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Demi Moore Makes First Public Appearance

Demi Moore is back, folks!

In her  first official appearance since getting out of treatment, Moore showed up on Tuesday at a Beverly Hills house party to support her close friend, British TV hostess Amanda De Cadenet. The small gathering was in celebration of the April 26 launch of De Cadenet’s Lifetime interview show, The Conversation. Moore executive produces the show and is called “one of its inspirations.”

Before this appearance, Moore, 49,  had been on an island vacation and  laying low at her Los Angeles home, generally trying to get her life and career back on track.  She just decided to regale us with her tweets and pictures, so it seems as though she’s ready to make her life- and her new lifestyle-more public.



Photo: Fame/Flynet

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Demi Moore returns to Twitter, asks fans for help changing her name

After a long hiatus, Demi Moore is back on Twitter. Earlier this week she tweeted for the first time since January, with a picture of her lying in bed, saying, “testing”. While she originally said she had no intentions of changing her Twitter username @mrskutcher following her split from husband Ashton Kutcher, but she’s had a change of heart. Back in December she wrote:  ”changing my twitter name isn’t a top priority right now. sorry it bothers so many of u. should I not tweet until I do?does it really matter?”

Now she realizes it actually does matter, and she’s looking for suggestions on what she should change her name to.  She tweeted “Time for a change, twitter name change… any suggestions?”

Demi is finally coming out of hiding following her recent rehab stint. According to People, she showed up at a party last night in Beverly Hills.

Demi Moore made her first official appearance since getting out of treatment, showing up Tuesday at a Beverly Hills house party to support her close friend, British TV host Amanda De Cadenet.

Hosted by InStyle Managing Editor Ariel Foxman, the intimate gathering celebrated the April 26 launch of De Cadenet’s Lifetime interview show, The Conversation. Moore is both executive producer of the show and one of its inspirations.

“The conversations that [Demi] and I have on a daily basis really reflect the questions on the show,” De Cadenet, 39, said in this week’s PEOPLE, currently on newsstands. “She was a great sounding board. The spirit of the show is about women supporting one another so [working with her] was great.”

Before stepping out Tuesday night, Moore had stayed almost entirely out of sight since leaving treatment. Since returning from an island vacation with friends in March, she has in fact been lying low at her L.A. home, focusing on moving forward with her life and career, says a source.

Any suggestions for her new Twitter name?


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Demi Moore finally returns to Twitter – with a picture of herself in bed.

Demi Moore is back on Twitter for the first time since leaving rehab.

The actress, who’s still using the name @MrsKutcher, tweeted “Testing” along with a photo of herself laying in her bed.
is back on Twitter for the first time since her rehab stint.

Back in December, after announcing her divorce from husband Ashton Kutcher, Demi announced changing her Twitter name “isn’t a top priority right now.”

She’s back!

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Tallulah gets surprised by the Paparazzi.

Tallulah Belle Willis, spawn of celebrities Demi Moore and Bruce Willis,  is shocked to see cameras filming her get some gas in West Hollywood, California.

Photos by Fame/Flynet

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Demi Moore photoshops 20 years off her life in these new fragrance ads!

Here are some new pictures of Demi Moore, modeling for Helena Rubenstein. They’re causing quite a stir online today, for the unbelievable amount of photoshop that was done on the pictures. Demi easily looks 20 years younger. The 49-year-old actress doesn’t look a day over 25 in these pictures.

Before you get defensive, we’re happy to see Demi Moore back to work, and she is beautiful. We know that, you know that, everybody knows that, and that’s why we ask this question.

The star’s latest ads for Helena Rubinstein’s 2012 campaign have been released, and all we can focus our attention on is the massive amount of Photoshopping going on.

Let’s see, there’s absolutely no wrinkles or facial lines whatsoever, her nose and chin seem a different shape and suddenly, her tan has vanished. Yes, people always notice these things.

We understand that all ads and widely distributed photos get some retouching done, it’s part of the biz, but it’s freakin’ Demi Moore. How much do you really have to fix?

I hate – hate – hate – the way print advertisements are going these days. You can’t trust anyone or anything anymore, can you? Products that promise this – or that – and you get it home, try it on your own, and it doesn’t live up to the hype! And these pictures – that’s not even Demi’s real face! They’ve airbrushed every single flaw off her face. It’s unbelievable!


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