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Okay I am officially scared. Why doesn’t Demi Moore age?

Demi Moore Stops By A Friend's House

There are new bikini pictures of Demi Moore floating around, and I WISH I had the rights to them, so I could post them! But I don’t. Boo. But you have to see what the 51-year-old looks like in a bikini! It’s crazy!

AND it looks like she’s found herself another, younger, boyfriend.

I don’t know how Demi looks so young. Could be surgery – but if it is – that plastic surgeon is a wizard.

See the pictures here!

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Ashton Kutcher Will NOT Pay Demi Moore Spousal Support!

Demi Moore Is Divorcing Ashton Kutcher **FILE PHOTOS**

Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore have settled their protracted divorce issues, but guess who isn’t getting any Two and a Half Men or weird tech money (as you know, Ashton is super big into startups!).

That’s right, it’s Demi!

TMZ in NYC says that  Demi tried to get spousal support on grounds Ashton cheated on her, but that’s only legit in NYC, and the divorce is in California, a no fault state. That basically means that even if your husband bangs someone else, it doesn’t entitle you to spousal support. Eventually, Demi backed off (but not without a fight!)

As for splitting up assets, TMZ was told Ashton was “a little more generous than he had to be,” but they basically split their stuff pretty evenly. Demi didn’t do nearly as well as she did when she divorced Bruce Willis, I’ll bet.

Photo: FameFlynet

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Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are finally divorced!


Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher are FINALLY divorced! It’s been two years since they split, and they’re finally ready to finalize their divorce!

According to the NY Post, Moore, 51, and Kutcher, 35, have signed paperwork to finalize their divorce. The papers will be filed next week.

They split in 2011 after six years of marriage. The separation came after Kutcher was caught in a hotel with a young, blonde, Sara Leal, in San Diego. Moore had a breakdown of sorts in 2012, and wound up in rehab.

Why did it take so long to finalize their divorce? “There had been lengthy negotiations between lawyers for both sides about the financial settlement — in particular, how much he owed her from their marriage,” one source is quoted as saying in Page Six. Moore was once one of Hollywood’s highest paid actresses, while Kutcher is now the highest-paid actor on television, thanks to his role on Two and a Half Men, and is also a successful tech entrepreneur.

“They have finally come to an agreement that was acceptable to all sides,” the Page Six source added.


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Demi Moore is now dating the father of her ex-boyfriend!

Stars Attend Five Premiere

Nothing creepy there, right?

Demi Moore, 50,  is dating the father of her ex-boyfriend, Harry Morton, 31. Ew! According to E! News, Demi is dating Hard Rock Cafe mogul Peter Morgan, and has been for a couple months. The two were introduced by Peter’s son, Harry, whom Demi dated for six months before splitting in May. The two realized they weren’t going to work, and became good friends instead.

Now, it appears she has her sights set on an older Morton man. “They are into one another,” a source told E! News. Peter Morton, 66, “is very charismatic and she loves that about him. He’s a go-getter.”

The businessman is reportedly “learning from her spirituality.”

Gossip Cop, however, claims that reports of Moore dating either Peter Morton or his son are “complete nonsense.”

“She wasn’t dating either of them,” a supposed insider told the website. “She has been friends with the family for a long time and they are making things up simply because they are single men. People just won’t stop.”

Since splitting from Ashton Kutcher in 2011, Moore has been linked to 26-year-old art dealer Vito Schnabel and 30-year-old yogi Will Hanigan.

Although her divorce from Kutcher has not yet been finalized, the actress and her estranged ex were on the same flight recently when coming back from a tech conference in San Jose, Calif. They were spotted acting friendly at Burbank Airport and TMZ noted it could mean things are finally moving along with a settlement.

I believe this story 100%. I bet she is dating the father after dating the son. Who do you believe?


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