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No one turns Dominic Monaghan down for sex!

‘The Lord of the Rings’ actor Dominic Monaghan doesn’t like it when women turn him down for sex. According to RadarOnline, the actor recently sent a series of nasty texts to a woman who turned him down for sex, and he admittedly went off on her!

The 25-year-old woman claims that she originally met the ‘Lost’ actor at a retail store in LA where she worked. She claims she exchanged cell numbers with Monaghan, 36, and they began texting each other immediately. He apparently propositioned her for sex, and when she turned him down, he went nuts on her.

In one text he sent her, Dominic said his movies “made over 3 billion dollars,” and that “the show I’m currently on that I created plays in 120 countries.” In other horrible texts, he calls the woman a “ghetto tramp” and a “dumb dumb” who is “riddled with herpes.” He went on, “I couldn’t invite you to one of my three houses I’d be nervous you would steal sh*t. I have 20+ million in the bank. How you living?”

That’s when the woman decided to hand her texts over to Radar. “I met Dominic more than a year ago when he came into the establishment I was working in at the time. He was sort of eyeballing me, so I said hi and we exchanged phone numbers,” the woman told Radar in an exclusive interview.

“Soon we talked about going out on a date, but he got mad when I wouldn’t find my way to him. I told him the gentlemanly thing to do would be to pick me up for a date. He told me he wasn’t a ‘taxi service’ and that I’d have to earn that with him.”

Monaghan claimed to be a famous actor who only wants sex, not to date. “Right off the bat he just wanted sex. I wasn’t really down for that, and I told him that I wouldn’t just sleep with him because I’m not that kind of girl,” she recalled. “He never gave it a chance, like didn’t even want to get to know me. It’s sad. He told me he didn’t care because I was hot.”

Radar got confirmation that the texts DID in fact come from Monaghan. When they approached him for a comment, he confirmed the texts, but said “I wonder if you are aware that she has been calling me for over two years when I have repeatedly asked her not to… Today [Monday] I told her again via text that her behavior was troubling to me and for her not to contact me.”

Apparently she wasn’t paid for her story – she simply said, “People need to know that he’s not the nice guy he appears to be. He’s trash,” she told Radar. “Just because he’s a celebrity doesn’t give him the right to treat women that way. He just can’t treat people like that.”


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Ex-‘Lost’ star Dominic Monaghan arriving at LAX


Upon arrival Dominic discovers that some of his luggage has been lost. He stops for a brief moment to show his support for his favorite soccer team, Manchester United, on his T-Shirt.

Anyone else ready for Lost to begin!? The final season of Lost begins on February 2nd!


Bauer Griffin

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Evangeline Lilly & Domonic Monaghan are engaged again!

Dominic & Evangeline

Reportedly, Dominic Monaghan and Evangeline Lilly are finally ready to say I do!

After an aborted plan to marry two years ago, the on-again/off-again couple is so serious this time about saying “I do” that they recently invited Dominic’s parents to join them in Las Vegas – so they could get their blessing, say friends.

“Dominic and Evangeline have decided that now is the time to make it official,” revealed an insider. “They’ve been through breakups and makeups and feel that their love has stood the test of time.”

Dominic’s parent’s “couldn’t have been happier” with their plans to marry.

Source, Bauer-Griffin

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Dominic Monaghan in Paris.


Maybe he’s there with girlfriend Evangeline Lilly, who is promoting her new film.

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