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Is Ed Sheeran Secretly Married?!

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This for real?

Despite being longtime BFFs with Taylor Swift, the original relationship stunt queen, Ed Sheeran keeps it a little quieter when it comes to his own ginge love. He never confirmed if he was ever actually doing it with a Pussycat Doll last year, and he’s rarely seen out and about with his girlfriend  Cherry Seaborn, whom I like because she looks like a NORMAL HUMAN. And someone Ed would date (Ed Sheeran and a Pussycat Doll? Like, for real?) I mean clearly dude’s still dating up but I can BELIEVE it, you know?

According to The Sun, things might be going so well with Cherry that he might’ve gone and got secretly married to the woman! Two days ago, a picture of Ed attending a friend’s daughter’s 5th birthday party hit the internet in which he just so happened to be showing off a ring on that finger.

What do YOU think? Did a secret marriage happen?! Weigh in below!


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Ed Sheeran’s Getting BIG TIME Sued!

Ed Sheeran likes to perform when he's hung over

ORIGINAL ideas, Ed Sheeran.

Sheeran’s big hit “Photograph” from last summer is coming under fire, because it’s being hit with a giganto $20 million lawsuit that the song is note-for-note copied! And not just with some unknown weirdo who wants money. no, some serious heavy hitters are calling BS on Ed’s song’s “originality.” Check it:

Song theft lawsuits are increasingly common, but this one has plaintiffs who have written chart-toppers for many prominent artists in the industry including Kylie Minogue and Spice Girl Emma Bunton. The suing songwriters, Martin Harrington and Thomas Leonard, along with their publishing company HaloSongs, say Sheeran’s “Photograph” derives from their 2009 work, “Amazing,” which was recorded and released as a single by Matt Cardle, the winner of the 2010 season of the television competition show The X Factor. Perhaps most notably, the plaintiffs are represented by attorney Richard Busch, whose last big copyright lawsuit was on behalf of the Marvin Gaye family over the hit, “Blurred Lines.” That one resulted in a head-turning $5.3 million judgment.

“My clients are professional songwriters,” says Busch. “Their work is their life, and I am honored that they have trusted me with this very important case.”

The lawsuit attempts to make the case that “Photograph,” which Sheeran said in an interview “will be the one that will change [his]… career path” and reached No. 1 on the Billboard US Adult Top 40 chart in May 2015, is too similar to both the composition written by Harrington and Leonard as well as the version recorded by Cardle (which ironically, has a lyric about “the stairway to heaven always starts in hell”). In particular, there’s the chorus, which according to the complaint shares 39 identical notes — about 70 percent — in pitch, rhythmic duration and placement in the measure.

“The songs’ similarities reach the very essence of the work,” states the complaint. “The similarities go beyond substantial, which is itself sufficient to establish copyright infringement, and are in fact striking. The similarity of words, vocal style, vocal melody, melody, and rhythm are clear indicators, among other things, that ‘Photograph’ copies ‘Amazing.'”

The profits of the defendants are estimated to exceed $20 million, and the plaintiffs are also seeking statutory damages and either an injunction or a running royalty. No comment from Sheeran’s camp, but according to the complaint, they’ve already been given notice of the allegations and continue to use “Photograph” (the song was also released in a major motion picture, Me Before You, which means more entanglement. Wohoo!).

Check out the song comparison HERE, and then let us know what you THINK!!!

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Ed Sheeran likes to perform when he’s hung over

Ed Sheeran likes to perform when he's hung over

Ed Sheeran said in a new interview that he prefers to do concerts when he’s hung over so that he’ll give his best. He revealed that he made sure to go out drinking before his three sold out shows at Wembley Stadium in London last summer.

He revealed, “I don’t know why the best gigs I’ve ever played have been after real heavy nights. I think it’s just because you walk onstage, you’re not complacent, you’re not onstage being like, ‘Oh, I’ve done this a million times.’ You walk onstage being like, ‘You know, I’m 90 percent the human I should be so I’ll make sure I give 115 percent.'”

He said that his performances at Wembley Stadium were filmed for the new concert movie “Jumpers For Goalposts.”

He said, “I just find whenever I’m on a British Airlines flight I always watch someone’s concert film and it’s always like, I was never really a fan of Justin Bieber, and then I watched ‘Never Say Never’ and then it made sense, so I was like, ‘Oh, oh. I get it now.’ So I wanted to make a film that I could put on British Airlines flights and have Chinese businessmen like my music.”

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Ed Sheeran Must Have Some Regrets.

Celebrities Visit BBC Radio 1 Studios

Ed Sheeran just got a giant lion tattooed on his chest and it is NOT CUTE, y’all.

The ‘Don’t’ singer shared a photo of the lion- which looks lamely airbrushed on, you know, like a bad carnival face painting- with his adoring fans on Instagram.

I KNOW Ed Sheeran has a ton of tattoos- his family tree, a rose, tomato ketchup, a tea cup, the Canadian maple leaf, a lizard, a teddy bear, an angel wing and other random crap to name a FEW- but this seems like, okay, Ed, what are you trying to compensate for, buddy? Because that lion is only gonna look lamer with age. PROMISE.

Check out the ink below and WEIGH IN.

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