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Dave Chappelle Is Investing In An Interesting Start Up…

51448694 Comedian Dave Chappelle is making headlines again after making a rare appearance on 'The Late Show With David Letterman' and claiming that he never quit 'Chappelle's Show' on Comedy Central and that he is just seven years late for work. Here are file photos of Dave and his family enjoying a Starbucks coffee in Santa Monica, California on March 3, 2011. **FILE PHOTOS** FameFlynet, Inc - Beverly Hills, CA, USA - +1 (818) 307-4813


Know how annoying it is for audience members and comedians alike to deal with rude people on their phones? I know I do. Well, this startup may have a solution, and Dave Chappelle is into it hardcore. The comedian is partnering with a company called Yondr to try and get audience members at his comedy shows off their phones for the night…by locking phones up!

Basically, it works like this:

When a ticket-holder enters the venue, a staff member hands them a pouch where they can place their phone during the show. Once the phone is placed in the pouch, and the fan walks into the theater, the pouch automatically locks!

The only way to unlock the pouch to retriever your phone, then, is to walk back out of the theater into the main foyer, where the pouch will automatically unlock again, and the ticket-holder can make calls, sends texts, tweet, or do whatever else they need to do.

(Via PerezHilton)

Very interesting- as long as people don’t mess too much with those bags, it seems pretty cool to me.  What do YOU think of this idea, and of not having your phone available to you during performances?

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I just realized I ran into Dave Chapelle on Saturday!


I woke up this morning to find out that Dave Chapelle was in my hometown last night! And the crazy thing is, I ran into him on Saturday! I was downtown Sat night for the Tori Amos concert (amazing!) when Dave Chapelle whizzed past me on his skateboard, followed by his sons and his wife.  I said “That was Dave Chapelle!”. But I never thought I was actually right, because why would Dave Chapelle be riding his skateboard down Broadway?  So I didn’t tell anyone, thinking I was wrong.  But I was right! I should trust my celebrity instincts! I found pictures of him and his family – and they are EXACTLY who I saw on Broadway!

I looked up why Dave was in town, and turns out I missed a free performance!!

Dave Chappelle is in town — free at Courthouse Square at midnight.”

That was the message on the tweets of Portland Tuesday as word spread of a free, impromptu performance from comedian Dave Chappelle, a comic icon akin to Richard Pryor for those who grew up with Comedy Central.

By twilight Tuesday a crowd of young faces had begun to coalesce at Pioneer Courthouse Square. A few hours later, thousands were on the Square, all self-organized via social networking, text messaging, Facebook updates and Twitter.


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