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Surprise Surprise Charlie Sheen Is A Horrible Dad

Charlie Sheen was diagnosed with HIV 4 years ago; Was being blackmailed

I feel part sorry and part not sorry for Denise Richards; being married to Charlie Sheen must have been horrible. But still…it’s like…didn’t know KNOW? Because years later, she’s still dealing with crazy crazy drama. TMZ reports:

Denise Richards claims Charlie Sheen  … has betrayed his own children by turning his back on a trust he created for them .. a trust that promised them a home that he has now taken away … and Denise also chronicles some shocking text messages she says he sent to their daughters.

Before giving details, we should say Charlie believes this is “a desperate attempt to get more money” … his lawyer adding Charlie has already paid her almost $20 million, including $660k tax free money every year for the last 9 years.

Denise has filed massive legal docs claiming Charlie promised that if she moved next to him in a house he had purchased in Mulholland Estates, she and the kids would not be evicted. As we reported, she was also getting $55k a month in child support.

Denise says she was reluctant to move, because of Charlie’s history and also because he had apparently informed her of his HIV status, telling her he feared he was terminally ill and “wanted to repair his relationship with his children.”

Denise claims Charlie has gone off the rails in the last few years, getting hostile and aggressive. She says just before Christmas 2013 Charlie told their kids, “I’m giving all your gifts including the air hockey table to the homeless.” She says he then began threatening to evict them.

She also claims she overheard a conversation with 10-year-old Lola in which he called her “a f***ing pig whore” and yelled, “I’m going to kill you and I’m going to kill your mom.”

Denise says in Sept. Charlie violated their deal by forcing her and the kids out of the home and not getting them a new place, as he promised. Denise says she and the kids had to get a rental place for $15k a month. She’s now spent more than $105k on the rental, which includes the security deposit.

Denise wants the judge to force Charlie to pay $1.2 million toward the purchase of a home … money she says he agreed to pay under the trust agreement for the kids.

But what’s really shocking about the legal docs are the texts she says Charlie sent in late 2013, including one to Lola, in which he allegedly writes, “Have a merry Xmas with your loser f***s**t mom … your dad is a rock star genius … your mom is a puss wart.”

Denise’s rep tells TMZ, “Denise is fighting for her children. This has nothing to do with her, the money is for her kids. This is about him providing for the children as he agreed to do.”

Good lord, what a nightmare. It’s so many things at work: abuse of power, psychological warfare, immaturity, evil, money grubbing and just insanity, pure and simple.

Do you sympathize with Denise? WEIGH IN BELOW!

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According To Charlie Sheen, Fathers Day Is About Ex-Wife Bashing

Charlie Sheen Visits "Today" Show

Happy Father’s Day to you, Charlie Sheen.

The 49-year-old Anger Management star seemed to think Father’s Day meant “say any slanderous thing you want via twitter” day, and really slammed Denise Richards, while, uh, weirdly complementing Brooke Mueller? Let THR splain it to ya:

“Brooke M is a sexy [rock] star whom I adore; D Richards a heretic washed-up piglet Shame pile,” he wrote. “Happy Father’s Day!!!”

He followed that up two hours later with a longer diatribe, in which he referred to Richards as “a shakedown piece of shit [douche face] & worst mom alive!”

“I have paid that Klay-Vinnik leaky diaper over 30 Mil and she calls me a [deadbeat dad]!” he wrote. “See u in court you evil terrorist sack of landfill [trash]. bitch couldn’t act hot in a fire or wet in a pool.”

Sheen- the shy wallflower who NEVER tells us how he really feels…maybe someday he’ll come clean about his true emotions? KIDDING! The man’s a monster.  But as you know- he’s also a father. Four times over.  He’s got two daughters with Richards and twin sons with Meueller and I’m fairly confident his kids are going to wake up one day and be like, phew, I think my father being Charlie Sheen was just a terrible dream. But then they’ll realize, no- they aren’t in some alternate reality. They are still Charlie Sheen’s kids.

Sorry Sheen spawn.  Hope next Father’s Day is less…uh, tumultuous.

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PICS: Denise Richards Takes Daughter Lola To Soccer Practice

PICS: Denise Richards Takes Daughter Lola To Soccer Practice

“Twisted” actress Denise Richards takes her daughter Lola to soccer practice in Beverly Hills, California on October 2, 2014. Denise had a good time watching her daughter practice. She helped retrieve a ball and then chatted it up with another mother.

PICS: Denise Richards Takes Daughter Lola To Soccer Practice

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Charlie Sheen was said to be causing quite the ruckus at his dentist’s office. Reportedly, he had a bad reaction from the nitrous oxide, causing him to flail his arms about. The technician leaked the report that Charlie attacked the dentist with a knife, but we have since learned that this is not the case.

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Charlie Sheen is pushing Denise Richards out of her mansion

Charlie Sheen is pushing Denise Richards out of her mansion

Charlie Sheen bought this huge Mulholland mansion in 2011 for Denise Richards and his two daughters, but now he wants her to vacate the premises. According to reports, Charlie has sold the property to a friend and wants her out.

The home boasts six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and 9,000 square feet of living space. Sources say that Charlie’s attorneys “have been working with Denise in vacating the premises.”

The source said, “Charlie has wanted Denise out of the gated community where he also lives for months, and his porn star fiance Brett Rossi has been pushing for it too. Charlie is allowing Denise to stay in the house until the girls finish school in several weeks…But as soon as they are done with school Charlie wants her out. It’s really sad because it just didn’t have to come to this.”

What a douchebag move!

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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