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Police are called after fight breaks out between Jaime Pressly and Estella Warren!

Friday night, actresses Jaime Pressly and Estella Warren got into an altercation in Hollywood.

It all began at a birthday party that both women were attending. Pressly’s assistant’s phone went missing, which led to a confrontation with Warren at Bootsy Bellows. According to sources, the fight never got physical – but police were called to intervene.

Here’s what happened according to US Weekly:

A source tells Us Weekly that Pressly and her assistant discovered that the assistant’s purse and phone had gone missing at the original party location, a house in L.A. Using one of those “find my phone” apps, the pair reportedly tracked the phone to Bootsy Bellows, where Warren and several other party guests (including Zac Efron and Adam Lambert) were continuing the celebration.

According to the source, Warren claimed the phone was hers. “Jaime was trying to get it back,” the insider tells Us. “She wasn’t agressive, but she was forceful.”

Warren maintained that she was the rightful owner, and Pressly insisted that the phone belonged to her assistant. At one point, the insider says, drugs were discovered in Warren’s purse, which led to the police getting involved. “Jaime and her assistant were volunteering for a drug test. They said the drugs weren’t theirs,” the eyewitness tells Us. “It was this crazy mess.”

The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department says that they responded to two calls at Bootsy Bellows on April 5 — a theft, at around 2 a.m., and a stolen vehicle — but no other details were immediately available, as the investigation is still active.

UPDATE: An insider tells Us that Pressly, 35, only intervened to help out her assistant, and that there was no cat fight. The actress simply wanted to get her assistant’s phone back.

Estella Warren is just a hot mess these days. In case you missed it, you have GOT to check out her new shocking nose. Jump! (more…)

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Has Estella Warren had ANOTHER bad nose job?

Estella Warren is a C-List actress, who shows up from time to time at movie premieres. She hasn’t had a decent movie since 2001’s ‘Planet of the Apes’. She’s done a bunch of TV, and she’s had her fair share of trouble with the law.  In May of 2011, she was arrested for driving drunk, after hitting three parked cars and fleeing the scene.  When police caught up with her, she was arrested, and taken into the police station for booking. While at the police station she managed to get out of her handcuffs, and was able to flee the station. She was later caught, and was ordered to enter rehab for 6 months.

Anyhoo, she was at the ‘Safe Haven’ premiere last night in Los Angeles (I’ll post pictures of the cast in a bit), and as I was looking at these pictures of her – I thought “what has she done to her nose!!” I looked up old modeling pictures of her, and she’s definitely had work done. What surprises me most, is that her old nose (below) is actually pretty perfect! Why do people mess with perfectly good features!

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Estella Warren charged with four misdemeanors!

Actress and former model Estella Warren was officially charged today with four misdemeanors, following her bizarre arrest last month. Warren was charged with DUI, hit-and-run, battery on a police officer and resisting a police officer, PEOPLE reports.

According to TMZ, a police officer witnessed Warren slam a Toyota Prius into three parked cars and drive away. After she was pulled over, she allegedly resisted arrest and kicked a police officer.

And while being booked at the police station, she managed to free herself from handcuffs and attempted to run out the back door before being taken into custody once again. “She was really hammered,” a police source told TMZ.

The 32-year-old actress is scheduled for arraignment on June 17 and could face up to six months in jail.

Warren, a top Canadian synchronized swimmer, has appeared in several films and television shows, including ‘Planet of the Apes’ and ‘Kangaroo Jack.’ She also modeled for Sports Illustrated, Vogue and Chanel, according to IMDB.


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