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Ellen Barkin: ‘Amal Clooney Takes Great Care Of George’

Ellen Barkin: 'Amal Clooney Takes Great Care Of George'

Ellen Barkin was there at George Clooney’s wedding to Amal Alamuddin and says that Amal takes really great care of the actor.

She said that Amal looks after George well and added that she always felt George was waiting until he was ready to tie the knot again. Remember how George said that he’d never remarry? Well, Ellen says that she felt he would settle down again some day.

In a new interview she said, “She takes great care of him and all his friends. I always felt he would (settle down again). I felt he was just waiting ’til he felt like he wanted to.”

She also talked about the star-studded wedding and said that it was an alcohol-fueled event. She said, “I can only speak for myself, and that would be a big yes.”

When speaking about the food, she said, “I didn’t eat. I was too busy drinking… You know what, I’m not lying, I have f***ing idea (what was served)! I have no idea. I didn’t eat a thing all weekend.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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PICS: Ellen Barkin Won’t Allow Herself To Be Photoshopped

PICS: Ellen Barkin Won't Allow Herself To Be Photoshopped

Ellen Barkin did something magical when she did her photo shoot for Violet Grey… She would not allow herself to be Photoshopped so that her fans could see exactly what she looks like — dark circles and all.

With regard to her short haircut, she said, “As women age, they start hiding their faces more with their hair. So the bangs get longer and you see like this much of their face. I am taking everything off of my face, and I am going to say: This is what it looks like, nothing is hidden, you can see my forehead, my jawline, my neck, this is it. And ladies, it’s not so bad.”

PICS: Ellen Barkin Won't Allow Herself To Be Photoshopped

She went on to say, “I feel strongly about retouching. I looked at those pictures, and I knew they expected, like, seven ‘Xes’ to come back on the bags under my eyes or the lines around my mouth or my neck but I thought we could do something special here. Those pictures with the dark circles under my eyes are exactly what I look like.”



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An event where Ellen Barkin looks like a zombie, and everyone else looks miserable.

I was looking through the pictures from the Tony Awards last night, and I thought to myself – DANG – everyone looks awful! Staring with Ellen Barkin, who in my opinion looks like a zombie – and ending with the usually beautiful Amanda Seyfried.

Is everyone trying to look miserable? Cause it’s working!

Jessica Chastain is wearing a see-through dress, which most everyone is talking about today. Sheryl Crow looks great, even with her Texas hair.

Seriously, look at their faces! Is this the saddest event ever?

Photos: Fame/Flynet

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Billionaire Ex Sues Ellen Barkin


There just doesn’t seem to be any makeup in the ugly divorce of cosmetics king Ronald Perelman and his ex-wife, Ellen Barkin.

The Revlon mogul has filed suit against the actress and and her brother, George Barkin, claiming that they’re siphoning off funds from a production company the trio started in 2005.

According to papers filed on the billionaire’s behalf in Manhattan Supreme Court, the two have been using the film company, Applehead I, as a private piggy bank.

The documents further claim that the Barkins “covertly established” their own production company, called Applehead II, earlier this year, and have been using Applehead I’s cash to help run it.

The suit also alleges that George Barkin is collecting a $250,000 salary from Applehead I, even though he has “rendered no or few services of value.”

“We were initially disappointed at Ms. Barkin’s attempts to further enrich herself after the divorce,” Perelman’s rep told the Associated Press. “We are further disappointed to learn of her additional actions to further enrich herself, her family and friends.”

When the couple divorced in 2006, the Ocean’s Thirteen star, 54, received a $40 million settlement from the 64-year-old Perelman, who once estimated his net worth at $5 billion.

She sued her ex in August, claiming that Perelman had promised during their marriage to invest $3.4 million in her production company, and then reneged.

“Rather than pay that money, Mr. Perelman would prefer to file additional frivolous lawsuits,” a lawyer for Applehead told Bloomberg News. “It’s a distraction from the real issue, the payments he promised to make.”


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