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Halle Berry & Gabriel Aubry Battle in Court Over Nanny Supervision

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry are still at odds in court, as Gabriel’s attorney’s have asked the custody judge to change their agreement that requires a nanny to be present with him while he cares for Nahla in Europe.

Before Halle went to Europe to shoot her latest movie, she and Gabriel struck a deal on who gets Nahla and when, and under what circumstances.  Sources tell us one of the conditions … when Gabriel had the child, a nanny had to be present.

We’re told Gabriel is now unhappy with the deal he struck, and wants the judge to remove the nanny clause.

Gabriel’s lawyer, Gary Fishbein, argued his case this AM, while Halle’s lawyer, Neal Hersh, countered.

We’re told the judge took the matter under consideration.  A decision is expected shortly.


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Gabriel Aubry steps out with three year old daughter Nahla!

The custody battle between Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry may be a bitter one, but Gabriel didn’t let it show in L.A., when he stepped out with his daughter Nahla.

Gabriel is currently in the middle of a bitter custody war with Catwoman star Halle.

Last month she was back in court with her powerhouse attorney Laura Wasser in the latest round of their feud.

Her lawyer presented the custody judge with a thick folder detailing all of her former partner’s alleged wrongdoings, according to U.S. website

The Monster’s Ball actress is claiming Gabriel broke the rules of their custody agreement and even went so far as to allege he has been negligent in his care of the youngster.

Diabetic Halle follows a strict diet and is said to enforce similar rules on the toddler, which the insider claimed the model was not been enforcing.

The source said: ‘Gabriel said there was a nuclear level melt-down last week because he gave Nahla pizza on one of her ‘non-cheat days.’

‘He’s basically being totally micro-managed and has no freedom when it comes to his daughter.

‘Every single time he doesn’t follow every rule, or do things by the book, he’s slammed.’

Following the court appearance the judge set a further hearing for a later date.

It was only two months ago Halle claimed they were sorting out a custody arrangement for Nahla, but negotiations hit a stalemate.

The pair split last April 2010 after spending just less than five years together as a couple.

I kinda feel for Gabriel. He has Halle running all over town saying he’s a horrible father. If he is – then he deserves it… but if he’s not, it’s gotta be hard to fight someone like Halle.

Either way – Nahla looks pretty happy in these pictures!

Photos: Fame, Source

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Gorgeous celebs turn out for the 13th Annual Costume Designers Guild Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel in Beverly Hills

Ok, let’s discuss.

Halle Berry looks unfreakingbelievably hot. Take THAT Gabriel Aubry. Wow! Has she ever looked hotter?

Kristen Davis‘ dress is pretty…not hot, but pretty.

That dress makes Diane Lane look ancient! She should have worn a younger dress, I think she’s so beautiful!

Hugh Dancy is hot… wife Claire Danes looks like she forgot to wash her hair.

Kellan Lutz is officially NOT HOT anymore.

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Gabriel Aubry steps out with daughter Nahla!

Gabriel Aubry took time off from the custody war with Halle Berry to take his daughter, Nahla to the Los Angeles Zoo this afternoon. Maybe Gabriel’s just getting in some additional time, because yesterday a judge ruled that Halle could take Nahla to NYC while she films a movie for two weeks.


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