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Gary Coleman’s Parents Not Happy About Tonight’s Memorial

Gary Coleman’s former agent is telling E! News that the former child star’s parents, Sue and Willie Coleman, are upset that they were not invited to a private memorial for their deceased son tonight in L.A. Gary had expressed in his last wishes that he DID NOT want his parents to attend, so it really should not come as a big surprise.

Victor Perillo represents the Coleman’s and claims to have no knowledge of who was invited to the memorial. It was organized by Gary’s former agent, Robert Malcolm.

“I’m not doing anything with it,” says Perillo. “I have another one I am planning. Robert Malcolm is a horse’s ass. These are people that came on in the ninth inning of Gary’s life. I’ve been with the Colemans for 30 years. I met Gary when he was 6 years old. These people act as experts on him and they want to celebrate his life with only 15 people.”

“I am trying to do a network goodbye, a national goodbye to Gary so we wouldn’t have this circus going on,” said the agent. “I have calls into everybody in the industry. I have a couple production companies that are interested. I’m trying to get the total industry to give a farewell to one of their own…a retrospective of his life, not the past 15 years as a bitter, washed-up child actor who hated his parents. We have to talk about the Gary Coleman that I knew.”

Not only were Gary’s parents not invited but his ex-wife Shannon Price was not invited to attend as well. With all the fighting and drama still surrounding Gary, I have to wonder will Coleman ever be able to rest in peace?

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Gary Coleman’s cause of death released!

ENTERTAINMENT TONIGHT has obtained Gary Coleman’s death certificate.

According to the death certificate obtained by ET, Coleman’s cause of death is listed simply as a “Fall.” Other significant conditions are listed as “Chronic renal failure and complications.” The manner of death is recorded as an “Accident.”

Coleman’s ex-wife Shannon Price is listed as his spouse on the document, and she is also listed as the “informant.” As ET reported earlier, an autopsy was completed last week.


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Gary Coleman’s Ex-Wife to Scatter His Ashes “Around Train Tracks”

If you know anything about Different Strokes star Gary Coleman, you know he had a passion for model trains. His ex-wife Shannon Price plans to honor his memory by spreading his ashes around train tracks. Here’s what she had to say about her plans for his ashes.

“To spread some of them around some train tracks because trains were his hobby and he loved that very much,” Price, 24, tells Entertainment Tonight. “And I think that he would really appreciate that I did that for him.”

A costar of Coleman’s claims that Shannon did not have the same love of model trains that Gary did.

“He once bought her a train set as a gift,” said Jordan Prentince, his co-star on his last film, Midgets vs. Mascots. “She was furious.”

I’d be mad too if my husband gave me a train set. But I understand that Gary had a great love for them, so I am sure he thought Shannon would appreciate it.

The idea of spreading Coleman’s ashes around the train tracks does seem fitting and I think Shannon is actually doing something for Gary he would appreciate in this matter.

Her selling of interviews and death photos, not so sure about that though.

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Gary Coleman Had Instructions For His Funeral

Gary Coleman makes it perfectly clear that opportunist need not come to his funeral. In the 2 page will he also states that he would like to be cremated. Here’s a little of what Gary wrote in his will about who could come to his wake.

The actor wanted only “those who have no financial ties to me and who can look each other in the eyes and say they really cared personally for Gary Coleman,” according to the will.

In addition, “I direct my personal representative to permit no members of the press to be present at my wake or funeral,” the will states.

Coleman supposedly has died without much money to his name. His home is valued at about $315,000 being his biggest asset.

Gary’s former manage Dion Mial, 46, was appionted as executor of his estate. Mial has expressed concern that Gary’s ex-wife Shannon Price, 24, “has been removing personal property from [Coleman’s] home which has not been inventoried or accounted for.”

Mial has accused Shannon of trying to profit from Coleman’s death by selling interviews and photos. Price is claiming that Gary rewrote his will in 2007 leaving her everything. That will has yet to be seen.

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