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Dennis Hopper’s Last Interview

Dennis Hopper gave his last interview to Vanity Fair magazine. In it he discusses his love for acting, his divorces, and why he decided to vote for Bush.

In the article, he professes that the movie Easy Rider is his greatest career achievement and Blue Velvet was his greatest acting achievement.

Here are a few excerpts from the article.

When Colacello asks Hopper whether he thinks of himself as a director, actor, or artist, Hopper explains, “I made my living as an actor, and I love acting, so I’m an actor. But that gets you in a lot of trouble in the art world. I tell you who’s got it: Viggo Mortensen. He’s a terrific writer. He’s a good photographer. He paints. And he makes music.”

Hopper tells Colacello that he voted for Bush in the 2000 election because “I looked at the two of them and said, ‘Who would I rather have on my side in a fight?’ Bush. That’s a true story.” He goes on to say, “I like Clinton, I like Obama. I hate what’s happening to the country. I think we’re in the worst shape I’ve ever seen. Just think how conservative this country has become. It’s like the 60s never happened.”

Hopper tells Colacello that his divorce from Brooke Hayward came about as he was leaving for New Orleans to shoot Easy Rider. “On the way to the airport she said, ‘You’re on a fool’s journey. Peter [Fonda] can’t act. You’re just going to make a fool of yourself.’ And I said, ‘Well, that’s the way it’s going to go.’ So we got divorced in the car. We just said, ‘That’s it.’â¿¿” (“It’s completely idiotic,” Hayward tells Colacello of Hopper’s account, adding that she didn’t file for divorce until several months later.)

Hopper’s only comment regarding his split from wife Victoria Duffy is “Who would have ever thought I’d be getting a divorce in this state? It was a big shock.” The only other mention he makes of Duffy is when he is discussing politics: “Victoria got very involved with the Obama campaign, and I stepped back out of it. I thought it was good for her to get some glory. It’s hard being married to a celebrity.”

Dennis Hopper was one great actor and he will be missed. Be sure to check out the rest of the article in Vanity Fair available now.

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Breaking News: Dennis Hopper has died.

Man, it’s been a rough week! First Simon Monjack (Brittany Murphy’s husband) then Gary Coleman, and now the amazing Dennis Hopper.

Dennis Hopper, whose unmistakable presence graced the silver screen for five decades in classics like ‘Easy Rider’ and ‘Apocalypse Now,’ died on Saturday after a grueling battle with prostate cancer, a friend of the actor told Reuters. The actor was surrounded by family and friends when he died at his home in Venice, California shortly after 8 AM, according to the friend, Alex Hitz. Hopper was 74.

The actor spent most of 2010 embroiled in a divorce from his fifth wife of 14 years, Victoria Duffy-Hopper. A family friend told The Huffington Post in January that Hopper was “delirious and having difficulty speaking.” It was more recently reported that Hopper weighed just barely 100 pounds and was too frail to attend chemotherapy treatments or divorce proceedings.

RIP Dennis…

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Dennis Hopper Ordered to Pay $12K a Month to Wife

Things just went from bad to worse for Dennis Hopper. During a court hearing on Monday, a judge ordered the actor, who is stricken with prostate cancer, to pay his estranged wife Victoria $12,000 a month in spousal and child support and to continue providing her with a place to live on his property.

Hopper was not in court, but Victoria and his adult children were in attendance to hear Judge Amy Pellman’s ruling, which broke down to $8,000 a month in spousal support and another $4,000 in child support.

Dennis HopperAccording to the AP, Hopper’s attorney repeatedly described him as being “desperately ill,” and last week the actor was visibly frail at the unveiling of his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

In court, Pellman implored both parties to work together to ease the impact of Hopper’s likely death on the couple’s 7-year-old daughter.

Under the order, Victoria can remain living on Hopper’s property during the duration of their increasingly bitter divorce battle.

In earlier legal documents, Hopper stated that he is capable of paying Victoria $5,000 a month, no more. Because he is unable to work, the actor’s finances are stagnant and his accountant states his liquid assets total about $300,000.

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Pics: Dennis Hopper being honored with star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame on March 26th.

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Divorce attorney says Dennis Hopper is dying

Dennis Hopper is terminally ill and unable to undergo chemotherapy as he battles prostate cancer, his attorney wrote in a court filing.

Attorney Joseph Mannis wrote about the “Easy Rider” star’s grave condition in a declaration filed Wednesday asserting the actor cannot be questioned by his wife’s attorneys in a deposition.

The prognosis contradicts previous filings in the divorce proceedings that were bullish about Hopper’s recovery chances.

Hopper, 73, and his wife, Victoria, have been locked in a bitter feud since the actor, director and artist filed to end the couple’s nearly 14-year marriage in January.

He weighs barely 100 pounds (45 kilograms) and was described by his physician Dr. David Agus in the court filing as extremely weak and unable to carry on long conversations.

Agus states that undergoing a deposition “could actually threaten his ability to survive his current health crisis.”

The doctor added, however, that he approved an appearance Friday by Hopper to receive a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame because it is likely to be a positive experience.

A phone message seeking comment from Victoria Hopper’s attorney, Sorrell Trope, was not immediately returned. Mannis did not return a call seeking further comment.

Hopper filed a declaration last month saying he was undergoing promising chemotherapy treatments and remained hopeful “that this treatment will be successful so that I may soon resume the full enjoyment of my life and work.”

Dennis and Victoria Hopper have agreed to stay 10 feet (3 meters) away from each other while the divorce is ongoing. She has stated in court filings that Hopper filed for divorce to cut her out of her inheritance, a claim the actor has denied.

The case is scheduled for a court hearing on April 5.


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