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PICS: Denise Richards Takes Daughter Lola To Soccer Practice

PICS: Denise Richards Takes Daughter Lola To Soccer Practice

“Twisted” actress Denise Richards takes her daughter Lola to soccer practice in Beverly Hills, California on October 2, 2014. Denise had a good time watching her daughter practice. She helped retrieve a ball and then chatted it up with another mother.

PICS: Denise Richards Takes Daughter Lola To Soccer Practice

Meanwhile, her ex-husband Charlie Sheen was said to be causing quite the ruckus at his dentist’s office. Reportedly, he had a bad reaction from the nitrous oxide, causing him to flail his arms about. The technician leaked the report that Charlie attacked the dentist with a knife, but we have since learned that this is not the case.

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Charlie Sheen is pushing Denise Richards out of her mansion

Charlie Sheen is pushing Denise Richards out of her mansion

Charlie Sheen bought this huge Mulholland mansion in 2011 for Denise Richards and his two daughters, but now he wants her to vacate the premises. According to reports, Charlie has sold the property to a friend and wants her out.

The home boasts six bedrooms, nine bathrooms and 9,000 square feet of living space. Sources say that Charlie’s attorneys “have been working with Denise in vacating the premises.”

The source said, “Charlie has wanted Denise out of the gated community where he also lives for months, and his porn star fiance Brett Rossi has been pushing for it too. Charlie is allowing Denise to stay in the house until the girls finish school in several weeks…But as soon as they are done with school Charlie wants her out. It’s really sad because it just didn’t have to come to this.”

What a douchebag move!

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Charlie Sheen declares war on Denise Richards.

Charlie Sheen And Denise Richards Enjoy Sam's Soccer Game

Charlie Sheen is going for blood with his ex-wife Denise Richards. He has not only cut off her child support, but he’s also kicking her and their two children out of the house he bought her.

Denise was getting $55,000 a month in a court-mandated support arrangement for their two daughters, Lola and Sam. According to TMZ, Charlie paid half for January, and nothing for February or March.

As for the house … as TMZ first reported, Sheen bought it for Richards back in 2011 so she and the kids would be close to him. But we’re told Charlie has told Denise he’s selling the house and wants her out STAT.

Charlie is not hiding his contempt for Denise or the fact that this is retaliation. Charlie believes Denise is keeping Sam and Lola from him. Sources close to Denise tell us … she can’t just race to give Charlie the kids when he feels like having them on a whim. She also wants to be present when he has the children.

Our sources say Denise is getting her legal ducks in a row to go after Charlie in court. Fact is … when there’s court-ordered child support, there’s no such thing as a good excuse for not paying.

I’m not sure what Charlie is thinking, you can’t just decide to stop paying child support. I think Denise Richards would be smart to get a million miles from Charlie. He’s a hot mess. I wouldn’t want him around my kids either.

Denise Richards on the Set of "30 Rock"


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Charlie Sheen was kidding about that whole marriage thing, just wanted to piss off Denise Richards.


Charlie Sheen did NOT marry his p0rn star girlfriend in Iceland over the weekend, even though he Tweeted he did. It was all a big joke to piss off ex-wife Denise Richards. Isn’t he hilarious?

Charlie Tweeted the photo above on Sunday from Iceland, saying “This is the house ware M Gorbachev R Reagan did some epic. it’s also where S and I GOT MARRIED!”

But not so fast. He was kidding, “I wanted to give Denise [Richards] a stroke!!!”

Denise Richards Awarded Custody Of Charlie Sheen's Twins For All Of 2013

Things have obviously been tense with Charlie and Denise lately. According to Charlie, she wouldn’t let him have their daughters for Christmas, and then called her a “heartless ugly hag.” Denise denied the claim.

Charlie has since shared a picture of his new tattoo, dedicated to his new girlfriend and all his children. Each letter stands for one of Charlie’s children: Max, Lola, Bob, Cassandra, Sam, and Denise’s adopted daughter Eloise. The safety pin symbolizes Brett (the p0rn star).




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