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Demi Moore Thinks She’s Too Good For Network TV

Demi Moore Catches A Plane At LAX

Demi Moore, get REAL.

I haven’t seen her in anything recently, but according to IMDB, Demi has three films in the can, waiting to be released this year or next.  I personally think Demi would be good on a television show- but know this: she thinks she is above network TV.

Demi Moore is too good for ABC. The actress was set to star in the upcoming drama “Ten Days in the Valley,” but pulled out once the network got on board, Variety reported. A source told Page Six that Moore “dropped out when ABC picked it up because . . . it was originally supposed to be a cable show. She only wanted to do cable or streaming. It’s more ‘prominent’ to go to cable or streaming.”

The show would have been Moore’s first full-time TV gig since the 1980s. Kyra Sedgwick will take over.

(Via Page Six)

A lot of talented people work on networks but yes, it doesn’t have the same acclaim as HBO. And now, everyone is not-so-secretly making fun of Demi for being “above” the network tv system:

TV industry insiders were snickering after reports that Demi Moore dropped out of ABC’s upcoming series “Ten Days in the Valley” because the star feels it’s “more prominent” to do cable or streaming rather than network TV. (The series was originally for cable before it landed at ABC, and Kyra Sedgwick was brought on to replace Moore). But a source told us that ABC wasn’t exactly knocking down Moore’s door to do the project either, and ABC insiders are over the moon to land Sedgwick as her replacement.

“The fact is that no one cares about Demi, and Kyra is a bigger star, so [ABC] jumped at the opportunity to work with her,” the source scoffed. “I mean, who’s really dying for ‘streaming’?”

(Via Page Six)

Lol, I love how streaming actually IS a huge thing, but whatever. Hey, if Demi doesn’t want the money, there are a ton of perfectly qualified other actors who will gladly take her roles. BYEEEEE.


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Demi Moore Looks Autumnal

Demi Moore Catches A Plane At LAX

Demi Moore arrived at LAX yesterday and looking very much in the fall spirit with this brown/plaid ensemble (plus hat) which I gotta say, I kinda dig.

The 53 year old always looks good, but sometimes I question her capability to not wear something that makes her look like a weird drunk hipster. Not that this outfit is an exception- but for some reason I love the big hat, polka dot scarf and giant, basement-from-the-70’s sweater combo. Hell, at least she’ll be warm, wherever she’s going.

What do you think of her LAX outfit?

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Demi Moore’s Pool Is Still Functional. Anyone Care For A Swim?

Demi Moore and Eva Longoria at Variety's 3rd Annual Power of Women Luncheon in LA

Demi Moore‘s pool has not been drained since a body was found at the bottom.

I mean, that’s kind of the whole story.  There’s nothing requiring her to drain it, but that being said…who really wants to swim in the thing?

Local law says that there are no specific rules on cleaning a pool or draining it after a death occurs within it. Even in public pools, the law only requires that it be disinfected after drowning or evidence of blood, excrement or vomit. But even under those circumstances there’s no requirement to drain the pool.

So, I guess what I’m really asking is…anyone feel like a swim?

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Demi Moore Responds To Tragic Pool News

The 2014 LACMA Art + Fiim Gala in LA

Demi Moore had a stressful and tragic weekend.

As we reported, the body of a 21-year-old man was discovered in the swimming pool at Demi Moore‘s pad yesterday, the death assumed to be from a drowning while Demi was away.

While the world waits for a toxicology report, Officer Lopez of the LAPD tells People that they do not suspect foul play and assume the death was from drowning. Lopez added that the victim had been attending a small gathering of 5 to 6 people, again, while Moore was outta town.  Her assistant was present when the body was found, though.

Today, Demi issued a public statement on the sad events of the weekend:

“I am in absolute shock. I was out of the country traveling to meet my daughters for a birthday celebration when I got this devastating news. The loss of a child is an unthinkable tragedy and my heart goes out to this young man’s family and friends,” she continued. “I ask that you please respect the privacy of all concerned during this sensitive time.”

(Via People)

Which begs the question- who was partying while Demi was a way? Maybe not her kids…maybe her assistant? Or did this dude sneak in?

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