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PICS: Demi Moore Out And About In NYC

PICS: Demi Moore Out And About In NYC

Demi Moore is seen stepping out in New York City, New York on September 18, 2014. Demi’s daughter Tallulah Willis, recently came home from rehab after receiving treatment for six weeks over the summer for body dysmorphic disorder and substance abuse.

PICS: Demi Moore Out And About In NYC

Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Ashton Kutcher told Demi Moore about Mila Kunis’ pregnancy personally

Ashton Kutcher told Demi Moore about Mila Kunis' pregnancy personally

Ashton Kutcher didn’t have enough respect for Demi Moore not to cheat on her, but when it came to Mila Kunis’ pregnancy, Demi was one of the first to know. As it turns out, Ashton didn’t want Demi to learn the news from anywhere else, so he called her up personally and gave her the news directly.

A source said, “Demi was one of the first people Ashton called when he found out Mila was expecting his first child. While that might seem shocking to many given their bitter break up, it’s just Ashton’s style to inform Demi before the news broke. He was fully aware of how much Mila’s news would affect Demi and wanted to be the one to tell her personally.”

The spy added, “He’s still in denial of how much hurt he’s caused Demi and friends are convinced he’d do anything to salvage a close friendship with Demi despite that.”

Source, Photo Credit: Fame/Flynet

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Meet Demi Moore’s new 27-year-old boyfriend!


Demi Moore, 51, has a new boyfriend! The two have been spotted vacationing together in Tulum, Mexico, with Demi’s daughter, Rumer.

According to E!, Demi is dating Sean Friday, who is 27-years-old. He’s a drummer in a band called “Dead Sara”, apparently.

“Demi arrived in Tulum on Dec. 27 with her daughter Rumer [Willis] and a group of friends, including [Rumor’s on-again boyfriend] Jayson Blair, Eric Buterbaugh and Sean Friday,” and eyewitness tells E! News. “They stayed at Hotel Be Tulum in jungle suites, individual rooms on the beach with private pools in the sand. Each day, Demi hung out in the group and spent the day on the beach. She was with Sean from the beginning of the trip acting very affectionate and making it very obvious they are a couple.”

“Demi was very comfortable and happy spending every moment she could with Sean,” the source continues. “The first day she went and got them towels and they laid down together on a beach bed and cuddled all day long. When they were sitting up, they put their arms around each other or she sat in his lap and whispered in his ear. She was sipping a can of Red Bull and smiling at Sean as she sat with her arms around him and couldn’t stop laughing.” CONTINUE READING… (more…)

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Okay I am officially scared. Why doesn’t Demi Moore age?

Demi Moore Stops By A Friend's House

There are new bikini pictures of Demi Moore floating around, and I WISH I had the rights to them, so I could post them! But I don’t. Boo. But you have to see what the 51-year-old looks like in a bikini! It’s crazy!

AND it looks like she’s found herself another, younger, boyfriend.

I don’t know how Demi looks so young. Could be surgery – but if it is – that plastic surgeon is a wizard.

See the pictures here!

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