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DMX Welcomed His 15th Kid Into The World

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DMX went full Duggar, y’all.

Now, I generally think DMX is pretty funny, like a fun kitschy side note to my college music years. And it’s good to know the next generation of his brood will go forth and populate the world with more dance party hits. Right? That’s totally how it works. Anyhow, there are a lot of little DMXs running around, because the dude just welcomed his 15th child into the world. BTW, DMX is 45 years old.

DMX has a challenge most parents would find daunting … remembering the names of all of his kids, which now number 15. The baker’s dozen plus 2 was born Friday in NYC … weighing in at 6 lbs, 10 oz.

His name — Exodus Simmons. The mom is X’s longtime GF, Desiree. It’s her first child.

The rapper missed the delivery — he was in Arizona when Exodus popped out. But he flew to NYC for the baby’s first night in the world. X tells us he’s overjoyed, calling the baby a “blessing.” Lots of blessings.

(Via TMZ)

At some point, you kinda wanna consider a vasectomy, right? But that being said… this is his girlfriend’s first child. She wanted a baby and she got one. Eh?

What do you think about DMX’s 15 kids? Woof.


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Jersey Man Robbed by DMX?!

DMX Leaving His NYC Hotel With His Family

Uh, did DMX just ROB A FAN?!

Police are investigating reports that a man at a Newark gas station was robbed by DMX early Sunday morning, New York Daily News reports:

A 21-year-old man told Newark cops that DMX and the rapper’s entourage fleeced him for $3,200 worth of cash at an Exxon station just after midnight, according to Newark Police spokesman Ronald Glover.

The victim told police that the conflict began after he recognized the rap star at the filling station on Highway 21 and the two began to talk about music. During the conversation, a member of the rapper’s entourage pulled out a gun, and demanded the victim’s money, the man told police. The alleged victim followed DMX and his entourage after they robbed him, getting close enough to get a license plate number off one car. After the man pulled the huge wad of cash out of his pocket, DMX allegedly grabbed the money and fled in a fleet of four black Cadillac Escalades, the man told police. The man followed the caravan close enough to get the license plate number for one of the vehicles.

No one has been arrested in the ongoing investigation, police said.

DMX, who recently made a comical appearance as a jailbird in Chris Rock’s film, “Top Five,” was scheduled to be in Newark Saturday night for a concert at the New Jersey Performing Arts Center.

Um, what is going ON. Why does DMX need to be robbing people? Especially…FANS?!  In a fleet of Escalades, no less which (in my opinion) is like the least low-key way to rob somebody ever.

I hope DMX does not get off the hook for this, because it’s pretty gross.

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DMX opens up to Dr. Drew about beating his children.

The famous rapper sits down with Dr. Drew and talks about how he was physically abused as a child by his mother. He goes on to describe how he disciplines his 10 children…

Dr. Drew – “ your book, I guess you wrote about some abuse…”
DMX – “I think back then everybody got beatings. To a certain extent it made me a better person. Although some were a little extreme.”
Dr. Drew – “How bad did it get?”
DMX – “It got pretty bad…there was plenty of days I couldn’t sit down at school. She used to have these three extension chords that she braided together. Sometimes we would get it with that. THAT was rough!”
Dr. Drew – “Do you have kids?”
DMX – “yep…10.”
Dr. Drew – “Are you involved in everybody’s lives?”
DMX – “Yes I am. Most of them have gotten beatings.”
Dr. Drew – “You beat your kids?”
DMX – “You don’t really have to beat them. That one time…smack them on the a__ with a belt a couple of times and they’ll get the point. It was not continual beating. Anybody you’ve got to beat over and over again, evidently it’s not working.”
Dr. Drew – “More like spanking?”
DMX – “…you give them a spanking that one time. After you explain to them not to do it…”
Dr. Drew – “But with your mom it got out of control?”
DMX – “Yeah. That’s why I talk to my kids first. I sit them down and explain to them what they did wrong. If I see that they are genuinely remorseful about the situation, then I’ll let it go.”

I don’t know how you were raised, but I was raised in a very religious home, and my parents were firm believers in the whole “spare the rod, spoil the child” style of parenting. I’m not saying I was beat, but I was definitely spanked. With a belt, a spatula, hands. I don’t think that what my parents did was wrong, because it worked! I actually feared getting into trouble! I think our kids should fear us to a certain extent. If we’re all equals – then who calls the shots?

On the other hand, I don’t “spank” my kids. I have never taken a belt to them (I did use a spoon to swat them a couple times when they were younger). When they were toddlers I swatted – but not really spanked. It just never felt right – or natural to me.  I know first hand – that spankings don’t always work. If you have a strong-willed child, then I believe spanking will only make things worse. I think there has to be a better way to discipline a child than taking a belt to their little butts.

What’s your take? Are you a spanker? A non-spanker? Why?

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DMX is behind bars in Arizona


The law came calling for DMX after all.

The beleaguered rapper is in police custody in Phoenix after being extradited yesterday from Miami, where he pleaded guilty two weeks ago to attempted marijuana and cocaine possession stemming from his June 27 arrest during a police drug sting.

He was sentenced to time served and fined $483.

Maricopa County Sheriff’s officials had 15 business days to come and get him, or else DMX would have been allowed to leave Florida on his own recognizance, according to the Cradle 2 the Grave star’s attorney.

But because Arizona—where he’s facing 11 counts of animal cruelty and drug possession in connection with two raids on his Phoenix-area home—reclaimed him Wednesday on an outstanding warrant for missing a court date, DMX now must post bail in the amount of $25,000 before he’s released.



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