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Dustin Diamond Is Going To Jail


Sorry, of your heroes is going OITNB.

Dustin Diamond appeared in court in Port Washington, Wisconsin (my home state!). where he was sentenced to four months in jail,  the Associated Press reported.

If you remember, the 38 year old got hammered and stabbed some dude on Christmas (contrary to popular belief this is not how Wisconsinites traditionally celebrate Xmas). Diamond was convicted in late May on two misdemeanor counts.

He was already cleared of a felony charge in May, but the jury at the time found him guilty of carrying a concealed weapon and disorderly conduct (which, arguably, is fairly typical to Wisconsin). Diamond claimed he carried a knife for protection, and accidentally stabbed a man during a fight, but we ALL know he was drunk as hell and ragin.’

“I figured it would take the fight out of the people,” Diamond said of pulling out his knife. “Casey [Smet, the stabbing victim] didn’t even know he was injured, so how would I?”

(Via Us Weekly)

Listen, nobody likes a good drunken Wisconsin bar fight like I do- but you can’t go around stabbing someone even if you are a washed up celeb with a weird sex tape. Four months in a Wisconsin jail might provide for some good stand up material, though…

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Screech Facing Foreclosure – For the Third Time!

For the third time in five years, Dustin Diamond is facing foreclosure! Wells Fargo just filed paperwork claiming the former Saved By the Bell actor owes over $278,000 on his Wisconsin home!

Screech had his first foreclosure scare in 2006 — when he allegedly fell behind $250,000 on his mortgage payments. It all happened again a few months ago in April — except according to Wells Fargo Bank, Screech’s debt had ballooned to $290,000.

Now, the foreclosure monster is rearing its ugly head yet again — Wells Fargo just filed more foreclosure papers in Wisconsin, claiming DD is still in default, owing $278,309 since May … and now the bank is tightening the screws.


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