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Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry get together to take their daughter Nahla to the pumpkin patch!

Halle Berry and her estranged baby daddy Gabriel Aubry took time away from their nasty custody battle to take their daughter to the pumpkin patch in Simi Valley, CA.

Halle’s fiance, Olivier Martinez, wasn’t on hand for the outing. Gabriel left separately with a bag full of mini pumpkins.

Halle’s back in town after being in Canada to promote her new movie, ‘Cloud Atlas’. She and costar Tom Hanks walked the red carpet and talked with reporters about the highly anticipated film.

‘Cloud Atlas’ will be released on October 26.

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Gabriel Aubry Prepared To Sue Halle Berry For Unfounded Claims

Gabriel Aubry is reportedly fed up with Halle Berry dragging him to court over ‘baseless claims’ about the care of his daughter Nahla. His child endangerment case was dropped yesterday and he’s relieved, but weary that she’ll try it again.  A source tells RadarOnline that he’s ready to sue if she keeps it up.

“If he gets dragged in again over baseless claims, that are found to be unsubstantiated and lacking evidence, he will sue her,” a source close to the situation tells “Gabe has had enough and is extremely frustrated with Halle. All of the proceedings in their custody case are sealed but if he were to file a lawsuit against her it would be made public. Gabe has had to jump through hoops because of Halle’s accusations when he takes care of Nahla, and NONE of it has been found to have any merit.”

“Gabe’s friends want the world to know the real Halle Berry. However, Gabriel has had many offers to write books and give interviews in exchange for a big payday, but he has turned them all down. One day, Nahla is going to be old enough to understand what was going on between her parents, and he wants to be able to look his daughter in the eye and say everything he has done has been for her,” an insider says. “Writing a book would be a great way to get back at Halle but what would that get him? Gabe always thinks of his daughter when making any decision. Halle should count her lucky stars that her ex is being a gentleman, especially under these circumstances.

“If Halle truly had the best interests of their daughter in mind she would work with Gabe to co-parent and raise Nahla. Sadly, Gabe doesn’t think that she will do that and he isn’t going to be playing Mr. Nice Guy anymore.”

I’m sure he’s frustrated, but his friends shouldn’t get involved.  There seems to be enough gasoline on this fire the way it is. Hopefully Gabriel and Halle can move past this battle and focus on co-parenting Nahla peacefully.


Source, Photo FameFlynet

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Child Endangerment Case Against Gabriel Aubry DROPPED

A small victory for Gabriel Aubry today!  TMZ reports that Gabriel was back in dependency court this morning for a hearing in his child endangerment case.  Halle’s team was hoping that more restrictions would be placed on Gabriel’s visitation with Nahla, but the judge dropped the case completely.  Up until now, Gabriel had to have a monitor with him at all visits and return Nahla by 6pm, among other things.

Things aren’t settled just yet.  Now Gabriel will have to continue to battle ex Halle Berry over custody issues in family court.  The biggest one: Halle’s request to move Nahla to France.


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Things Are About To Get Ugly In The Halle Berry Vs Gabriel Aubry Custody Battle

Halle Berry and Gabriel Aubry have been battling it out in court over their daughter Nahla ever since their split.  Halle just dumped her LONG time lawyer Neal Hersh and hired a pitbull attorney to help her with the battle.   Here’s TMZ explanation:

Here’s the lowdown.  Our sources tell us Halle wants to go after her baby daddy Gabriel Aubry with nuclear weapons — metaphorically speaking — and she thinks Hersh is too much of a gentleman to wage that kind of legal war, even though he has guided Halle through 2 divorces, a custody war and various other legal skirmishes.

So we’ve learned Halle has hired Stephen Kolodny, who is legendary in L.A. legal circles for the level of legal warfare she so wants.  You may recall Kolodny repped Mel Gibson in his epic battle with Oksana Grigorieva — and that got kinda nasty.

Kolodny has already gone to court with Halle. We’ve learned last Thursday the new duo went to dependency court to have more restrictions placed on Aubry.  The dependency judge has already ordered that Gabriel can only have contact with Nahla in the presence of a monitor. On Thursday, we’re told the judge voiced additional concerns and ordered Gabriel to return the child to Halle earlier than the 6 PM deadline on days he has custody.

Kolodny will have his hands full trying to convince the family law judge that Halle should be able to move to France with the child because she’s concerned about paparazzi and safety.

I know that we don’t REALLY know everything that goes on, but from what we see/read, I feel bad for Gabriel.  He seems to have to fight for every minute with his daughter – and with a monitor watching.  I understand that some women can get really freaky overprotective and it’s hard to deal with the fact that you aren’t in control of their time away from you, but man! Poor Nahla.



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