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George Clooney Was Trying To Get With Eva Longoria While He Was STILL With Stacy Keibler

George Clooney Was Trying To Get With Eva Longoria While He Was STILL With Stacy Keibler

George Clooney was apparently being a dirty, dirty dog while he was still dating Stacy Keibler. The twosome just recently called it quits, but it has been revealed that George was trying to woo Eva Longoria during the same time he was still with Stacy. How nice.

A source close to George said that he tried to get with Eva while he was still dating Stacy, but his efforts proved to be in vain. An insider said that despite his attempts, they “did not hook up”.

Afterward, “George began pursuing Eva. He told her that he was still with Stacy, but had plans to break up with her and was interested in being with Eva.”

Apparently she resisted, but he “continued to pursue her with texts and calls. Eva made it clear to him that she would not date or be with him until he was completely single.”

It was at that time that Eva found love with her new boyfriend Ernesto Arguello. The spy said, “She is now very happy with him. George and Eva never hooked up.”

What’s so bad is that he was trying to get with Eva while he was still with Stacy. What a dog!!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Eva Longoria Is Dating Ernesto Arguello (Photo)

Eva Longoria Is Dating Ernesto Arguello (Photo)

A few months ago, rumors surfaced on the internet that Eva Longoria was dating entrepreneur Ernesto Arguello. At the time, she denied the reports, but they are true now that the couple have become an item!

She revealed to People, “I think that’s why our relationship is so special – we truly started as friends.”

They met when he was cast in her reality dating TV show Ready For Love. Reportedly, it wasn’t until recently that they became a couple.

Eva joked, “I guess we have the press to thank for pushing us to see something we didn’t see!”

She had just returned from a trip to Nicaragua where she met his family. A source close to the duo said, “Eva and Ernesto are a perfect match. They both speak Spanish, have the same religion and the same cultural background.”

The source added, “Their friendship and their similar philanthropic interests laid the foundation for their new romance. They’re very much in love.”

Aren’t they just adorable?

Photo Credit: Eva Longoria

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Eva Longoria Has A Masters Degree!

Eva Longoria is now a MA in Chicano Studies!

The Desperate Housewives star didn’t just get an honorary degree, either. No, Longoria graduated from Cal State University Northridge after quietly busting her ass for the past 3 years (taking classes in person!) to earn her Masters.

IMPRESSIVE!  Check out some pics of Longoria and her parents celebrating this achievement, or watch the video HERE!

Photos: FameFlynet

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Eva Longoria’s sheer dress: Love it or hate it?

I’m not sure I’m digging Eva Longoria’s sequined and see-through dress.

What do you think?

Eva hosted the ‘Global Gift Gala’ 2013 at the Hotel George V in Paris.

Photos: FameFlynet

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Eva Longoria Still in Dating DENIAL!

Though all Eva Longoria does on twitter is deny deny deny, her actions with Ernesto Arguello tell us a DIFFERENT STORY!

We all know there’s more going on with Longoria and one of the stars from her executive-produced show Ready For Love, Ernesto Aguello.  DUH! He’s hot. She’s hot. They’re hanging out.  Makes a lot of sense, PLUS seeing them do so! The former Desperate Housewives star, 38, was seen getting cozy at Longoria’s LA restaurant, Beso.  Says Life & Style:

“He kissed her on the head and then on her hand and asked if she’d like a drink. Then, all of a sudden, they locked eyes, he took her hand and he pulled her toward him,” an eyewitness tells Life & Style. “They were standing hip to hip, facing each other’s waists.”

And…during their time together on the matchmaking series, Ernesto couldn’t stop gushing about Miss Longoria and how great she is!

“She is the sweetest girl,” Ernesto cooed to Life & Style. “She is definitely a keeper!”

Come clean, ya’ll!  COME CLEAN!

Photo: FameFlynet

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