonade” lyricist were eventually dropped. Earlier this month Gucci appeared in court for a probation hearing related to the incident. Records from the Fulton County Superior Court Clerk’s office obtained by MTV News reveal Gucci Mane filed a “special plea of mental incompetency” on December 27 indicating he is unable to “intelligently participate” in the revocation process.

Posted Thursday, January 13th, 2011 at 9:09am
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